71st Student Legislative Council Executives

PRESIDENT - Raphael Jacob


Phone: (403) 220-7048

Raphael Jacob is ecstatic to be the Students’ Union President for 2013-2014. He was born in India, then his family moved briefly to Fort McMurray (it’s a long story) before moving to Dubai for nine years.  Raphael moved to Calgary in 2000 and has lived there ever since. Raphael entered the University of Calgary in the fall of 2008 as a Political Science major and is currently working on his thesis before graduating.

During his five years at the University of Calgary (U of C), Raphael has been very involved with the Students’ Union having served two consecutive terms, first as a representative of the Faculty of Arts and then as Vice-President External.

As one of four arts representatives, Raphael was involved with the development of the Faculty of Arts Student Lounge, contributed to various faculty-specific councils, sat on the selection committee for the new dean for the Faculty of Arts and was lucky enough to win the Students’ Legislative Council’s Out of Office award twice. As VP External, Raphael served as the primary correspondent between undergraduate students at the University of Calgary and the government at all three levels. He participated on the U of C’s Senate and was elected as chair of the CAUS (the Council of Alberta University Students which is the provincial lobby group that represents all undergraduate students at the U of C, University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge).

Raphael intends to be heavily involved with CAUS and CASA (the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations – our federal student lobby group) especially on the topic of tuition increases and the implementation of new mandatory non-instructional fees, just as he was this past year. Raphael is passionate about improving study space on campus, and wants to make it easier for students to find a place to study. As a start, he helped to achieve the goal of extending weekend hours at the Taylor Family Digital Library starting this fall.  Most importantly, Raphael will play a key role in renegotiating the SU’s long-term Operating, Occupation and Management Agreement for MacEwan Student Centre with the university.

In his free time Raphael enjoys snowboarding (at an intermediate level) in the winter and playing soccer (poorly) in the summer. Raphael also loves watching Game of Thrones, listening to the sweet work of Girl Talk and generally wasting time on Reddit.  His favorite book is the Once and Future King by T.H. White and last, but not least, his favorite board game is Settlers of Catan (but only when he wins).

All in all, Raphael is here to serve and represent YOU and encourages all students to drop by his office, tweet (@raphofthetitans) or send him an email with any questions or issues they may have.  Raphael Jacob: He isn’t handsome, he isn’t popular - he has time for student government.


Phone: (403) 220-3911

Emily Macphail is incredibly excited to act as the 71st VP Academic for the Students’ Union. A born and (mostly) raised Calgarian, she entered the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at the University of Calgary in September 2009, and quickly made this school her second home – although she technically lives off campus, she freely spends the majority of her time here. Despite being eligible to graduate after four years with an honours degree in Biomedical Science, Emily is happily returning for a fifth year, which she is sure will be the most enjoyable yet!

During her time at the U of C, Emily has been involved in a variety of positions with student clubs and offices across campus. Whether acting as a Graduating This Year class ambassador for the Class of 2013, being a part of the first cohort of the Scholars Academy Program, working as a peer helper for the Leadership and Student Engagement Office, writing for the Gauntlet, or volunteering in New Orleans with the Calgary Serves: Food and Justice project, she can’t think of a single opportunity she’s taken that she regrets.

She is passionate about mental health, leading her to help coordinate the “Voices of Mental Health” speaker series for the first U of C Mental Health Awareness Week, as well as to run the U of C’s events for Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2013. She has also acted as a peer supporter at the Women’s Resource Centre, and was both the program assistant for Community Helpers and a Wellness and Health Awareness Team member. Sustainability is another primary interest of Emily’s and she acted as VP Internal for the Eco Club for four years, and more recently sat on the Student Sustainability Leadership Working Group as a representative. Outside of the U of C, Emily sits on advisory committees for both the Alberta Children’s Hospital and South Health Campus, sings in her church choir, and does research both with the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Research Assistant Program and in the Dyck lab as a continuation of her honours thesis on zinc status and mental health. After graduation she hopes to pursue an MD/Ph.D.

A random selection of Emily’s favourite things include crossword puzzles, diving, music (listening to or playing), apples, taking photos (of everything), wall climbing, and reading (she knows from personal experience that the limit of books one can borrow from Calgary’s public library is 99). More importantly, she loves hearing from and listening to students, so she encourages you to shoot her an email, knock on her door (or window), or introduce yourself in the hall. She looks forward to a fantastic year of representing, assisting, and getting to know the interesting and amazing students that make the U of C the awesome place that it is!


Phone: (403) 220-3910

Conner Brown was born in North Vancouver and lived there with his tight-knit family until enrolling at the University of Calgary in the fall of 2010. Conner has just completed his third year in political science with a minor in management and society. Prior to his election as VP External with the Students’ Union, Conner was a student representative with the Residence Students’ Association as well as a committee member for the Teaching Excellence Awards. In his pre-university life, Conner played junior hockey for the Delta Ice Hawks.

Conner is an extremely team-oriented individual and has always been passionate about team sports and hopes to take the leadership qualities learned in the rink to the Students’ Union. He believes that so much more can be accomplished when working together than alone and is excited for the possibilities that he and the rest of the executive can achieve in this upcoming year.

