Book Consignment

Tired of looking at those unused text books gathering dust on your shelf? Want to take away the frustration of selling your old text books? Want to ensure you get the right price? Looking for a used book in stock? Let Bound and Copied’s Book Consignment service do all the work for you!

Books in Stock

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B&C makes it easy to search for books we have in stock. This can be done three ways through the ISBN, author or title. The ISBN IS ALWAYS THE MOST ACCURATE. An author can have 3 different editions with the same title but the ISBN is always specific to the book you are looking for.

How to Consign your Books

B&C sells your books on a consignment basis. Consignment means that you do not get any money until your books have been sold. To consign your books all you have to do is bring them to B&C. Our friendly staff will walk you through a contract agreement.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • After one year your contract expires and any monies and/or textbooks remaining on the contract will become the property of the Students’ Union.
  • The Students’ Union does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen books.
  • B&C has a consignment fee of 25% of what the book has been sold for. This allows us to maintain low prices for student services including our nickel copiers!

Online Services:

Once you have consigned your book with Bound and Copied we make it easy to keep track of it’s sale and to receive your money once it is sold.

Check Consignment Status

Checking Account Status

When you enter a consignment agreement with Bound and Copied your are provided with an account to keep track of your consigned books. Enter your student ID #, minus any leading zeros, to access your account. (009373737 should be entered as 9373737.)

Understanding your account:

  • If  your book is listed as "active" it is still in the store.
  • If your book is listed as "sold-cheque pending", your book has been sold and a cheque may be requested.
  • If your book does not appear, your contract may have expired which means you should come down to the store and pick up any unsold text books.
  • Please note we will not mail out books remaining on expired contracts. You or a third party for whom you have granted permission (again, email B&Copied to grant this permission) must pick up your books in person.
  • further information can be requested here:

Requesting your cheque:

  • If your book has been sold, you must visit B&C to request a cheque for payment. To request a cheque you must present a picture ID. B&C will then print your cheque for you.
  • If you can not come to the store in person to pick up your cheque, you can:

    1. Send someone on your behalf. However, you must send an e-mail  giving permission for the third party to receive your cheque. Please put the word "permission" in the subject field.
    2. You may also send Bound and Copied a self-addressed stamped envelope. On receipt, we will print and mail your cheque.
  • Reprinting of lost cheques will be subject to a $15.00 charge.
  • further information can be requested here:

Our mailing address is:

Bound and Copied
c/o The Students’ Union
251 MacEwan Student Centre, 2500 University Dr. N.W.
Calgary, AB.  T2N 1N4