72nd Student Legislative Council

Jarett Henry - President

Phone: (403) 220-7048

As your 72nd Students’ Union (SU) President, Jarett Henry has come a long way from his hometown of 1,100 people in Saskatchewan. While he misses his small-town community and the ability to play daily street hockey games in his neighbourhood, he doesn’t miss the school-closure weather rule that cancels school when the temperature drops below -45C, which happens more than you think: nine times during his final year of high school!

In high school Jarett dabbled in student leadership, but selling tickets for dances was never really his thing (truth be told, he was mostly just afraid of having to actually dance). As soon as he got his first hint of ‘real’ leadership experience in Calgary, his perspective completely changed. Now in his fifth year of his Honours economics degree, Jarett is fully hooked on the experience of being able to help fellow students in any way he can. It reminds him of his small-town community where he can show how he cares about the people around him by doing things that have an impact and make a difference in people’s lives.

During his time on campus Jarett has been involved in a wide variety of leadership roles, all of which have helped to shape the person he is today. As a student representative on the Residence Students’ Association (RSA), Jarett started an initiative to expand the UNICARD options for students on the mandatory meal plan. He followed this up by running for RSA President, where he soon found himself responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing over 50 full-time volunteers. This experience of juggling a fully student-run organization with a full course load has made Jarett extremely appreciative of the support that comes from the wonderful staff at the SU. This involvement with the SU came in the past year, where Jarett served as one of four Faculty of Arts Representatives on Student Legislative Council. His main accomplishments during his term were starting the Wi-Fi renovation project for MacEwan Student Centre, and co-founding the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association.

As he moves forward in his term as the 72nd SU President, Jarett wants to make an impact with his priorities. This includes negotiating a new operating agreement for MacEwan Student Centre, improving Wi-Fi across campus, encouraging the use of open textbooks, and many more. But his biggest priority is working for undergraduate students, and he is open to hearing from students to hear if there’s something that needs to be changed to improve students’ university experience. Send him a text at (403) 968-4842, email at supres@ucalgary.ca or stop by his office to let him know your suggestions.

Hana Kadri - Vice President Academic

Phone: (403) 220-3911

Hana Kadri is a law and society major and has just completed her fifth year of studies. She was born and raised in Calgary having lived in Lebanon for two years. Hana comes from a family that, over the years, has worked to bring a stronger education to immigrant students and to promote understanding of challenges that are part of living in a multicultural, multiracial, and multiethnic community. She hopes to continue that mission, having developed a passion to bridge people, organizations, and communities together. One day, Hana hopes to contribute to the policy development of Alberta Education as a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Her passion for politics developed early in her university career as she began to volunteer and participate in Students’ Union (SU) committees and events. It was in her first year that she ran for Faculty of Arts Representative with the SU. While unsuccessful in her first year, Hana tried again and in her third year was rewarded with the opportunity to represent her fellow arts students on the Student Legislative Council. Over those first three years she developed a strong interest in the academic portfolio and made it a goal to run for VP Academic and continue to serve the organization that she grew to love.

Hana’s persistence for success in the SU’s elections can be attributed to the support of her family and friends, who helped her persevere and reach this milestone for which she spent so long preparing. As the SU’s VP Academic, she hopes to continue the legacy of the strong and devoted women who served in the role before her. It is women like these, women in leadership, who Hana so strongly looks up to as role models and hopes to emulate through her dedication to the academic portfolio.

Hana took three years off between high school and university, giving her a special perspective on the importance of education that she would not have developed otherwise. Her interests, like her perspectives, have changed throughout the five years of her undergrad ranging from watching movies to political activism to eating McNuggets and Nutella. There is not any food in the world that Hana loves more than McNuggets and Nutella, separately of course. She has found that with new adventures come new interests and is excited to connect with the many inspiring individuals with whom she will work over the next year. She values the experiences she has had thus far and hopes to continue to broaden those experiences through her interaction with students in her role as VP Academic. 

Levi Nilson - Vice President External

Phone: (403) 220-3910

Levi Nilson is ecstatic to serve as the Students’ Union (SU) VP External for the 2014/2015 year.  He had a great experience serving as one of four elected Faculty of Arts Representatives with the SU last year, where he co-founded the Faculty of Arts’ Students’ Association (FASA), of which he became the first president. FASA consists of an executive team and representation from more than 12 departments within the arts faculty. He has also sat on numerous SU committees, including Policy Development and Review, and Operations and Finance, which influences operational and financial activities for the general student body. As well, he sat on the dean selection committee for the Faculty of Education. As a former faculty representative and with such keen Students’ Legislative Council members for the 2014/2015 year, Levi hopes to get council members more involved with advocacy efforts.

Levi intends to play a major role with the provincial advocacy group, the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS). With both Mount Royal University and MacEwan University students’ associations joining CAUS last year, Levi can easily coordinate and advocate with student leaders from every major university in the province. He’s looking forward to working on tough issues like tuition, fees, and overpriced textbooks with an organization that has considerable influence within provincial politics.