His interest in politics and his extraverted personality were what led Conner to strive for the role of VP External. Aside from his irrational childhood fear of the Tooth Fairy (which he attributes to watching the movie Darkness Falls when he was only nine years old), Conner isn’t afraid of tackling the tough issues that affect students. This year, he will fight for students during these uncertain budgetary times and is committed to putting the students’ interests forward. This includes working on issues such as tuition and fees as well as legalizing secondary suites. Conner is looking forward to building on all the hard work his predecessor has done over the past year and continuing to represent the students effectively.

Living a very active lifestyle, Conner thinks that there is a lot more to education than simply attending university classes and hitting the books. After taking a trip to Europe following high school, Conner realized the importance of travel and he hopes see more of the world and continue learning and expanding his knowledge once he graduates from university. He also believes that a balance between school, work, friends and family is an integral part of life and loves being part of the broader campus community. If he isn’t working, you will often find Conner playing intramural sports or working out at the campus gym.

Conner is exceptionally friendly and would love to hear your opinion! He enjoys meeting new people and gaining different perspectives on issues. He is here to represent your interests, so make sure he hears them!


Phone: (403) 220-3912

Ben Cannon is a Law and Society major who is passionate about student engagement. He is always thinking about ways to make life better for undergraduates at the University of Calgary. Improving the quality of student life is something Ben feels is the primary responsibility of his portfolio.

An SU veteran, Ben is has been involved for three consecutive years, first as a representative of the Faculty of Arts, then as a program assistant in the office, and now as VP Student Life.  He spent his first couple of years at U of C just going to class, then to work and then straight home. Eventually, through getting involved with a few clubs he found new reasons to hang around campus after class was over. This sparked in him a desire to get others involved in campus life. The way he puts it, “the more we’re all doing, the more we’re all getting back”. As an arts representative, Ben helped bring together the recently-opened Faculty of Arts Lounge in the Social Sciences building as well as sitting on as many SU committees as he could handle. He also won the Students’ Legislative Council’s Out of Office award twice, working to make sure students knew the names and faces of those who are serving them. As a program assistant in the SU office, Ben helped put together fantastic programs like the Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Teaching Excellence Awards. Now, as VP Student Life, Ben wants to work to make sure every student’s U of C experience is as fulfilling as his has been.

Ben was born and raised in northwest Calgary, growing up on Pixar movies and Pokémon cards. However, his favorite hobby has always been making others laugh. He started on the playground where he would recite Weird Al songs for his friends’ amusement, and now tours across Alberta as an up-and-coming stand-up comedian. This love of comedy inspired him to make his own NUTV web series, “Problem Solvin’ with Smilin’ Ben Cannon” (still available on nutv.ca), as well as join the U of C’s Improv and Comedy clubs. Through these performance-focused clubs, Ben has had many opportunities over the years to perform at various other club events, SU gala events, and the drama department’s annual Taking Flight festival. If you need anything from him, such as advice on clubs, programs or just what to do on campus on a Tuesday night, call, e-mail, tweet (@sexcannon), or stop him in halls. Ben is always excited to hear new suggestions on how to make student life better.


Phone: (403) 220-3907

Eric Termuende was born and raised in the interior of British Columbia. He is in his fourth year at the University of Calgary, studying Operations Management at the Haskayne School of Business. Eric gets involved in many things, which is why he was inspired to run for the position of VP Operations and Finance at the Students’ Union (SU). On top of his academic and extra-curricular commitments, Eric recently finished an eight month term as a mining analyst for an investment company downtown Calgary. He has also been a member of the JDC West Business Team and the VP Marketing for Association for the Management of Information and Operations (AMIO). Eric complements his formal education with experience that he’s gained. He sees the value in learning a diverse set of skills through not only studying, but from experiencing life as well.

Eric managed to experience life in the Yukon while working on mineral exploration. He spent 82 days living in a tent, flying to work in a helicopter and fending off the occasional grizzly. After that, an executive position at the SU might seem relatively tame! Over the coming year, Eric is looking forward to helping put students’ best interests first. He is very excited about being a member of the 71st executive team for the SU. He is looking forward to serving students and applying his business experiences to help get the ONEcard into MacEwan Student Centre and engaging students in the many programs and events that the SU offers. He is also eager to work with the university to renegotiate the SU’s long-term Operating, Occupation and Management Agreement for MacEwan Student Centre. Realizing that a team is much stronger than an individual, Eric is ready to work closely with the other elected members to accomplish as much as possible.

To create a healthy lifestyle, Eric balances active living, family, academics, and various other commitments that consume the rest of his busy days. Although not overly competitive, Eric enjoys a good game of golf in the summer and a high-paced game of hockey in the winter. However, he places a high degree of value on spending time with friends and family. Eric enjoys travelling and stepping outside of his comfort zone. Having visited five continents and numerous countries within, he feels that travel has contributed much to his education and has helped shape his outgoing personality and build the confidence he needs to accomplish everything he wants to during his term.

Eric is very approachable and would love to hear your ideas and opinions! Please feel free to stop by his office at any time to talk ideas, or just to say hi.


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