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In accordance with section 55 of the The Union Bylaw, the Chief Returning Officers declare the following persons elected to the position to which they were nominated:


In accordance with section 54 of the The Union Bylaw, the Chief Returning Officers declare the following positions vacant:

  • Faculty Representative, Education
  • Faculty Representative,Social Work


GE2017-Pres_BCaveHello U of C, my name is Branden Cave and I am running to be your Students’ Union President! With your support we can ensure that the 75th year of the SU sets the stage for the next quarter century and beyond.I have spent the last five years working towards an economics degree while at the same time dedicating time and energy to helping students succeed. My experiences with numerous clubs, residence, and my past year as VP OpFi has given me the skills to champion the needs of students and lead your SU!My vision is for a Students’ Union that has the capacity to improve every aspect of student life on this campus, and this is my plan for how we can make that a reality:

  1. Protect the Past, Present, and Future of MacHall

Our SU is one of the best in the country and that is due to the foresight of students who came before us. Their investment into MacHall was instrumental in creating our current success and it is imperative that we safeguard past student investments by protecting our rights in the building. I want to explore opportunities to bring resolution to the MacHall dispute so that we can begin looking to our future on campus, the redevelopment of the building, and the prosperity of the students who follow us.

  1. Establish the President’s Consultative Task Force

In order to increase the student voice in our SU, I want to establish a group of students-at-large to provide insight and impact to the organization. The most important thing I have learned this year is the value of students-at-large. They participate on numerous committees and provide valuable input on our programs, services, and policies. Not only will this create more opportunities for students to become engaged and involved on campus but it will help the SU make better informed decisions.

  1. Align Campus Infrastructure Priorities with Student Priorities

Our campus requires a substantial overhaul, specifically when it comes to classrooms, laboratories, study space, and pretty much any place on campus that students use. While this is a long process, we can make a substantial impact right now by making sure that renovations are reflective of student priorities. We can do this by incorporating them into the university’s academic plan, prioritizing them in the upcoming Quality Money funding pillars revision, and contributing the student voice to the Classroom Alteration Requests and Facility Alteration Requests (CAR/FAR) processes.

  1. Bring Municipal Voting to Campus

2017 is a year of opportunity to make sure that student concerns in our city are addressed. We can seize that opportunity by ensuring that students vote in record numbers in the municipal election. On-campus voting booths for a commuter campus makes sense and lowers student barriers to voting and would make our voice all the louder.

I hope you will join me in creating a better campus and a better SU when you vote on March 7-9th. I promise you that next year will be a year of no bull$#!t, just results!

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GE2017-Pres_GDuffMy name is Graham Duff and I’m a 5th year Political Science Student running to be your next Students’ Union President. I have a long history of advocating for students as a Dinos athlete, a Club executive and a student on countless committees. I’m prepared to improve your student experience.

Student Jobs

  • Work with University administration to expand paid research opportunities
  • Work with government to expand the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) which will allow students to train in relevant skills so they are qualified to fill jobs locally when the economy improves.
  • Increase availability of co-op and internships


Study space is a primary concern for students and MacHall is reaching capacity. It is important for The SU and the University to work together on a building we both own so that it can be improved to better serve students.


Accessible: 80+ pages of budgeting and audits is not transparent. I will ensure the whole budget is summarized simply and transparently in a 3 page report every student can understand and access.

Accountable: We should be accountable to you and that means being able to decide on issues that students care about. I will make it so students can petition the SU to vote on a policy with only 500 signature.

Available to students: As the official spokesperson of the SU I would spend 2 hours a week doing out-of-office hours to make sure we student concerns and ideas are heard and your questions answered.

These are just 3 of my 8 platform points. To see my full platform and the details on how I’m going to accomplish them go to

GE2017-Pres_SToorA diverse train of thought and ideas is what helps us get on the right track #ToorTrain

My name is Steeven Toor, I’m a 4th year Health Sciences student and I am running to be your Students’ Union president.

I’ve been involved in student government for the last 2 years and was the SU med rep this past year. I also have experience in business management as I help run a successful small family business.

True leadership means bringing students on this campus together and celebrating our differences, and that is exactly what I intend to do. I’m aware that I don’t know all the current issues and concerns that every student is facing, but with my experience, passion and drive, I want to make the UofC campus even better. The perspectives and ideas from our diverse campus must inform any decisions made by the governing bodies of UofC. For instance, I will strive to make our campus a safe and inclusive environment by working with women to ensure equality in all areas of the university. I will engage with international students and ensure they feel welcome. Reaching out to all marginalized students ensures that we are incorporating their issues and concerns in our strategy to address student issues and have ALL student voices heard.

We need a president that is an advocate and a leader for all students. Every single student on this campus matters because they are an invaluable piece of this campus. Our leadership needs to reflect you, the student body, and I am passionate and driven to make this happen.

My plan;

  1. Mac Hall:

I want to continue the work of the current President on the mediation on Mac Hall and ensure that the students have a majority stake in the student building. Mac Hall is the heart of the student campus and as renovations and possible expansions are discussed, students’ choices in food vendors and space allocation should be the primary focus of the UofC and SU. We need to consult the students on what services they require, what types of space they need in Mac Hall and this consultation needs to begin now. I will bring student ideas on Mac Hall to the forefront because students occupy that space and they deserve to have their voices heard.

  1. President Diversity Fund:

I want to create a large diversity fund that invests in innovative student ideas that explores the diverse student body. A Sikh philosophy that has really influenced me surrounds a notion that in Punjabi we call “Dasma Dasvaandh”, which translates to donating a tenth of your earnings. From my salary I will donating that 10% ($4000) towards a President’s Diversity Fund with additional financial support from external stakeholders, The SU, The University of Calgary (collectively working with the development office and the office of diversity, equity and protected disclosure) and the board of governors (through initiatives such as the days of giving). The fund will be available to all UofC students and applications will be selected through a working group (whether that may be OP-FI or clubs’ committee or a new working group). A strict set of criteria’s will also be set that focuses on diversity and fostering an inclusive environment on campus. These criteria will be developed alongside the help of staff and management of the SU and members of the working group.

  1. Student Representation:

I want to bridge the growing gap between the governing bodies and the students through increased student representation on committees and opportunities to communicate with the SU. This can be done by having the President and Board of Governor representative sit on more board committees. Currently the student representatives are appointed based on their board experiences and skills, however they should be appointed to these committees based on their student experience and the student perspectives they hold. Some of the ways I want to encourage open communication and engagement is through roaming office hours and coffee meet and greets. I want to keep an open door policy and engage with as many students as I can and hear from the student body throughout the entire year.

For more information follow me @SteevenToor4Prez on FB, Instagram and twitter. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message on any social media platform or email me at

On March 7-9 let’s get on the right track, vote for Steeven Toor. #ToorTrain

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Vice President Academic

GE2017-VPAca_CLeBlancHello fellow undergrads!

My name is Courtney LeBlanc and I want to be your next VPA feel free to reach out to me @403-801-3351. I am currently an anthropology student and I’m also working towards a minor from Haskayne. I believe through my wealth of experience I make the best candidate for the job. From the Leadership and Student Engagement office as a Peer Helper to being an Arts Rep on the SU. I have sat on a variety of committees that relate to the academic experience and I look forward to the opportunity to sit on committees that have much of the final say in changes to your academic career.

Things I’ll work towards for YOU:

  1. Having issues getting those transfer credits? We can all agree the system is broken; it takes to long, not all courses are recognized by U of C and some times they don’t even transfer back to the course you thought it should be. Let ME help YOU save MONEY on the courses you take at other institutions
  2. Know you need to take a course that’s not offered very often but not sure when it will be offered again after this semester? Let’s fix that by getting the university to tell us when we will see the course again. This will help all of us finish our degrees more efficiently.
  3. Need to know what format a course normally takes and go to check the department course listings to find no outlines posted? I want to lobby admin to post all previous outlines to make it easier for you to plan your semester!

Don’t hesitate to come talk to me or get in touch! I look forward to meeting you and hopefully serving you! And don’t forget to Pardon my French!

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GE2017-VPAca_TMillerHi! My name is Tina Miller, and I would be honoured to serve as your future Vice President Academic. I am a fourth year Biological Sciences major and I am highly involved in leadership initiatives within the campus community. My current experience as a Students’ Union Science Representative has fostered a passion for advocacy and a strong belief in the power of the student voice. Together, we can work to provide an accessible, supportive, and inclusive academic experience for all.

Research Support

  • Advocate for the development of a centralized research database that will provide resources and support for students seeking research positions and applying to studentships.
  • Work with Career Services and the Student Success Centre to establish complementary research workshops focusing on the writing of grant applications.

Accessible Advising

  • Collaborate with Enrollment Services to introduce an online-based appointment system to minimize wait times when accessing academic support.
  • Increase PASS (peer mentoring) sessions and one-on-one support for traditionally challenging classes across campus.

Academic Resources

  • Promote and secure funding for the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs) to minimize textbook costs and effectively supplement course content.
  • Work with faculty representatives to expand scholarship and bursary opportunities, lessening the financial burden of classes and academic resources.
  • Collaborate with Library and Cultural Resources to increase the availability of textbooks on reserve.

Finally, I believe it is crucial to continue the hard work done by the current VP Academic. As such, I am in full support of introducing a fall reading break, simplifying exam deferral procedures, and encouraging the integration of formative feedback into teaching assessments.

I want to be YOUR voice. Vote Tina Miller for Vice President Academic!

