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Information for both landlords and tenants, tips on renting, rights and responsibilities, dispute resolution.

The SU’s Off Campus Housing site is designed to enable students to search for available accommodations from local landlords who wish to advertise their rental properties. It is also a resource for students wishing to find a roommate to share costs of accommodation.

An Information Site Only

The site is not an advocacy or referral site. It is important to know that the SU does not screen renters who post a listing or potential renters who respond to an ad. Landlord/tenant issues including quality of property, missed rent, unreturned damage deposits or other issues are matters solely between the student and the landlord. It is the landlords and renters responsibility to be informed on current municipal/provincial guidelines including tenant and landlord rights.

Be Informed Before You Rent

Safe and affordable housing for students is a key concern of the SU.

The Housing site offers a range of links to Landlord and Tenant information from local, provincial and national sources. The SU strongly recommends that you become informed by checking out these sites. This information has been placed on the site only for your reference and is independent of the SU and the Off Campus Housing site services.

Calgary Homeshare

Helping People Help and Support Each Other

Want to find reasonably priced accommodation and assist a senior?

The Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society matches senior home owners with adult students who assist 4 to 10 hours/week with simple household tasks and errands in exchange for affordable accommodation ($100-$400/month). The goal is to match compatible individuals (seniors and adult students) and help them enter into an agreement which outlines how they will assist each other.

This is a Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society initiative funded by United Way of Calgary and Area, Calgary Homeless Foundation, and a United Way Special Gift Donor.

The program is ongoing for the entire year so it is always an option. Visit for more information.


The site features a section for students to Search Listings and a section for Landlords to List Properties.

We have an extensive list of FAQ’s on the site that we hope can answer some common questions you may have.