SU supports continued online learning, calls for provincial support

January 14, 2022  |   Found in News


Calgary – The University of Calgary Students’ Union supports the decision by the University of Calgary to continue online learning until February 28th. The SU is thankful that the university listened to student feedback and has provided a reasonable amount of notice to students. This means that students can plan for the month of February.

The SU is pleased to see a commitment from the university that all courses originally planned to be in-person will be delivered in that format when it is safe to return to campus. The SU strongly believes that the university and all faculties must honour the fact that many students had originally selected in-person learning.

“Like everyone, students want a return to normal. Students and the SU know that omicron makes this not possible. Over the next six weeks there are a number of things the university and provincial government can do to increase the likelihood that students can return to class. This work must start now and there must be a campus wide plan in place to ensure the safety of our university community ahead of any possible return in March.” – SU President, Nicole Schmidt

Should the university once again allow individual instructors to keep courses online after February 28th, as they did in September, the university must provide a consistent set of criteria for instructors to meet prior to such requests being approved. The university must commit to inform all students of course format decisions by February 15.

The university must also ensure that all those returning to campus, including students, faculty, and staff, are fully vaccinated.

Further, the SU calls on the UCP government to provide supports in time for post-secondary courses to return in-person. Similar to commitments made in the K-12 system, the government should procure and deliver medical masks and testing kits to post-secondary campuses prior to the end of February.

The decisions the university and the provincial government makes over the next six weeks will determine whether the campus is safe to return to in March. The SU looks forward to continued discussions with the university to ensure the safety of students and our campus community is a top priority.

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