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GE2017-VPAca_RSoudavariHi, my name is Romina Soudavari and I’m a third year science student hoping to represent you as V.P. Academic. These are just some goals I want us to achieve

  1. No more 8am exams!

First, I would like to change the exam hours from 8 am -10 pm to 9am -9pm. Factoring in travel time, these hours can have students waking up as early as 5 am just to get to the university on time. Research shows that students both perform better and feel better if they don’t have to wake up as early.

  1. Have your opinion heard! And not at the end of the Semester!

TA’s can be an integral and extremely meaningful aspect of the learning process. For many, however it is their first time teaching. Therefore, it would be beneficial for both students and TA’s to have evaluation periods earlier in the semester (around the middle of semester) rather than just at the end.

  1. No need to buy textbooks!

For many students, paying for university is a struggle, especially in this economy. While open textbooks do exist, they are still not widely available (either not every class has one, only older versions are available, or they only carry one copy for a class that may have hundreds of students). This can cause chaos during exam time, and buying textbooks is not always beneficial as sometimes only a few chapters are used in the overall course or they are simply recommended. We can solve this by having more open textbooks and proportioning them to the number of students enrolled in a class.

  1. Learn the tricks of University! Before you graduate!

The university has many amazing opportunities and facilities available. However, most go unnoticed because students just don’t know about them. While orientation week presentations help, most students are too overwhelmed with the huge amounts of new information that many don’t retain these tips. It is essential that more yearlong information seminars be held, either by older students and/or professors to inform about opportunities for research, volunteering, travel, and academic and career success.

Vice President External

GE2017-VPExt_SShaikhDid you know British Columbia has over 140 open textbooks available that saved over 13,000 students at-least $1.3 million?

Or that lecturers here at the U of C can use those resources from B.C. and save you hundreds of dollars?

For my fully detailed platform & video, or if you have questions or suggestions, please visit

My list of experiences makes me the most qualified candidate for VP External. Currently, I represent you on the U of C’s Board of Governors, as well as on the Senate. In the past, I represented the Faculty of Arts in the SU, as well a provincial youth president for a federal political party, and a president of an on-campus club. These experiences have shaped my understanding that administrations and governments must be navigated carefully through the complex bureaucratic processes.

My goals, advocacy and lobbying priorities are divided by each level of government below:


2017 Municipal Election is just around the corner. What a great opportunity we have to advocate to our city councillors and the mayor on these important issues:

  1. Improve Calgary Transit Services – Over 56% of students take transit to campus. We must communicate the importance of “base transit service” in all neighbourhoods to candidates in the 2017 municipal election. I will also continue the U-Pass appeals process that is underway.
  2. Research property tax exemptions for residence students.
  3. Partner with Calgary PSE-institutions.
  4. Execute the Get Out The Vote campaign – I will work hard to ensure U of C has another successful GOTV like we did for the 2015 federal election.
  5. Make legal secondary suites an election issue – We must encourage all the municipal candidates to publically recognize this issue and ask the candidates to support the reform to the current secondary suite process.


  1. Create incentives for lecturers to use open textbooks – The key issue I will focus on is incentivizing lecturers to use existing Open-Educational-Resources. Alberta and British Columbia have a memorandum of understanding, which allows for resources to be shared. Additionally, there are a few lecturers at the U of C who are currently taking advantage of OERs, and saving their students hundreds of dollars each semester. My main goal on this issue will be to find incentives for lecturers to use OERs. One incentive is to cover the costs of teaching assistants to cater materials for U of C students. Once a material has been localized to U of C, that material could be used freely online, or if students wish to, they can purchase a paper copy. The material could also be used for many years, so the one-time investment from the province to localize the material would help not just for one year, but several years to come. Realistically, this goal is not going to be achieved over my term, but I am willing to invest my time into laying the groundwork.
  2. Student Employment Program should be a year-round program – Student unemployment is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by multiple levels of government to reduce unemployment. I will advocate with the Council of Alberta University Students to make Student Employment Program a year-round program, instead of just four months.
  3. Research for opportunities to take advantage of the $9.6 billion revenue from the carbon levy, for environmental innovations from classes and clubs.
  4. Issues that need to be reinforced are: Closing the loopholes that allow for market modifiers, creating regulation for mandatory non-instructional fees, and predictable tuition and other fees.


  1. I will also strongly advocate with the Canadian Alliance of Students Association to invest $144 million, to create a Canada Part-Time Jobs Program, which will approximately create 20,000 jobs for students in one academic year.
  2. Canada Student Loans program needs to cover the up-front costs of accessing mental health disability assessments – Although the province renewed mental health services on campus in 2016, mental health issues still need to be addressed federally. I will strongly advocate with the Canadian Alliance of Students Association to ask the federal government to support the up-front costs of accessing a mental health disability assessment, through the Canada Student Loans program. Currently, students who are suffering from mental health disabilities are not able to receive financial support for their mental health assessments from the Canada Student Loans Program.

Thank you, and don’t forget, JUST SHAIKH IT for V.P. External!

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GE2017-VPExt_KTothMy name is Kendra Toth, I am a 4th year Communications student and I am running to be your VP External. My experience as the current President of the RSA has taught me the skills and work ethic needed to advocate for the student body to all three levels of government. I will make your concerns my concerns, and advocate for policies that put students first.

  1. Municipal Election

The municipal election is occurring this October 19th and it’s critical that students voices are heard. I will send a message to city council by holding a large get-out-the-vote campaign on campus. This campaign will include access to on campus voting and a candidates forum. This will ensure student voices are heard so that we see action taken on critical issues such as secondary suites, property tax exemption for residence buildings, and establishing a transit appeals process.

  1. Student Employment

With the current economic situation we students are worried about finding a career upon graduation. It is critical that students have the opportunity to obtain degree relevant work experience, such as internships and co-ops. I will advocate for meaningful student employment opportunities, provincially, and federally. This is done by expanding the provincial STEP program, and advocating for better workforce skill development in the private sector, for students at the federal and provincial levels.

  1. Tuition Regulation

Currently tuition is frozen for the next year, and we are uncertain what will happen after that. We need to ensure that tuition does not increase drastically after the freeze, which has happened in other provinces.

Given the global political situation, we need to provide support for international students. Currently international student tuition is unregulated. I will advocate to meaningfully regulate international student tuition in order to ensure stability for these students in uncertain times.

Vice President Operations & Finance

GE2017-VPOpFi_BStallcupHey ya’ll! I’m Briana Stallcup, but you can call me Bri or B. I’m in my third year of university majoring in economics and minoring in political science. I’m passionate about creating change that benefits the marginalized and I believe the only way to fix issues is to understand how they work. That’s why I’m running for VP Operations and Finance. The SU has made it clear over the past few years that transparency is their goal. While I fully support that, I believe it is only the first step. Step two: Accountability.

  1. Holding the University AccountableThe SU is losing control of about 1.5 million dollars per year and the University has promised those funds will continue to benefit students. In order to hold them to their word, I propose the following:
    • This will entail regular updates (monthly) to the student body from the SU as to how they are advocating on their behalf in order to ensure the loss of controlled revenue keeps benefiting students.
  2. Prioritizing SU funding for Clubs and Marginalized Groups
    • Expand funding for the Conference and Travel Budget
    • Allocate funding towards Safer/Braver spaces on campus
  3. Reallocation of Funds
    I believe that the position of an SU executive is a great privilege and such a position should be used to give back to the students you represent. I will endeavor to find the relevance and effectiveness of the following and explore replacing them.

    • Re-evaluate de-stress kits
      Many students are unaware of or miss out on the chance to get one in the first place. The money can still be used for the act of helping students with stress, but I would push for student voting in order to find out what is wanted by the population.
    • Replace Color Night
      I do not believe SU executives should celebrate their new positions and turnovers amongst themselves, but WITH students. Getting rid of this event will continue the current Operations and Finance goal of increasing student awareness of the SU and would actively engage them.

      • A new event could be financed with money that would have gone towards expanding the banner campaign in order to generate awareness.

In order to accomplish the aforementioned I would work with faculty representatives as well as VP Student Life and student organizations/clubs on campus to see what students want most in each of these areas

This reallocation of funds would serve to build community on campus rather than isolating the SU from the students.

Each of my platform points keeps the ultimate goal of SU accountability in mind. Not only do I believe students should be aware of what is being done with their money, but they should actively have a say in swaying the direction of funds.

GE2017-VPOpFi_RWallaceHello, UCalgary! My name is Ryan Wallace, and I am a fourth-year business student minoring in communications. During my time at the University of Calgary, I have spent two years in an executive role with the Haskayne Students’ Association (HSA), and am currently one of the SU Faculty Representatives with the Students’ Legislative Council (SLC). Being passionate about leadership, and enthusiastic about student advocacy, these past experiences have been essential in the development of this vision and will serve as the foundation for the projects and initiatives I will work towards with your support.

Policy Development & Review – Refining accessibility and understanding

A major component of the VP Operations & Finance’s role is to oversee governance processes. In the coming year, I will conduct a full policy review to simplify the communication of these processes, improve transparency, and minimize bureaucracy. In the past, students have expressed concerns about understanding their roles on committees to ensure their voices are heard within the committee decision-making process. By focusing on these key areas, I will work to reduce barriers for students and make it easier for them to access information and additional resources to further empower them as members of the SU.

Health & Dental Plan – What you didn’t know

The fee that students are currently paying for their Health & Dental Plan is less than the actual cost of these services. The SU is currently using funds from the Health & Dental Reserve Fund to cover the costs as a short-term solution. In the coming year, I will consult with students to better understand their needs from this plan and work to ensure that students fees reflect their needs and guarantee the long-term sustainability of this program.

MacHall Ownership Dispute – Protecting student investment

The SU’s recent loss of the injunction means that we must find new ways to rebuild relationships and work with the University to minimize the negative effects on students. I will continue to collaborate with the University, and work towards a building agreement that recognizes student investment within MacEwan Hall through open communication.