Born in the Yukon to parents involved in trapping and logging, he grew up in small-town, northern Alberta. Moving to Calgary in 2010, Levi was initially intimidated by class sizes that contained as many students as his entire school system, but he eventually grew accustomed to life in the big city. Calgary’s proximity to the mountains has helped Levi to adjust to city life. Taking a break and heading a short drive west for a hike helps him to refocus on his priorities.  Originally, he intended to work towards his BA in political science and then move into education, but has shifted his focus to grad school, where he plans to study political philosophy to give him an even greater practical insight into what makes people tick.

When he’s not droning on about politics and current events, Levi likes to hike, camp, read, and spend time with his friends. A gigantic Tolkien nerd, Levi challenges any student to test their Middle Earth knowledge against him; but they’re likely to lose. Along with the other executives, Levi has an open door policy, so if anyone feels they’re up to the challenge (or if they want to know anything about the SU or the progress of our advocacy efforts), they can stop by his office any time.

Jonah Ardiel - Vice President Student Life

Phone: (403) 220-3912

Jonah Ardiel is beyond excited to be elected into the Students’ Union (SU) for the 2014-2015 academic year. Born and raised in Calgary, he entered the University of Calgary in 2010 as a marketing major with the intent of pursuing a career in either public relations or advertising. Since entering university, he has been involved in various aspects of campus life, ranging from Dinos athletics, student clubs, to SU committee work.

In 2010, Jonah was selected as a defensive player on the Dinos men’s soccer club team. Active living and balancing a healthy lifestyle remains a priority for Jonah as he is part of Calgary’s running community, participating in several long distance races every year. In 2011, Jonah switched gears and joined the University of Calgary Improv Club, while assuming the VP Finance position for the Comedy Club on campus. Performing and hosting both improv and comedy shows, Jonah enjoys various forms of expressive art in front of live audiences. These experiences helped him hone his skills as a public speaker and formed the basis for his aspirations in a public relations field. In 2012, he co-founded the University of Calgary Creativity Club.

First becoming interested in student government in 2013, Jonah served as a student-at-large member on two SU committees. These included the Haskayne Student Levy Committee as well as the Committee on Sustainability Initiatives, which complemented his 2012 summer intern experience in the department of sustainability and stakeholder relations at Agrium. Eager to enter his new role as VP Student Life, Jonah will draw upon these experiences to help him during his term in office.

Passionate about student engagement, Jonah plans to use his knowledge and background in marketing to encourage students to become more active in campus life and get involved in extra-curricular activities. Relatively uninvolved in his first year compared to his recent vast involvement on campus, Jonah recognizes how enriching student life can be if taken advantage of, and hopes to spread that message to others.

Apart from leading an active lifestyle, Jonah also loves reading (especially classic fiction novels), enjoys virtually all art forms, and is a Lord of Catan who is always willing to accept a challenge.

Jonah prides himself on his approachability and availability to students, and demonstrates that by having an open door policy. If you ever need anything from him, Jonah would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop by his office, stop him in the hallways, say hi at a Dinos game, or chat with him on social media (@jonahardiel).

Adam Swertz - Vice President Operations and Finance

Phone: (403) 220-3907

Adam Swertz was born and raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  Although Adam admits that his small home town might be the least exciting place you could ever visit, he believes it is a great place to live. Since there wasn’t much to do there, he had to get creative to stay entertained. This led to some memorable childhood exploits from racing go-karts converted from riding lawnmowers, to joining the high school musical production.

Although boredom may have been the reason for his first part-time job as a sanitation engineer (janitor) at the local hockey rink, he soon found other benefits to working. Administering CPR to save an elderly woman’s life, fulfilling his hockey fan dream of driving a Zamboni, and earning money were some of the benefits that helped Adam recognize how gratifying hard work can be. While in high school, he became a lifeguard and then at the age of 17, Adam ventured off to the great Canadian oil patch to try his hand at working rigs. He proved how hard he can work and has loved returning to Saskatchewan each summer to help pay for his education and work on his excellent coverall v-neck tan-lines.

After high school graduation, Adam decided to head west to attend the University of Calgary. Although he knew very few people when he arrived, he was lucky to end up living in Kananaskis Hall (one of the first year residence buildings on campus). This began a three year stint in residence that Adam claimed were the best years of his life (so far). He describes residence as a place “where a shoebox of a room can become so crowded with memories that you could live out the rest of your life telling and retelling those tales.”

This passion for residence culminated with Adam joining the Residence Students’ Association (RSA) in his second year on campus. From his experience gained in his various roles within the RSA, Adam feels that he learned even more about real-world life than what he acquired during his academic career. Adam recognized that he thrives on making meaningful impacts on the student experience and believes in giving back to his community. As an extremely capable student leader on campus, the next logical step was to bring his passion and capabilities to the Students’ Union.

Having just finished his fourth year as a finance major within the Haskayne School of Business, Adam feels fully prepared and confident for his year ahead as the VP Operations and finance. He’s always excited to meet new students and plans to do great things for students in the next 52 weeks.


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Arts Rep.

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Arts Rep.

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Haskayne Rep.

Tyler Hodgson
Haskayne Rep.

Stephan Guscott
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Rebecca Delaney-McGlinchey
Social Work Rep.

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Veterinary Med. Rep.

Michael Smith
Board Of Governors

Emily Macphail
Senate Rep.

Scott Vu
Senate Rep.