10 Reasons You Should Get Involved in Frostbite

November 4, 2014  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

It’s that time of year! Time to start thinking about Frostbite! Whether you’re a returning team or a new one, we’ve got all sorts of surprises for you this year! Here are our top 10 reasons to get involved in Frostbite this year! Registration is open NOW and will close on December 12th so get going!

1. The Ski Trip: For anyone who saw the SU table during O-Week, you know that we had lots to say about Frostbite, starting with the free Ski Trip your team could win as the grand prize! Frostbite has a lot to offer but there’s no denying that this is one of the highlights for the winning team of each year as they sit in the afterglow of all the frosty chaos that they just conquered in! The prize includes ski passes and accommodation for your team. Along with the ski trip you’ll also win your own coveted spot on the Frostbite trophy as well as Frostbite bragging rights! You’ll be on top of the world, almost literally, when you’re up on the slopes!

2. The Activities: In the week-long quest for the Frostbite Cup, you will discover that although first place may be what you seek, there is much more along the way! Though we’re not giving out any spoilers, we can tell you that the activities that you will see throughout the Frostbite week are so diverse. We have activities that cater to creativity, athletics, trivia knowledge, perseverance, and more! So step on up because Frostbite will put you to the test!


3. Opening Ceremonies: Frostbite Opening Ceremonies are so amazing that they are a reason to participate all by themselves! At opening ceremonies your team will meet the other teams to show off your team’s spirit with your opening performance with all of your frosty swagger. Each team is also encouraged to create a “uniform” or outfit for their team members with their theme which is unveiled at the ceremonies! Every team brings something completely different to the competition each year and this is where you get to first see teams’ style while repping your own!


4. The Frosty Points: Part of competing in Frostbite will be Frosty points. These were previously called “bribe points” and “pride points” but this year we’ve revised them to be all-encompassing as Frostbite grows. This is where your creativity can shine on through for extra points to stay in the game! Your team can treat the judges to something homemade and sweet, do a team performance, or do extra challenges to buff up your status.

5. The Laughs: This is a week of awesome that will bring ALL the smiles. With up to 20 teams competing and points for creativity forever being a factor in judging, the laughs really are endless! There are so many moments with your own team and with others when you don’t believe you’re even doing this-but you are! All of our events keep you laughing for the very best experience that we can bring you!


6. The People: There’s no two ways about it- you will be spending a lot of time with the Frostbite people on all the teams during the competition- and they’re all fabulous. There will be tonnes of team bonding in the undoubted plotting that will take place before the competition begins and during the events themselves. BUT you will also have evenings hosted by the like Chilling in the Icebox to hang out and socialize with the other fantastic teams that you’re up against. It’s a great time to make new friends and really get the most out of it. There’s only one trophy but every single person can have the experience of a life time.

7. The Yeti: We’ve got a yeti. Yeti will be running through campus during the week of Frostbite for your teams to find for points and pumping up the events. Why? Because every event is better with a yeti.


8. Free Food: Throughout the week, as you will discover, we spring for lots of food for you! When you’re exhausted in all the best ways from a full day of competing we’ll often provide yummy food for all the teams to share. From pizza and pasta to nachos and spinach dip, we’ll keep you well fed!

9. The After-Party: After that week of awesome, we like to go out with a bang! After the points are gathered, you chow down on dinner, and the prizes are given, we throw an after-party in the Black Lounge to unwind. Everyone gets hot chocolate and cookies on us and there’s a DJ with some great tunes. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your accomplishments!

10. The Memories: Every year our favorite thing is to hear about the highlights of the week during Closing Ceremonies. Every team has stories to share and that’s what we really try to do- give you stories to tell. The returning teams always remember their feats from the year before and get the new teams pumped for the week to come. It’s an intense, competitive, and amazing week with so much packed into it. The best things to get out of Frostbite really are the memories- they’ll last you a lifetime.

So there you have it- our top 10 reasons to do Frostbite. If you want to find out the other reasons that make Frostbite is so amazing, you’ll have to register on the SU’s Frostbite page!