SU Service Review – Improve for you!

The SU currently offers an array of services that have been around for years. During my term, I will review all services to understand the impact they have on the University community and the cost of those services to students. For example, the SU no longer offers graduation photos as students were overwhelmingly utilizing other campus outlets. If students aren’t regularly utilizing these resources I will work with the SU to improve awareness, enhance programming, and ensure resources are most effectively allocated.

Over the past years, I have worked collaboratively with the University to deliver new and exciting projects. With your vote, I will continue to work strategically to implement my platform goals and represent all University of Calgary students.

Follow me on social media @ryjwal, or visit my website for more information about me and how you can get involved in my campaign.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Vice President Student Life

GE2017-VPLife_MAbalosHi Friends!

My name is Matt and I am your advocate with a hair do with a can do attitude!

Student Engagement 

Clarity – Clarifying the Club funding the application process, such as the required documents and why they are required.

Trivia Day – To spread awareness of Student Union services and University services. What better way to do it than have a trivia questionnaire with prizes to be won! (Can include FOOD or SWAG)

Students by the Students for the Students – What does that mean? Well, it means collaborating with students to start a Student Union App that has information like upcoming events, clubs related information, and Students Union resources.


Study space and Classrooms – What better way to ensure that we as students invest in the space we use and ensure that future students gets to use that space.

By partnering with University campus architects and University administration, we as students can provide input and seek other avenues of resources to improve our study spaces and classrooms better!

Collaboration – By having consultation with the Deans of each Faculty, the aim is to have student input in how projects are prioritised in the Classroom and Alteration Request and Facility Alteration Request Program (CARFAR).

Mental Health

Paint Night – What better way to continue the success of stress less week programs like Pet Therapy and Yoga in the Space than to include a Paint Night! Paint night is a fun filled evening that let’s you be creative, silly or just have fun painting whatever your heart desires.

Resources – Stress and Academics are no strangers and it’s as if they’re the best of friends! But it does not have to be that way. We have resources that can help the student populace and by shining light unto them, we can better handle stress.

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GE2017-VPLife_HJahelkaHi everyone! My name is Hilary Jahelka and I am running to be your next VP Student Life. I believe that I can help to foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and diversity here at UofC. I am passionate about improving student life on campus because we are #StongerTogether.


We have over 300 clubs on campus and one of the biggest concerns for clubs is transition. I want to build on the Junior Executive Program to aid in the longevity of clubs. Giving specific guidelines to clubs would allow for a more effective program. I would like set out criteria that would be flexible yet allow for junior execs to work within a structure that provides them clarity on what their role is and that fosters an environment for successful transition.


Stepping Up is a program I want to implement that engages peer mentors, student leaders, and students at large. It is a violence prevention program that is used to address and reduce incidences of dating violence on campus. It includes a “train the trainer” model allowing students to engage with peers in discussing issues surrounding things such as consent, relationship violence and active bystander. This program is built to engage the campus community by allowing the workshop participants to create an event to engage students at large about these serious and prevalent issues.


Part of the VPSL portfolio is to sit on the Mental Health Advisory Committee as the student representative. I am committed to being a strong voice for mental health issues on campus. I believe that working together will help us create a holistic understanding of how to support students who face mental health challenges.

Feel free to contact me about any question you may have!

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GE2017-VPLife_AKangBeing a strong academic student, I would like to give back to the community, by running for the VP of student Life. Creating a legacy, I want to help first year students with the integration into the university environment, ultimately developing significant connections that will ultimately enrich their academic and social life. By introducing Inter Faculty Events, I would like to encourage the formation of inter-faculty friendships, therefore directly enlarging the possibility of the social networking. I will also maintain the current destress program as I feel that they have helped myself and many others during exam times.

Through talking to various peers and colleagues, students are very interested in talking to other students that have already taken the hard classes and labs in their respective faculties and want advice in those areas.

I will also advocate to increase the campus gym hours, get a Mucho Burrito in Mac hall, and DECREASE PARKING RATES ON CAMPUS. Lastly, I will be your voice in the SU. I am a student servant and if I am elected, I will be serving YOU, the student body. A vote for me is a small step for me, a giant leap for the University of Calgary.

Faculty Representative, Arts

GE2017-Arts_NChacinMy name is Nestor, I am a 4th year Psychology Major, and I am running to be your future Arts Representative at the SU.

The Faculty of Arts maintains the largest student presence on campus, and I intend to bring opportunities closer to all of you! Starting with:

  1. Founding an Arts Mentorship Program
    • The program would match 1st and 2nd year students with a senior student. One-on-one meetings would provide guidance to junior students regarding the various challenges they have encountered throughout school such as course choice-strategy, struggles with course material, becoming eligible for honours, planning for grad school applications, etc.
    • Mentors in the program would receive credit on their co-curricular record (CCR), an official University of Calgary document that recognizes participation out-of-classroom.
  1. Increase Opportunities for Career Development
    • I will work alongside SU executives to lobby the government for increased funding for Co-Op and internship programs.
    • Contact professors and industry professionals to host talks on their latest research as well as areas of high employment growth in your field.
    • Collaborate with the student success centre to assemble program-specific workshops to help you acquire and hone the skills that will make you competitive in our future job market.
    • Propose to implement web portals that compile listings for research, internship, and Co-Op opportunities to ease the application process.
  1. Connect our Community
    • I will conduct the development of an online Arts Calendar. It will elegantly display dates for all events of interest including shows, workshops, research forums, networking gatherings, etc.
    • To complement this, I want to oversee the installation of screens around our faculty hubs of Social Sciences, Admin, and Craigie that will feature upcoming event times, news and faculty announcements.

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GE2017-Arts_RDhaliwalMy name is Raj Dhaliwal and I am a third year Urban Studies student, also progressing towards a Certificate in Sustainability Studies, and I am running to be your Arts Faculty Representative. My goals are to grow the Arts student academic experience and revive the student life on campus. My platform’s main objectives are below.

Arts Academic Experience

First I would like to enhance the student academic experience by providing students with three resources.

  1. First I would like to provide Arts students with networking opportunities that will help them understand their Arts degree better, and the paths that they may take after the completion of the undergraduate degree, whether that is moving onto to graduate studies or finding a job. This will be done with the help of SU sanctioned clubs that are associated with Arts degrees and/or with the Faculty of Arts. I will ensure that all networking events be free to Arts Students. I will also create a platform whether a website, social media page, and/or a physical board on campus, where all associated Arts clubs events will be posted and updated biweekly.
  2. To provide a better learning experience, I will create a competition that will engage Arts students of different degrees in the Faculty to come up with solutions to tackle issues that are impacting people everyday, whether that is mental health, poverty, physical health, environmental/social sustainability etc. This will bring students of all backgrounds and degrees together to share their knowledge, thoughts, and personal experiences. This competition will help students gain experience outside of their classrooms that will actually help them in their careers after the completion of their academic education. The competition will be like a scholarship but for Arts students who have creative minds, and will not be based on high academic standing! Aside from the competition, I will also push for more Arts awards and scholarships.
  3. Lastly to help students gain academic experience in their interested fields, I will work along side SU clubs, professors, Arts alumni, and current students to create road maps that will supplement degree navigator. The road maps will help students choose classes related to the topics that they are most interested in rather then choosing 4 or 5 classes from over 20 given options (aka degree navigator).

Campus improvement and reviving student life

The second part of my platform focuses on improving the campus, reviving student life, and decreasing student stress through small initiatives.

  1. First I will push for improved and new seating and study spaces in the buildings that hold majority of Arts classes. Students will be provided with seating that accommodates both quiet study spaces as well as seating that will create vibrant and interactive spaces.
  2. Second, I will work with VP Operations and Finance and with other faculty representatives to create stickers/signs that will be clearly visible at all food vendors. These stickers/signs will allow students to know what options are available such as gluten free, vegan, etc. I will also ensure a list is posted online of all the food vendors and the available options.
  3. Third, I will push to improve the water bottle filling stations in the above-mentioned buildings, similar to the ones in Machall.
  4. Fourth I will push for a legitimate reading week for the fall semester, which will actually be a full week off!!!!!!!!
  5. Finally to energize the campus, and to showcase athletics and multiculturalism, I will pitch two ideas. One, to have an all-star event where the hidden talent of our Dinos Athletes will be showcased as well as other students who may be able to do 360 degrees dunks, etc. The second event will showcase the campus diversity and the variety of cultures through cultural performances, food, and much more. Its gunna to be lit!!!!!!

Through improved infrastructure, better learning opportunities, exciting events, and more, I hope to create an unforgettable and memorable university experience for my fellow Arts Students and the entire campus community! As a current executive for Urban Calgary Students Association, I ensure you that I will use my experience to tackle the issues that matter to you and fulfill my platform goals. I ensure you that I will put my words to action! If you have any questions, give me a shout at Please vote March 7 to 9!

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GE2017-Arts_NFaridHello ARTS!

My name is Nabila Farid, and I am currently a second year Law and Society student who is passionate about enhancing arts students’ experiences. I am dedicated to bring relevant change to our diverse faculty, while ensuring to link them to larger university-wide issues.

As your next Faculty of Arts representative, I hope to tackle three specific categories:

    • Work collaboratively with Career Services in order to increase internship opportunities for arts students of all majors.
    • Invite guest speakers and propose networking events through The Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA) and department-specific clubs for Arts students to mingle.
    • Propose career events with industry professionals tailored specifically for arts degrees.
    • Hold professor/ student mixers for specific departments where experience can be vastly shared.
    • Increase mental health initiatives and workshops with a focus on arts programs through continued work with the Faculty of Arts Student’s Association (FASA).
    • Strengthen a sense of unity within the faculty through arts-specific “DE-STRESS” events.
    • Hold “learn a major in a day” as a way for arts students to familiarize themselves with other programs, creating a sense of unity and creativity among students.

