60 Years?

60 years ago, our students began to set money aside to invest in our student centre.

Beginning in the academic year of 1953/54, the Students’ Union began to collect a building fee, with the goal of constructing a students’ union building.

Eventually, in 1967, undergraduate students paid 55% of the cost of constructing the original MacEwan Hall. Over the years, the Students’ Union (SU) and students continued to make substantial contributions to each of the major construction phases and redevelopment projects in MacHall.

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MacHall, the SU’s Home

After nearly 40 years as the building managers of the student centre, the SU now runs many excellent programs, events, businesses and services all with the goal of improving the university experience for University of Calgary undergrads. Many of the original investments in spaces throughout the student centre also laid the foundation for successful businesses that help keep student fees low.

However, students are often unaware that some of their favourite events, programs, services and businesses are actually run by the SU and that a history of investments made by students who came before them help make these initiatives possible.  Here are a few examples, but you can look for more throughout MacHall:

  • The Den
  • Bermuda Shorts Day (BSD)
  • Clubs
  • Volunteer Services
  • Concerts

That’s why the SU is running the “60 Years of Student Investment” campaign, to help students understand that many of the memorable experiences for undergraduates outside the classroom are the result of the stewardship and investments made by our alumni.

Using large floor decals and banners hung in large, open, high-traffic spaces throughout the facility, the goal is to draw attention to the history of MacHall and the SU, and to invite current University of Calgary students to take pride in it. The campaign also intends to support and provoke a positive, ongoing public conversation about the future of the building.

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