Academic Services

We want you to get good marks, find tutors, travel to that important conference, help you choose excellent profs, and advise you in tough situations.

Your SU offers a range of services to make your journey a little easier. SU’s Bound and Copied is the hub of a number of services including:

  • All your copying, printing, and bindery needs, including nickel copiers,
  • A Book Consignment sales service,
  • The SU Online Exam Bank, to help you anticipate the types of questions and requested information that will appear on your finals and mid-terms, and
  • Lockers to help you lighten that load.

If you’re looking for a key advocacy resource to assist in addressing your academic and non-academic concerns and issues, you can contact the Office of the Student Ombudsperson.

And we are always here to talk and provide advice on making the most of your academic experience here at the University of Calgary.