Ever feel like you are running out of places to study? As your next arts rep, I will:

    • Work on a Students’ Union Quality Money application in order to create new study spaces for arts students.
    • Propose an expansion for the Arts Lounge as well as the Fine Arts Lounge, allowing more arts students the opportunity to study, spend lunch, or mingle with friends in a bigger, cleaner space.
    • Work on renovating existing arts spaces that drive students away due to their inadequate comfort and modernity.

Thank you for consideration, and please remember to VOTE March 7-9!

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GE2017-Arts_FFinleyHello arts students! I am a Law & Society and Political Science student vying to represent you on the Students’ Union. After much input from fellow arts students, I am proud to tell you my core platform points.

  1. Food LabellingA number of students within our faculty have dietary restrictions, both religious and allergy based. This past year, I worked with the VP Operations and Finance to develop a clear labelling system to implement in university vendors. A pilot project will be launched this spring in SU businesses, and it is vital we continue this process. It is important students can eat comfortably on campus, no matter if they are Halal, vegan, gluten-free or have other dietary restrictions.
  2. Paid Internships and Summer JobsFor many Arts students, finding a summer job related to our field can be challenging. I will strive to develop more opportunities for paid internships and summer jobs by coordinating with the government’s Summer Temporary Employment Program, Calgary-area industry, and Career Services. I have experience working with government and policy, and will do everything in my power to encourage the creation of arts-specific positions. Further, I will work to create a Faculty of Arts jobs database. This database will compile summer jobs specifically geared towards students within our faculty.
  3. Arts InfrastructureI will work with the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association and Quality Money Funding to secure the necessary capital to improve and maintain existing spaces like the Arts Lounge and other study areas geared towards those within our faculty. These grants will be used to purchase seating and to ensure proper maintenance.
  4. Support for the Fine ArtsSpeaking with fine arts students, many express they feel neglected or isolated on campus. Fine arts students are not just there to be pulled out for 50th anniversary celebrations; they are valuable members of our community and deserve to be treated as such. I will support fine arts students through continued advocacy within the Students’ Union, and through direct consultation with student groups such as the Drama and Music undergraduate societies.

Feel free to visit me on social media or give me a call to stay connected with me during my campaign!

External Links

Phone: 403 826 1369

GE2017-Arts_SIslamHello fellow students! I am an International Relations and Political Science major who is enthusiastic about developing the arts community and creating a better academic experience for students. As an Arts Faculty Representative, I will focus on vital issues that meet student interests.

Co-ops/Internships/Career Fairs

Co-ops and internships are an asset and a stepping stone to reach a fulfilling career. It is time we made these opportunities more available and presentable to students. I want to bring forth more opportunities for students to access these resources. Additionally, I would like to create a distinct Arts Career Fair that presents career opportunities from the different departments in the faculty, not simply the ones that have the most students.

Courses Offered

It’s a pain to be really interested in a course only to find that it doesn’t fit your schedule and is only offered every two years. This is very difficult for those students who need to meet degree requirements and are soon graduating, but are held back as the course wasn’t offered. My intention is to coordinate with the Faculty and ensure student’s interests in courses are being met.

Cultivating Involvement

It is important to be engaged in the campus community and as a student body we should stand up to issues of concern. As the Arts Representative, I would like to have students engage in environmental sustainability initiatives, along with social justice projects that will promote a safer space on campus. I hope to achieve this by cooperating with the Women’s Resource Centre, The Faith & Spirituality Centre, The Native Centre, the Q Centre, and other facilities on campus so diverse voices are being heard within the Arts Faculty. Additionally, there are numerous clubs out there that can benefit Arts Students and provide initiatives to engage and build on resumes. I would be the person to bridge the gap between students and clubs that offer engaging and resourceful experiences. This would occur through a club’s hub, an opportunity to see what different clubs offer and how you as an art student would fit into these roles.

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GE2017-Arts_PJudgeMy name is Puncham Judge and I am a 3rd year Political Science student running for the Faculty of Arts Representative Position. As Faculty of Arts Representative, my main focus will be to improve the communication problems that occur between the student government and the students they represent. My platform is:

  • Engagement through advocacy – providing more opportunities for students to connect with faculty representatives, which will give students the chance the voice their concerns
  •  Wellness Wednesdays – every Wednesday for 90 minutes, I will host a seminar in which students will be able to talk about whatever they may wish to discuss. Whether that be topics regarding world issues and politics, school, life, etc. This seminar will have a student-representative confidentiality policy, meaning what is discussed will not leave the room.
  • Act as a liaison between the Students’ Union and the student body. By collaborating with President elect and V.P elects, I will be able to advocate for the student body.
  • Raise awareness for student mental health by working alongside various clubs and hosting social events and charity events, which will allow us to raise money for various charities.
  • Have learning workshops in which we will talk about study tricks and ideas while also providing a relaxing study space for students followed by de-stressing activities.

GE2017-Arts_RSinghHello Everyone,

My name is Raghav and I’m a second year economics student running to be your SU Arts Representative in the upcoming elections.

As an international student, my initial transition was anything but easy. Adjusting into campus culture was only made possible through positive communities I found within various SU Clubs. However, a similar culture amongst our faculty would have made it much easier. We should be proud of the diversity and talent in our faculty and use it to create a sense of community. I would encourage a culture of collectivism and pride amongst the Faculty of Arts through three major points:

Creating a job-ready atmosphere:

I will advocate for the expansion of co-op programs and organize a individual-focussed career fair for Arts students. We have a group of talented, hard working, and intelligent individuals, whose potential is not fully used due to a lack in resources and proper job training.

Improvements to Arts Lounge:

This is one of the few places that Arts students can call their own and it is overdue some new furniture. It would be worthwhile to explore new alternative uses for the lounge and a possible expansion of the space. I wish to advocate for this change that is well deserved for the faculty of Arts.

Arts Research initiatives:

I would like to work with FASA (and department clubs) to expand their Arts Research Symposium. This symposium is already a fantastic idea as it allows for better timing for Arts-based research and tackles the issue of underrepresentation of Arts students at the SU URS.

I would like to thank everyone for taking this time to read my platform. I would be honoured to represent you as your SU Arts Rep as we look forward to a united and proud Faculty of Arts.

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Faculty Rep., Cumming School of Medicine

GE2017-Med_ABolyosMy utmost priority as a faculty of medicine representative will be providing more opportunities for students to become involved in research and career orientated events (and get free food in the process!).  From speaking with many of my peers, a common complaint I hear from BHSc students is that they do not know what they want to do after they graduate.  I feel this is why the BHSc career panel held on February 9th had such great attendance and reception.  Events like the BHSc career panel are what the Cumming School of Medicine needs more of, and I will focus on implementing more events just like it which aim to benefit and engage students in the faculty.

GE2017-Med_GBrarHi! My name is Gurleen Brar and I’m a third year Biomedical Sciences student, and I would like you consider me for the position of Faculty of Medicine Representative for the upcoming year. I have been a representative on the Student Faculty Liaison Committee for two years and now am a representative on the Medicine Alumni Advisory Council. Through these experiences I have developed passion for advocacy and there are a number of things that I would like to advocate for on behalf of the Medicine faculty. I have detailed some of them below.

Firstly, I would like to improve students academic experience by creating a forum to allow students to suggest classes that they would like to see taught and approved. By creating these forums, we will be able to possibly match students with professors or faculty members that would be available to peruse the same academic interest. Additionally, I would like to work more collaboratively with the exchange office to look at spring/summer opportunities to cross list some of our courses that can be taken abroad.

The second point I would like to work towards is improvement of the interconnectedness of our faculty. First, I would advocate for the creation of a network of contacts of alumni from the faculty to facilitate mentorship and advising of current students. I would also like to see increased collaboration between the three subsets of the faculty, through the development of an inter-degree buddy system and more social events that incorporate the diversity of the faculty together.

I would like to advocate for improvement for Foothills as a campus by advocating for things such as new bank machines from different banks, increased food options in the Foothills Book Store, and renegotiation of the student price for the newly constructed Foothills gym.

GE2017-Med_JDundasCumming School of Medicine Students! My name is Jameson Dundas and I am running to be your Faculty Representative. This platform aims to improve the quality of your experience at the University of Calgary, and my attendance of SLC meetings and ability to see these goals through for 3 more years makes me uniquely suited to do so.

I will briefly touch on some key points in my platform:

  1. Realistic goals

I will never set unachievable goals such as improving cell reception and will instead ensure that I work towards reasonable and obtainable objectives that will truly benefit you.

  1. Sustainability and expansion
    It is critical to ensure the continuation of invaluable programs created by previous Faculty Representatives such as:
    1. Continued advocacy for Open Education Resources. Allowing for textbooks to be accessed freely at the foothills library.
    2. Improved course descriptions to create clear expectations on what required courses will entail by contacting past students and TA’s to give input.

It is also extremely important to expand and improve programs such as:

    1. The Foothills Campus writing support is a recently created initiative that is meant to provide writing supported catered towards research papers and essays written by the faculty of medicine. I will ensure this program continues to be funded and altered to fit your needs and feedback in the new year.
    2.  Expansion of the PASS Program to include MDSC courses.
    3. SU volunteer opportunities for the foothills campus
  1. Improved involvement and interconnectivity between programs

The Faculty of Medicine is incredibly diverse, with an array of talented individuals. Unfortunately, the faculty suffers from a divide and has little connection between programs. I plan to involve BHSc, MD, and CDRC students together through events such as barbecues and ensure proper representation for ALL programs.

