SU releases bookstore privatization survey results

June 14, 2021  |   Found in News

In the Spring, the SU learned that the university was exploring privatizing the campus bookstore by contracting out operations to an American company. The SU approached the university with questions and concerns and learned that the university was exploring a number of options on bookstore operations. Because the bookstore is very well utilized by students, the SU began advocacy on the issue and is opposed to privatization of the bookstore. The company the university had approached has a less than stellar reputation when it comes to managing operations of campus bookstores and has raised costs for students in many cases.

The SU put out a survey to undergraduate students asking for their feedback to both get an understanding of the importance of the bookstore for students as well as better understand how students felt about any changes to bookstore operations. Nearly 2,000 students filled out the survey. Thank you for providing us with your thoughtful feedback.

It is clear from the survey that the bookstore is important to students with a majority using the bookstore to purchase a large amount of their course materials as well as school supplies and UCalgary branded merchandise.

Students overwhelmingly oppose any plan to privatize bookstore operations. 89% of students oppose the university making such a move. If the university feels it cannot run the bookstore any longer, 93% of students believe the SU should take over operations. The SU already successfully runs the Bound & Copied used bookstore.

The survey is being sent to university administration and publicly released. The data gathered will be used to inform SU advocacy on this very important topic. The full results can be viewed through the link below.

Bookstore Privatization Survey Report