Presidential Candidates - General Election 2013

All undergraduate students may vote for one(1) presidential candidate.










Hardave Birk - Presidential Candidate

Hi I’m Hardave Birk and I’d love to spend one more year as your SU President. Throughout my time on campus I’ve worked as an orientation leader, an SR for the Residence Students’ Association, and as the President of the SU for the past year.  I’m a well rounded leader who understands the problems that students face and that’s why I want to keep working for you.

If elected as your President I want to focus next year on continuing my work and achieving some big things:

  • Making sure Mac Hall stays in student hands. This year I ran a consultation with 6000 students participating and giving their thoughts on the future of our building. Next year the SU has to renegotiate the lease on Mac Hall and we need to make sure we can secure our buildings future for another 20 years. That’s why we need a knowledgeable and strong negotiator at the table with administration.
  • Act as a strong external representative for you. I have increased our impact with municipal and provincial government, and built strong relationships with media. By continuing this I’ll be able to advance your issues to the Minister of Advanced Education just like I have this year.
  • Increase school spirit and student involvement. Let’s help clubs, the RSA, Dinos’, and SU do what they do best... bring students together. I’ve already moved the sticks on this issue but there’s always more to do. I want to integrate a beginning of year party into O-Week so everyone can come without worrying about exams.

If you’d like to know more about me and my platform go to If you’re not done with me, I’m not done with you so I hope you’ll Birk it from March 5th-7th and re-elect Hardave Birk for SU President.


Raphael Jacob - Presidential Candidate

  1. More study space and longer library hours
    The shortage of quality study space is a problem that continues to exist today. I propose a campus-wide study space audit to deal with this problem. Let’s find areas we can turn into study space and existing study space that isn’t being advertised/used and put that information online so that students can easily access it.

    Secondly, the weekend TFDL hours are terrible. The library closes at 8 pm on Fridays and 6 pm on Saturdays - even during midterms. Let’s extend those hours, even if only for the first two floors, because last I checked we still have assignments due and midterms to write on Saturdays.

  2. Keep tuition low and no new student fees without student approval
    During my time as Vice-President External, I’ve fought to keep tuition affordable for students and ensure no new mandatory fees were implemented. I pledge to continue to keep education at the University of Calgary affordable and accessible for everyone!
  3. Extended Fall-Reading Week/De-stress
    Mental health is a real concern for the stressed and overworked university students. The provincial government has announced funding to the tune of $3 million for this cause. If elected President I would ensure that money is spent wisely and for the greatest benefit to students- which include a ‘Proper’ Fall reading week and access to de-stress kits during exams.
  4. Mac Hall renovations
    The University has made it clear it will spend $200 million to fully renovate the MacEwan Student Centre (Mac Hall). As VP External, I’ve played an important role in the student consultation over the past few months. If elected President I would fight to ensure that Mac Hall is not just a good building for everyone, but a great one for students!

Stefana Pancic - Presidntial Candidate

Hey Students, I’m a 4th year Biomedical Sciences student and I’d love to work for all of us as our next SU President.

What will an SU for US look like?

  1. Connecting the SU with Students

    1. Peer Award – Students making small and important differences such as helping peers with their course work or contributing to a sense of school spirit on campus deserve to be recognized. This award will be awarded monthly for students nominated by themselves or their peers. 
    2. Support our Dinos, Fine Arts and additional campus culture groups by collaboratively informing students about their initiatives and encouraging attendance.
  2. Mental Health Support

    1. Supporting students by providing packages containing stress-relief materials during exam periods.
    2. Ensure we remain an integral part of Mental Health Awareness Week and mental health promotion.
  3. Legalize Secondary Suites in Calgary

    1. Off campus housing is a cheaper and preferred option for many of us, however it is not always safe or legal. We need to ensure City Council is aware of the importance of safe and affordable basement suite housing for students. The upcoming municipal election makes this the ideal opportunity for our SU to collaborate with our fellow student governing bodies in Calgary to resolve this issue.
  4. Clarifying Non-Instructional Fee for Students

    1. The justification for the non-instructional fee we pay as students is unclear. We will to work with administration to clarify where our funds are going, why they are needed and how it is directly improving our education.
  5. MacEwan Student Centre (MSC) Redevelopment and Lease Renegotiation

    1. Ensure MSC stays in the hands of students for years to come
    2. Ensure that any future Student Centre represent the needs and desires of students on campus. 


Twitter: StefanaPancic
Facebook: Stefana Pancic for President

What experience do I have serving my local and global community?

2012-2013 SU Faculty of Medicine Representative

  • Clubs Committee
  • Teaching Excellence Awards Committee
  • Committee on Academic Policy
  • Faculty of Medicine Council
  • Student Faculty Liason Committee
  • Community Rehabilitation Student Committee
  • Markin Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP) Selection Committee
  • Students’ Union Sustainability Board Member
  • Mental Heath Awareness Week – Voices of Mental Health Speakers Series
  • Collaborated with our SU VPA and VPSL to hand out De-Stress packages
  • General Faculties Council
  • Surveyed entire faculty to identify ways to improve student lounge
  • Regularly updated constituents on progress

2012 – Teaching Assistant at University of Gondar in Ethiopia

  • Travelled with the Faculty of Medicine to TA a molecular biology course in Gondar, Ethiopia
  • Worked on international relationship building between U of C and University of Gondar, Ethiopia

2012-2013 University of Calgary Class Ambassador

  • Selected as 1 of 6 students to represent over 5000 graduating students

2012 Undergraduate Research Symposium Presenter

  • Presented my research conducted in Ethiopia on the effectiveness of our molecular biology course

2010-2012 Biology Students’ Association VP Academic

  • Hosted choose your major night and research night for students
  • Played an integral role in building relationships between students and biological sciences faculty members.

2010 – UCalgary Serves New Orleans

  • Helped rebuild a home damaged by hurricane Katrina.

2010 – UCalgary Serves Costa Rica

  • Succeeded in building a basketball court at an elementary school and learned about the importance of community

Over the past 4 years at the U of C I’ve fallen in love with our campus, our student body and our Students’ Union. I would love nothing more than to be your SU President next year and lead an SU for US.