  1. Destressing and more fun activities

All programs in the Faculty of Medicine are exceptionally stressful. To combat this I plan to add more de-stress events such as the much loved “puppy room”, a fun community building week just for the Faculty of Medicine, and a Stress Less week for Foothills.

External Links


Good representation on the SLC is pertinent to our faculty as we are physically separate from main campus. I am committed to representing the needs of BHSc, CRDS, and MD students; this is why I am running to be your Cumming School of Medicine Representative.

I am in my second year of the BHSc program. I have experience working in teams through my role as a youth volunteer leader at the Foothills Medical Centre, as well as public speaking experience through the university’s Model United Nations team. I am organized, responsible, and goal-oriented.

I have three goals: improving access to wellness initiatives, increasing faculty integration, and making Foothills a more inclusive space.

  1. Wellness
    Campus wellness services are not very accessible to students at Foothills, and do not accurately represent the needs of many students in our faculty. I will aim to:
  • Raise the number of free wellness centre appointments to 15,
  • Implement sliding-scale payments for wellness centre appointments past the “free appointment” threshold,
  • Bring counselling and campus healthcare services to Foothills, and
  • Support and expand current initiatives, such as “Stress Less Week,” at Foothills
  1. Integration
    To better integrate the faculty, I will:
  • Apply for an SU Quality Money grant to renovate the Feasby Student Lounge,
  • Collaborate with the HSSA to host more faculty-specific events, and
  • Improve academic and career support opportunities (especially faculty-specific writing support) at Foothills.
  1. Inclusivity
    Making Foothills campus a more inclusive space for members of minority groups is a priority of mine. I will:
  • Create a washroom for all genders at Foothills,
  • Collaborate with student clubs to encourage diversity at Foothills, and
  • Host events, such as career panels, featuring minorities (Women in Health Sciences, LGBT+ discussion panel, etc.).

Contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

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GE2017-Med_SParkHello! I’m Sarah Park, a third year BHSc student, and I would love to be your Cumming School of Medicine Representative.

During my time at the UofC, I have had the opportunity to lead several clubs such as the Mental Health Awareness Club and the Korean-Canadian Student’s Association, along with becoming involved with the LSE in projects like ELP and SLP. These experiences have developed skills of leadership, reliability, and organization, which I believe I can utilize in the position of faculty rep.

I am committed to improving your student experience. To do this, I want to focus on three key factors:

1. Student Success

Our goal as students is to excel academically, and I want to help with that.

  • Bring PASS Support to Foothills— The PASS program organizes free study groups with designated PASS Leaders. However, currently it is difficult for us to utilize these services since the program does not offer support for our courses. I will advocate for the inclusion of MDSC, HSOC, CORE, and other relevant courses to be added, and for sessions to be held on foothills.
  • Should this not be feasible due to funding constraints, I will work with the Student Success Centre and our Faculty to introduce volunteer-led workshops dedicated to relevant courses.
  • Work to continue providing writing support specifically tailored to us¾ There has been much effort taken this year to implement writing support in foothills campus. I want to continue this project and make it sustainable for future years.

2. Student Research Support

Our programs heavily emphasize the importance of research during our undergraduate degree, but it can be difficult to get started.

  • Research Repository— It can be intimidating to enter the world of research, and even finding a field of interest or a professor can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.  I want to help with this by creating a database of research we have accomplished. Sorted broadly by field of study, willing students can share their summer research project title and a short description of the work done. They can include contact information to be reached at, which will help in finding new research interests and networking opportunities.
  • Additionally, we can update the database with research opportunities that arise throughout the year. Personally, I know I get lost in all the different research position recruitment opportunities that get emailed out to us, so I believe it will be helpful to have them all accessible in one place and sorted by field of research.

3. Student Life & Engagement

The student experience is not solely based on academics. Social events and engagement in various extracurriculars on campus can be what defines your time in university!

  • Stressless on Foothills— Pet therapy and nap rooms on Foothills campus was great this year! Let’s extend it to art therapy, yoga, etc. offered during Stressless Week.
  • Foothills Clubsweek— It’s no secret that we are isolated from the main student body. I want to keep hosting a Foothills Clubsweek so that students can learn about and become engaged in clubs that they will be interested in a conveniently accessible location.
  • Faculty engagement— It would be my goal to host various social events so that we can meet each other!
    • One event that I plan on hosting is the Textbook Swap. It will be a day where students can sell used textbooks to someone who needs it, and maybe even meet new friends and mentors.

Lastly, I want to address your concerns. I want to meet with BHSc, CRDS, and MD students on a regular basis to understand issues relevant to your specific program and work to resolve them together.

I look forward to working with you to create positive change in the coming year!

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My name is Sanjana Sudershan and I am currently in my second year of the BHSc program. I am passionate about maximizing the opportunities presented by the faculty, for both academic and social advancement of every student, faculty member and family within.

Why am I the best choice to be your voice?

My 2 years of experience on the HSSA have provided me with the knowledge and tools to identify and address the needs of the students within the Faculty of Medicine. My unique background of both academics and sports allow me to perceive the role of Elected Representative as a team goal we can all achieve.

During my term as an SU representative, I will be focusing on 4 central points:

  1. Sustainability: My predecessors in this role have done an amazing job providing the faculty with key programs and activities that I am determined to carry on. Projects such as Pet therapy, Academic Writing Support, and the BHSc career panel are all invaluable resources that students can continue to use. These resources will help all students conquer stress in different ways.
  1. Building a community: My main aim is to make the Faculty of Medicine a collective force that supports and encourages lasting relationships and academic growth. I believe this can be achieved through bi-monthly food mixers serving all dietary restrictions, renovations to the Feasby lounge, and an effort to socially integrate ALL programs in the faculty. Integration will occur by implementing a CRDS buddy program with the BHSc so that students from both faculties can explore areas of science and research that they are usually not exposed to. Alongside this, the valuable experience and resource of being in the same faculty as the MD program will not go unutilized. My vision is a mentorship program for students interested in the medical fields to be guided by students that understand and have had success in the completing whole process.
  1. Building a larger community: The Foothills campus is geographically isolated from main campus and sometimes our affairs are as well. By having better communication with other faculties, this opens doors for personal and academic advancement. This also allows students to explore futures in a multitude of areas where they can take the skills learnt in the Faculty of Medicine and apply them to other fields.With an increased relationship with main campus, the conversation about the difficulties of    choosing and scheduling classes we face can be brought to the attention of the administration. Those in charge of deciding the allotting of reserved spots within classes pertaining to HSOC and BINF concentrations will be contacted. Alongside this, many other CRDS and BHSc student have difficulties getting into the classes they desire and hopefully this can be changed by adjusting how and when classes are offered.
  1. Approachability: The position of SU medicine representative is to be the voice of the faculty. To be able to properly do this, I will encourage constant communication through email or Facebook throughout my term. All suggestions from you, the students, will be heard as it is your university experience that can be made better!

Version 2Hi everyone! My name is Tingting Yan, and I am a second year Health Sciences student running to be your SU Medicine Faculty Representative.

I have worked on the SU Quality Money Committee for the past year, helping delegate two million dollars to campus initiatives, from study spaces to extracurricular programs, in order to improve our student experience. My strong involvement in Orientation Week, SU Clubs, and Humans of UCalgary have fueled my passion for building community, and provided me with the experience to bring our ideas to life.

My platform points:

  1. Increase Faculty Unity and Pride.
  • The current SU Reps have created fantastic initiatives, and it is important to build on their work.
  • StressLess with Pet Therapy: Continue bimonthly Pet Therapy at Foothills Campus.
  • Alumni Panels: Connect with MD, CRDS, and BHSc alumni for Lunch’n’Learn sessions. Seeing what our graduates have done with their degrees will help us make informed decisions when pursuing a career.
  • Feasby Improvements: Apply for QM and CIF Funding to update our lounge.
  • Feasby Games Nights: Secure funding for food, drinks, and games.
  1.  Online Resources for Academic Support.
  • How do we write CVs, contact researchers, and present in teams? What should we consider when choosing a thesis project?
  • Sharing our Resources: Working with upper years, create an online platform for sharing sample CVs, research papers, and course outlines-which we usually can’t access until starting the course.
  1. Continue the Conversation.
  • Our faculty has the added challenge of commuting between two campuses, so I will collaborate with faculty and administration to alleviate our scheduling issues.
  • Listening to YOU: I will bring your ideas forward to administration and SLC. I will create an online form for you to propose improvements you would like to see, and to meet up to discuss them.

Faculty Rep., Haskayne School of Business

GE2017-Hask_NGolobHello Haskayne!

My name is Nik Golob, I am a second year student at the Haskayne School of Business, running for a position as Business Representative in the Students’ Union elections.

During the last two years I have been a member of the Haskayne Students’ Association (HSA), and represented Team Haskayne at JDC West 2017 in Edmonton. These experiences have developed my leadership and student representation. With your support I would like to take the next step and represent the Haskayne School of Business to the greater University of Calgary student body.

My platform is as follows:

  1. Reignite the relationship between the SU and business students

I will hold office hours once a week in the undergraduate lounge so can come and talk about any concerns that they might have. Over the last year the SU representatives took a step into the right direction but I believe, that it can be further improved with this initiative.

  1. Funding opportunities

I will continue working with the SU and the Haskayne School of Business. Lately there have been some complications with receiving and applying for the funding and the overall complexity of applications. The current SU representatives have done a great job at this and I will continue it, with the hope that it will be further improved during my mandate.

