5 tips on how to build a great Roomationship

November 4, 2016  |   Found in Editorial // Feature

Craving a Roomationship?

5 tips on how to build a great relationship with your roommate


A ‘roomationship’ is an expression used to define a relationship between roommates. Urban dictionary suggests it is a relationship on which they can hold trust; a bond which cannot be broken. Unfortunately, many roomationships do not experience this kind of unbroken bond, so here’s 5 steps that will help start your roomationship on the right foot.

1. Don’t sugarcoat when creating a Roomate Wanted ad.

Many roommate ads err on the side of being generic and sounding favourable. This is not effective as it doesn’t accurately reflect a person’s unique lifestyle. Instead of painting a sugarcoated and likable picture of yourself, just be honest. This will save future headaches when your roommate actually finds out you play the flute, have a habit of sleepwalking or talking to your plant; none of which you mentioned in your roommate ad.

2. Once you found your roommate, create a roommate agreement.

When you share a room with someone it can be difficult at first to give up certain liberties like leaving a mess or blasting your music whenever. The key to success is to respect your roommate’s needs and communicate with each other preferably in writing about sleeping times, cleanliness, guest policies, etc.

3. Be nice and acknowledge them.

You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate but it is important to make an effort to acknowledge them. A simple “hello” or “how are you” or even sharing a meal together will help keep the peace and form a respect for one another that will bode well for cohabiting in harmony.

4. Get to know your roommate.

If you’re going to be living with someone, it’s a good idea to know their story. You may be surprised what you find out about them too. This will also make you feel more comfortable living with them.

5. Communication is the key!

Address your problems right away and be upfront and direct.

With just a small amount of effort at the dawn of your roommationship you will be saved from future headaches and who knows, maybe you’ll develop that unbreakable bond. For more tips on creating a great roommationship, including how to write a roommate agreement, check out this handy guide from Places4Students

Nicolle Tokarek is a fourth year Law and Society and Sociology minor student. Holistic, embarrassingly indecisive and always on the go. A bit of a dreamer and always down for a burrito.