Health and Dental Plan Plebiscite

September 13, 2021  |   Found in News

Changes are coming to your student health and dental plan. There will be plebiscite questions on the ballot during the SU’s Fall By-Election, October 13 – 15, 2021.
Students will vote and determine the plan that works best for the most students.

health and dental plan PLEBISCITE faqs

Students pay $103 for the extended health plan and $90 for the dental plan (a total of $193 per year). This amount has not increased since 1993.

Here are a sample of fees charged to students at comparator institutions (based on student demographics and school size):

Dalhousie University: $464.00

Queens University: $308.87

University of Alberta: $315.00

University of Saskatchewan: $274.60

Western University: $338.50

When you enroll at UCalgary, you are automatically enrolled in the SU’s health and dental plan. It appears on your list of fees when you pay your tuition. The opt-out deadline is the same date as the fee payment deadline each semester. Some students opt out because they have similar coverage through their parents’ plan or other insurance plans.

It is important for us to get feedback from as many students as possible, to ensure that the new health and dental plan aligns with students’ needs, budgets, and priorities.
Circumstances change – you may not be enrolled in the SU’s plan now, but in future years, you may not have alternate coverage. Many family plans don’t cover adult children after age 26, for example.

No. The SU is proud to offer access to affordable health insurance, but costs have increased since 1993, while the price students pay for their insurance has remained the same. The SU is only interested in presenting information so that students can tell us what their needs, budgets, and health and dental priorities are. Students will make the decision regarding the costs and services included in their plans.

The SU cannot sustain the current costs of the plan. The prices students pay for their health and dental coverage has remained the same since 1993, while costs have continued to increase. In order to keep the price that students pay the same, the plan would have to be adjusted to reduce coverage.

A plebiscite is a non-binding question meant to gather information at the time of an election. This series of plebiscite questions is designed to present students with the problem of the current unsustainable health and dental plan, and solicit feedback from students on the costs and services that will be included in a future plan.

To learn more about your student health and dental plan, visit this page.