  1. Washrooms in Scurfield Hall

I will do everything in my ability to finally do something about the dreadful state of the washrooms in Scurfield Hall. They are not only used by students but also by faculty, staff, donors and other influential. This is embarrassing not just for business students, but for the University of Calgary as a whole.

Thank you for considering me as your representative.

External Links

GE2017-Hask_LOcampoHey Haskayne! My name is Lucas Ocampo and I am a second year student in business with a minor in Communications. In my two years at the University of Calgary I have had the opportunity to become a Student Representative for Residence, one of the first ambassadors for the Canadian Center for Advanced Leadership (CCAL), as well as a Director at the Haskayne Students’ Association. I have always been good at communicating with others, this combined with my previous experiences would allow for me to really make a change within Haskayne, by effectively voicing the sentiment of students.

Haskayne Holy Grail

After my role in CCAL and HSA, I have seen firsthand how students miss out on opportunities simply due to lack of awareness. That’s why I plan to create an all in one website, which compiles information from all Haskayne sources and sorts the data so it’s easy to find. I plan on dividing it into scholarships, networking events, funding and case competitions. That way students who want to be involved and want to make the best out of their experience at Haskyane, can do so from one source rather than the overwhelming channel of sources.

More space for Clubs

There are various groups in Haskayne struggle with the space that is provided for them at the undergraduate lounge in Scurfield. If elected, I plan to develop a booking system which would allow for people to know at what time the facilities are being used. By implementing this system, it would ensure that the current use of the undergraduate lounge is optimized.

I have always been passionate about improving students’ university experience. Being elected would allow me to pursue the change I, along with other students, hope to see in the university.

Thank you for this opportunity.

GE2017-Hask_APalominoHello, my name is Alvaro Palomino and I am a second year Finance student running to be your Haskayne faculty representative. I want to make a positive impact in our already awesome faculty and hopefully promote student involvement in decision making to achieve even greater results!


I want to improve student involvement by the following: promoting extracurricular activities to students to improve the overall university experience each student has in their time in Haskayne. Offer more information regarding funding and support services for out of school activities/abroad opportunities in order for students to maximize university support, not be held back because of costs, and reduce missed opportunities due to lack of information.


Involving the Business faculty in the decision making process by actively seeking feedback on how to make further improvements to the faculty. Listening to fellow students on projects/ideas that they have which will benefit students while taking into account different perspectives from various people to verify that it’s accepted by most. Voicing student concerns to the appropriate channels to achieve a solution and/or compromise in order to prevent the same issues from occurring in the future. I will answer all emails from students in a reasonable time in order to maximize and promote engagement

As your faculty rep I will take action to make Haskayne a better place for current and future students by working hard to make your voice heard. This can range from talking to the dean about university policy on behalf of students to improving our current bathroom situation. With your vote I will be able to implement the changes that you want to see in Haskayne and hopefully build trust with all of you for possible future elections to improve the University of Calgary as a whole!

Thank you for your time

Faculty Rep., Kinesiology

GE2017-Kines_FAzizHey KINES! My name is Freddie Aziz and I want to be your…

Kinesiology Faculty Representative for 2017-2018!!!

My goal, if voted as Kinesiology Rep, is: to strengthen the community within the faculty of Kinesiology! I would accomplish this through collaboration with various organizations on campus, such as the Kinesiology Student Society. By doing this, I can enhance the amount of academic learning, socializing, and pure fun that every Kinesiology student deserves in their degree.

Throughout my degree, I have acknowledged how vital having a strong community is in achieving well-rounded success across your degree, especially within your own faculty. Through the help of friends in your community, I truly believe any student can get the greatest overall experience out of their degree.

Some of the ways in which I want to collaborate to enhance the faculty’s interconnectedness would include:

  • Introducing a second Kin-Camp in the Winter Semester and a second Hump Day every month!
  • Try It New; an innovation where students try out unique sports every month from excellent instructors! (Examples: water polo, fencing, Aussie Rules)
  • Humans of Kinesiology; similar to the Humans of New York project, in order to promote the outstanding students and staff that Kinesiology hosts!
  • U of C Kin Games; students within the faculty would create teams and compete for a whole week in a variety of challenges, thus encouraging participation towards the actual Kin Games team while enjoying the fun and spirit of competition!
  • Olympic-size promotions for the upcoming Winter Olympics!!!

 If elected as Kinesiology Faculty Representative, I will doing nothing less than being the face and voice of this amazing faculty! I will always advocate for what YOU want so that I may bring YOU the BEST EXPERIENCE possible, something YOU ALL deserve here at U of C!

GE2017-Kines_SGrewalHey KNES! I’m Sagar Grewal, a 2nd year Biomechanics student and I WOULD BE HONOURED to CONTINUE TO SERVE AND REPRESENT the STUDENTS OF THE FACULTY I LOVE!

If re-elected as Kinesiology Rep, I will continue my current work and address emerging issues which impact KNES students! My main focuses would be…


  • As the current Kinesiology Rep, I focused on improving study spaces in our faculty! I put together a Quality Money proposal, to RENOVATE TWO SPACES and CREATE A NEW SPACE! I believe I made a strong proposal and made a strong case for receiving funding!

If re-elected, I will re-apply to renovate remaining study spaces with an improved application by getting feedback from committee members and more student input on renovation plans, to make sure they MEET YOUR NEEDS!


  • Kinesiology is growing! Just under 900 BEST FRIENDS make up our great KIN-MUNITY! Despite our growing size, SCHOLARSHIPS and BURSARIES for Kinesiology students haven’t increased; they’ve become more limited! We have the lowest number of scholarships available, of ANY faculty on campus!

If re-elected, I will apply for funding to increase the number of scholarships and bursaries for Kinesiology students, REWARDING VALUES WE BELIEVE IN, NOT JUST HIGH GPA’s!


  • We all hope to do our best in classes, however, some course concepts can be tough. Tutors are often expensive and unaffordable for students. FREE academic support programs already exist in other faculties, so there are great exemplary programs to model a new one after, for KNES students!

If re-elected, I will put together a plan to implement an Academic Support Program for Kinesiology students. This would provide YOU with more Academic Support, so YOU KIN DO YOUR BEST!


External Links

Snapchat: swagar_g

Faculty Rep., Schulich School of Engineering

GE2017-Shulich_CAyachitHey there, thanks for taking the time to read my platform. Here are [some of] the things that I intend to accomplish if elected as your ENGG Rep.


Ever had too many finals in a week, and not enough time to prepare? Me too. Bad scheduling can make or break your courses, and good grades shouldn’t be a matter of chance. Vote for me and I will get the registrar to make better engineering finals schedules.


Do you know what your ENGG Rep actually does? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. Engineering students are busy and don’t have time to go to lengthy Students’ Union meetings. Vote for me and I will bring weekly updates to YOU via social media.


Being a good ENGG Rep involves implementing your own ideas. Being a GREAT ENGG Rep is where I get to implement your ideas. Want more study space? Dissatisfied with quality of teaching? Just say the word, and I will take it up on your behalf.

If you like me and/or my ideas, please do VOTE on March 7/8/9 from MyUofC ( Not many people vote so EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS. I can’t do this without you all! Thanks!

GE2017-Shulich_CCaoHi engineers! I’m Christine Cao and I’m about to enter my final year at the Schulich School of Engineering in Geomatics with Biomed. I truly believe these 4 to 5 (or more) years should be one of the best times of your life, and this is why I am running to be your Students’ Union Engineering Representative: to protect and enhance your interests and experiences here at the University of Calgary. Let’s run through the plan:

  1. Mental Health Awareness
  • Work closely with the Wellness Center to host seminars to improve awareness for serious mental health issues, as well as interactive workshops to promote healthy stress-coping mechanisms.
  • Make professional counselling more readily accessible to students’ busy schedules through partnership with the Wellness Centre and other organizations.
  • Bring more of the SU’s Stress Less events, such as yoga or Pet Therapy, into centralized Engineering locations.
  • Work together with ESS and the Mental Health Alliance to continuously advocate for utilizing student feedback about their mental health concerns
  1. Transparency and Open Communication
  • Maintain an open channel of communication to ensure students receive and understand faculty decisions that directly affect them.
  • Make myself consistently available for the engineering student body to meet in person to allow for discussions of feedback and concerns.
  • Report issues outlined in student feedback to the faculty administration and hold the faculty accountable in addressing concerns.
  1. Promote Professional Development
  • Build a strong, direct relationship with the Internship Office and Career Center to offer specialized engineering career support for internship and post-graduation job hunts.
  • Help students gain valuable soft skills, such as networking and public speaking, through workshops and events.
  • Work closely with the ESS to enhance events pertaining to professional development, graduate studies, and job shadowing program through external support.

In the last four years, I have served as your VP Communications on ESS, as well as VP Academic on GESS. Furthermore, while co-chairing the Canadian Engineering Competition, and working as the Activity Manager on the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), I am a Student at Large on the SU’s Policy Development and Review Committee. My experiences in student government and passion in protecting your interests makes me the ideal candidate to represent you!

If you have any questions about my platform, email me at Also, visit my official Facebook page: Christine Cao for SU Engg Rep! And remember, Vote March 7-9!

GE2017-Shulich_MDeolACCOUNTABILITY – Addressing Teaching Inconsistencies

I have noticed disparity in teaching at the Schulich School of Engineering and this is something that should not remain silent, instead, exposed and dealt with. This can start by reviewing and providing a larger student voice on the “Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure” process.

  1. Provide a more comprehensive student perspective on the Engineering Faculty Council and the “Guidelines and Procedures on Merit Increment Recommendations, Appointment, Promotion and Tenure” for Professors and Faculty.
  2. Ensure that an increased emphasis is placed on Service to Community and Service to Students so that Professors and Faculty are held accountable to bettering the student experience.
  3. Coordinate and better utilize the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning’s (TITL) resources to provide feedback to professors and faculty regarding improvements to their teaching styles.

