5 Days of meals from campus food bank – Days 2 & 3

March 12, 2015  |   Found in Blog // hamperproject2015 // News // Student Life

Wow, a crazy busy last couple of days. March definitely is one of the toughest months to be a student. Midterms, essays and work. There also seems to be a huge number of volunteer opportunities and things to get involved with in this month for whatever reason. The volunteer bug bit me hard again this year so my apologies on the past couple days, but I did want to give a brief update on my progress through Hunger Week.

My meals have definitely become a lot less tasteful. Running around trying to be on time for all commitments coupled with not being able to add much more than some salt and pepper to each dish has led to dishes more on the bland side. Here is a breakdown of my meals from Tuesday and Wednesday.

-Breakfast – toast and peanut butter and an orange
-Lunch – ichiban and an orange
-Dinner – grilled cheese and frozen vegetables

-Breakfast – hard boiled eggs
-Lunch – had to skip
-Dinner – spaghetti bolognese with frozen veggies

I definitely am getting tired of frozen vegetables after eating them three nights in a row, but I do want to try to stay on top of that food group as best I can as I talked about in my last post. In regards to the meals not having as much flavour, when I did pick up my hamper from the food bank on Monday morning I did pick up some information and pamphlets there with some decent recipes using the food bank food. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to tap into that yet resource yet, but I hope to do so for my dinner tonight.

In my last post I mentioned that I would like to relate my experiences with the food I’m eating to the 7 areas of wellness. For those who don’t know, the 7 areas of wellness are much more than physical health, exercise or nutrition. They are the integration of all areas of well-being, from the physical to emotional to the spiritual. I can’t really point to many areas of well-being that have really drastically changed over the course of the 3 days, other than my social and emotional wellness. I have had to turn down some get togethers over drinks or food in the past 3 days which was too bad as I like to be constantly around friends. I also haven’t been able to share as many meals with my girlfriend as there isn’t quite enough food for two people (note: you are able to request a hamper to feed more people). I think if I was eating from the food bank full time my social wellness would be the area affected most drastically. In regards to my emotional wellness I have noticed that I have been a lot more cranky over the past few days. Now whether this is related to the food, or my over commitment at the moment, or a combination of both I don’t know, but I do know that it also is tying into my social wellness. Turning down friends has definitely led to being cranky, hence the integration of states of well-being.

Two more days left eating all my meals from the campus food bank. Excited to see what the next two days will bring and hopefully I can see some more changes in different states of well-being to report back to you all. I’m sleeping outside tonight with the 5 days for the homeless team, as well as the current and elect SU exec so it should be a fun night! Hopefully I can sneak in a blog post before laying down in the TFDL quad!

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