CARE – Improving Accessibility to Engineering-Specific Counselling

In a society burdened with the pressures of defining and attaining success at an increasingly younger age, I have noticed many of peers, myself included, struggle with the notion of mental wellbeing in Engineering. Although these scenarios can impact any individual, the environment in Engineering can elicit unique pressures. Whether relating to workload or pressures regarding employment, I want to improve the student experience by establishing Engineering-specific Mental Health resources.

  1. Advocate for Engineering-specific counsellors to have offices in the new building to specifically cater to the mental wellbeing needs of Engineers.
  2. Work alongside the guidance counsellors from the Engineering Student Centre to provide not only localized academic support but also more wide-ranging counselling.
  3. Deconstruct the guidance that Student Advisors provide to make it more effective and useful for a larger population of Engineering students.

REPRESENTATION – Enabling students not involved in Student Government roles to voice themselves on Engineering Boards & Committees

Currently, the process for selecting student representatives on these boards is arbitrary, not transparent, and not well defined. Often times, similar students sit on multiple committees regardless of whether or not they are passionate about the issues being discussed. This doesn’t make any sense to me so I want to change it.

  1. Coordinate with the Strategic Planning Manager for the Office of the Dean, to establish an application method or nomination form for students that are passionate about certain causes to sit on these committees.
  2. Regardless of “being involved” or not, I believe that each and every Engineering student has an equal amount of power to bring about change.
  3. Diversity in representation is what is needed to progress as a faculty and create a more inclusive community.

GE2017-Shulich_SFarheenThe clock stuck at 10:15 in my Phy 259 class indicates the need for great change at campus…………………………………

Hello Schulich!

I am Shazia Farheen, running to be your SU Engineering Representative this year. I look forward to participating in the following initiatives which will improve the student experience, and address the issues that we as students will be facing in the coming year.

Alumni Relations: Schulich has a great alumni program with people working at a wide array of well-knowncompanies. Because of this, I would love to have students interact more with them and give them the opportunity to network through the following ways-

  • Professional networking events with alumni and students (similar to the one during the Career Fair week but in a more frequent basis)
  • In class alumni presentation and panels
  • Alumni mentorship program

I believe this will not only get you prepared for the working world, but also give you wonderful job opportunities.

Engage and Empower: 5 years back, I’d never have believed you if you’d told me that I’d someday be the presidentof my High School or advocate for girl-child education as a Deputy Speaker in the Youth Parliament. With tons of such experiences under my belt, I believe there are always those personal goals which are just as important as getting a good grade- all you require are the opportunities to explore yourself. I would love to work on to provide enrichments and extra-curricular activities to take you out of your comfort zone and will help you master new skills-by encouraging club involvement and continue building upon fun inter-clubs and inter-faculty events and competitions.

Research- I will seek innovative ways to allocate funding for student research and projects and financial grants fordepartment clubs. After all Schulich students deserve an opportunity in exploring their passions, and finding out more about the world around them.

Awareness –Advocate to increase awareness of research, scholarship and job opportunities both in and off campusthrough the use of portals.

Open Textbooks - After spending copious amounts of money paying tuition, fees, and other expenses, leaving mywallet in holes and terrifying me when I have to spend $500+ on textbooks and for buying the code for online assignments every semester. I would really love to advocate for affordable textbooks and class materials and discourage digital assignments to be made available for students.

Recognition: – Actively promote and support the institution of awards prescribed for science students in recognitionof their excellence in academics, research, volunteerism, leadership, etc.

Education at Schulich should be more than just taking classes and group projects. Schulich students should have the opportunity to connect with resources at school, meet top companies, and most importantly have fun!

If you want to MAKE IT HAPPEN, Please don’t forget to vote for me- Shazia Farheen as your Engg Rep!

GE2017-Shulich_AFournierHi there! My name is Alyssa Fournier and I’m running for the position of Engineering Faculty Representative. I will be entering my final year in Geomatics Engineering in the fall. Throughout my years on campus, I have held student leadership roles in the Residence Students’ Association as well as the Residence Athletic Association. I have enjoyed representing the greater campus community, and am hoping to expand my leadership potential by focusing on engineering-specific needs. I believe that my past leadership roles will allow me to be a great advocate for students to expand their ideas and see positive improvements and changes to engineering student life.

If elected, I plan to focus on the following platform for the 2017-2018:

  1. Expand communication to students about tuition and market modifiers
  • Alberta’s tuition freeze has carried over into the 2017-2018 year, but students should expect an 8-9% increase afterwards.
  • In 2014, engineering programs were approved and expected to go through market modifiers. This meant that all engineering classes would increase by $200, while all other undergrad degree programs would continue to follow the annual tuition increases.
    • Students were unsure of how this would affect their future throughout the program. I want to ensure that students are aware of potential increases and can have their voices heard.
  1. Improve academic support opportunities through collaboration
  • Work with VP academic and the undergrad office to endure proper feedback on first-year and “tough” common courses.
  • Collaborate with engineering-specific clubs to create more midterm and final exam prep for classes with high fail rates.
  • Assist ESS and engineering-specific student societies to expand professional growth and provide industry knowledge.
  • Provide first and second year students with a student-based exposition to elaborate on the many different specialties of engineering.

Vote Fournier for Engg rep!

Faculty Rep., Science

GE2017-Sci_DChakravartyProducing Career-Ready Students

Science may not be a professional degree, but there are many things that the university can do to make your degree more competitive!

  • I would like to work on compiling a comprehensive and accessible online database of local and international research, co-op, and internship opportunities currently available for students with a possible expansion to volunteering and shadowing in the future.
  • Increasing the leadership and professionalism of our degrees with workshops on skills necessary to succeed in the future such as an earlier introduction to degree concentrations and courses in research methods. This will reduce the culture shock when students enter the workforce or graduate schools.

Collaboration and Community

In an era where research and technological advances in Science are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, fostering a sense of community and collectivity in our 10 departments is so necessary.

  • Improvements to the Science Lounge by adding microwaves, printers and bulletin boards.
  • Increasing interdisciplinary project opportunities (such as iGEM and Science Olympics) to provide workplace exposure by bridging the multiple skillsets from students in our 10 diverse departments.
  • Reinstating the role of the science reps in the Science Mentorship Program.

Fostering Scientific Curiosity

The best part of university should be the personalized learning experience. I want to bring our focus back to motivating students through their natural curiosity and passion for science, rather than through the stress of workloads that demand that we cheat our sleep cycles.

  • Making labs a more engaging and positive experience by:
  • Advocating for lab coats available free of cost in the case that students forget them.
  • Allowing for proper feedback in lab for our lab reports in lab time rather than outside lab hours.
  • Advocating an increase of interactive & creative science themed artwork (such as ‘The Zipper’ in Science Theaters) when remodeling the science buildings.

GE2017-Sci_IChoudhryHello science students! My name is Iqra Choudhry and I am in my second year of Biological Sciences. Here are some ideas I would implement in our faculty:

  • Implement a program in which professors offer volunteer/observatory positions to first year/second year students to gain crucial research experience and network opportunities with their professors. This program will run in the Fall/Winter Semester, so students can have the experience and qualifications needed to pursue future research (Spring/Summer positions).
  • Expand on opportunities for upper year students to present their research projects and experiences.
  • More Co-op and internship opportunities for science students of all majors. Reach out to organizations and encourage them to give us science students an opportunity to show what we have to offer. SCIENCE STUDENTS DESERVE EXPERIENCE TOO!
  • Organize science practicums with these organizations
  • Making it easier for students to search for research opportunities by creating a database that allows professors to post research openings. This database will also include extracurricular jobs/volunteer organizations/non-profits/club positions that let science students implement their learning.
  • Post grants and available funding applications for research
  1. ACE-demics
  • Expand and increase PASS sessions for upper year courses.

Let’s make science SUPER. Please vote IQRA CHOUDHRY March 7-9!

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GE2017-Sci_KDangHello! I’m Kevin Dang (aka KD), and it would be an honour to serve as your Science Representative. Currently, I’m a third year Biological Sciences student. Throughout my degree I’ve been involved as a research assistant, summer research student, Peer Helper for the Wellness Centre and Leadership and Student Engagement while also serving as VP Events for UNICEF on Campus.

My personal goal is to ensure resources and opportunities are available to help each student succeed in Science. I want to give students a voice in what influences their student experience.

  • Academic Support
    • Advocate for PASS Sessions to address the needs of students in upper year courses and in smaller departments.
    • Continue growing the Science Mentorship Program by improving mentor training and making the program more accessible.
    • Work with the Student Success Centre to develop scientific writing support.
  • Career Development Resources
    • Work with Career Services, Student Success Centre, and upper year students to develop workshops about how to pursue research as undergrads.
    • Work with Career Services to diversify the Science and Engineering Career fair.
    • Advocate for improved co-op and internships programs.
  • Faculty Engagement and Unity
    • Ensure the Science Lounge/Science Collaborative Space is used to its full potential by working towards new resources (microwaves, printers, etc.) and programming (workshops and events).
    • Cultivate a sense of community in the Science Faculty and within each department with “Faculty and Department Nights” where students can network, relax, and socialize.
    • Continue the development of faculty wide events started by past Science Representatives, such as “Science Week”, to foster unity among Science students.
  • Efficient Communication and Transparency 
    • Hold accessible roaming office hours.
    • Inform students with monthly video updates.

Thanks for your consideration! Vote KEVIN DANG for SCIENCE REP, and remember - IT’S GOTTA BE KD!

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GE2017-Sci_KHuggardHello! I am Kayla Huggard and I am running to be your Science Representative. I am a third year BioSci student and am thoroughly involved in the university community through participation in the Science Mentorship Program, Administrative Volunteer Program, Kin Campus Club, Biology Undergrad Committee, amongst many other extra-curriculars. I have a passion for the student body, and want to advocate for YOU through the following:

  1. We Need The Resources
    • Continue pushing for more funding and grants to use for the benefit of science students
    • Funds will go towards more spaces dedicated as SCIENCE areas, and upgrades to our current spaces such as labs and theaters (newer equipment, accessible plug ins, etc.)
    • Allow for computers and printers to be reinstated in the Science Collaborative Space
    • Help support the two following points:
  1. Connecting You With Opportunities
    • More available and applicable opportunities for science students to gain life experience and skills (Volunteerism, Part-Time Jobs, Programs etc.)
    • Done through using different communication platforms as opposed to inefficient D2L notifications and mass emails à revive the faculty of science social media accounts and instate an electronic monthly newsletter to be the master source for all available information
  1. Helping You Find Your Niche
    • Connecting students with jobs in which they didn’t know existed, and graduate schools/programs that perfectly correspond to their interests
    • Dedication to establishing a solely science based career fair, connecting graduate/research students with undergrads through event nights and one-on-one meetings, help grow our CO-OP and internship programs to be more unique and relevant

I want every student to be given the chance to make the most out of their university chapter and feel confident in their future. I will advocate for YOU science students, let’s do this together.

External Links

Search FB for Kayla Huggard for Science Rep

Version 3Hi! My name is Omer Mansoor and I am a second-year student in Biological Sciences. I would be incredibly honored to be selected as your voice as a Faculty of Science representative! Using my platform below, I will work hard to create the best undergraduate experience for you!

Clear Communication:

  • Communicate science related initiatives to all students across campus through the active use of D2L, social media, and monthly email newsletters
  • Develop an online ‘Petition Board’ for students to bring their concerns directly to the Students Union for a personalized response
  • Use student feedback to support and improve the use of the new Science Lounge

Expansion of Research Opportunities:

  • Create the ‘One Research Volunteer Application’, which would allow students to directly apply as research volunteers to multiple labs across the entire campus through a unified application system
  • Lobby the university administration, governmental organizations and private third parties for more grants to fuel additional paid undergraduate research positions
  • Expand research seminars in the science faculty to encourage students to come together and foster a collaborative culture

Unison within the Faculty:

  • Empower students through more career-planning events where students can learn about opportunities that are available post-graduation
  • Establish a unified online calendar to help students stay informed regarding all events and projects occurring in the Faculty of Science
  • Build bridges between different majors in the Faculty of Science through additional events and mixers to promote student networking

As your next Faculty Representative, I will ensure that your voice is heard and will communicate effectively for your needs. The Faculty of Science is exceedingly diverse and I will be truly privileged to be able to represent you to the University!

Remember, The Sure Choice is a Mansoor Voice.

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GE2017-Sci_HMoharHello! I’m Herman Mohar, and I’m currently a third year Biological Sciences student. As I enter my final year of undergraduate studies, my personal experiences from being involved in variety of clubs/initiatives provide me with an ideal framework to serve as your Faculty of Science Representative.  I hope to strongly advocate for Science as a faculty and also for each individual within this amazing family!

Professional Development

As a multi-disciplinary faculty there exists a vast network of oppurtuties career-wise. However many students, including myself are quite lost when it comes to planning a career after competition of their academic studies. I would love to build upon the current framework for career counselling/services to provide a more specialized and tailored approach for each degree. Due to the diversity within our faculty there are many different career outlooks. Students may decide to follow a research-orientated career or decide to enter the professional world. Thus catering to each individual becomes difficult, however I believe that an efficient program could solve this.

One such possibility, which is already in effect for other faculties, is networking events allowing students to gain valuable connections and insight into the professional world. Furthermore I would strongly push for more mentoring opportunities by building upon what the Faculty already has to offer. Specifically each department should have a network of professional individuals willing to take on a mentee. This will help involve many past alumni from this faculty but also will be tailored to the needs of each student.

Sense of Community

Being one the largest of faculties on campus it can be quite daunting to find friends and peers within your major. As a biochemistry major, I personally did not meet with my fellow peers until my third year. With the opening of the Science lounge this year I believe that a sense of belonging can finally be achieved within the Faculty. This space should be utilized wisely and efficiently for events in the near future. The introduction of various mixers for each department should definitely take place within this space, allowing students to expand their network. Not only will students get to know others in their major however large or small, they will also allow meet many upper year students. This can setup the groundwork for an effective mentoring program, building upon that already offered. As a past member of the mentorship program I believe there is room for improvement, especially regarding the lack of accountability and resources provided.

Student Well-Being

The life of a student is not easy. My job should be to help lighten the load for students in this wonderful Faculty. I would like to introduce the possibility of using a the Science Lounge as a recreational space much like how the Feasby Lounge is currently set up. This provides students with a much-needed break from the constant stress of life. Also good quality academic support helps to alleviate much of the stress surrounding students. I would like to introduce more opportunities for tutoring within the Science Faculty, in a manner similar to current PASS sessions except applied to broad range of courses within the faculty. These should involve the professors for that course along with any past students/graduate students with thorough understanding of the course. Furthermore as a research-orientated institution I believe undergraduate students should have the opportunity to shadow a graduate student. This helps to build an essential framework upon which students may grow as future researchers, and apply for many of the competitive grants/scholarships offered for research work.

Finally I’d like thank you for making an informed voting decision.

Vote Herman Mohar for Science Rep!!!

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GE2017-Sci_ASheriffHello Science Students!

My name is Arshiya Sheriff.  I am currently in my third year of Biological Sciences degree. During these years, I have had some of the best times but I have also been here long enough to see that the Faculty of Science can get even more amazing than it already is and so I plan to run for the position of your SU Science Rep in the upcoming elections.

There are some things that I really want to work on:

1)  Research Opportunities

Working my way into research at Foothills, I realized how hard it could get for students to get research projects with many of us not knowing how, when and most importantly who to approach.  I will see to it that everybody gets informed and are directed to these opportunities.

2)  Career Panel

Bring in alumni and other professionals to explore different career paths, share their personal experience, strategies for entering different job sectors.

3)  Jobs and Internships

Isn’t it unfair ….. a lot of other faculties support their students with offering Internship opportunities while we do not have any.

This could definitely be changed. I really hope to get our program to provide students the opportunity to engage in Internships.

Last but not the least….

4)  Sometimes it gets harder to choose courses in senior levels due to limited enrollment in small classes.  I will get bigger classrooms allotted for high demand courses and make it easier for you to get into class of your choice.

Do not forget to vote ARSHIYA SHERIFF as your Science Rep. coz together, we are LEAVING LEGACIES…….

Board of Governors Student at Large Rep.

GE2017-BoG_ALunzHello University of Calgary!

My name is Alicia Lunz and I want to be your Board of Governors representative!  Having served two terms as Nursing representative and currently the Vice President Academic of the Students’ Union, I believe I am the most qualified candidate for this position!  I have learned valuable skills and experience over my time in the Students’ Union and want to translate that to BoG!  Here are the areas I would like to work on as BoG representative:


I want more student representation on the Board.  Currently there are two undergraduate and one graduate student out of the 20 members.  That is not an acceptable ratio of student representation.  It is becoming more apparent that there is an erosion of student representation on various administrative committees and this is a perfect example.


I want the Board to be more involved and visible on campus.  I will promote club and student run events for board members to attend and have a presence on our campus.  As these members play such an integral role in how our campus functions, they should be on the ground with their students.  I would also like to create a system for board members to be able support student by assisting in funding their projects.


I would like to change how students and the Students’ Union view the BoG Representative.  In the past this representative has been seen as irrelevant and under utilized.  As this position is on the highest governing body of the University, I believe it is necessary that I energize this position and make it relevant again.  I would like to do so by directly consulting students on the issues that pertain to our campus!

GE2017-BoG_SSiranniHi! My name is Sam Sirianni and I am running to be your Board of Governors Student at Large Representative!

I have been heavily involved with the campus community throughout my time at the University of Calgary through Orientation Week and being on the O-team, through my role as Cumming School of Medicine Representative this past year and through being an executive on University Clubs. These experiences have taught me how to work, collaborate and communicate effectively with a team of people and how to build and maintain business relationships necessary to achieve success.

Being the highest decision making body for the University of Calgary, the Board of Governors position needs to be filled by someone who can make strong connections with individuals in high power positions, can communicate effectively and appropriately while working with others, and successfully voice opinions and concerns of the student body to make changes that positively impact students. I believe I possess the characteristics necessary to be successful in this role.

If elected, I will represent the student voice by:

  1. Making informed decisions on the issues brought forward to the Board such as residence and tuition fees, and infrastructure changes.
  2. Working in conjunction with the SU President on projects that will have a positive impact on students such as increasing accessibility to student services for those on satellite campuses.
  3. Working with the Board and the SU President to increase collaboration on initiatives that will create a positive university community and alumni relationships.
  4. Ensuring that students are heard in the decision-making process and that there is a full understanding of the issues facing students through communication of student priorities.

I look forward to the possibility of representing you as the Board of Governors Student at Large Representative on the 75th Students Union.

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Senate Student at Large

GE2017-Senate_AGordonHello! My name is Alisha Gordon, and I am running to be your Senate Representative! My desire to run for Senate stems from my passion for community and the well-being of the student population at UofC. If elected, I will ensure the student voice on Senate is strong and loud! Here are my main platform points:


Many students are unaware of what Senate does and why it should be important to them. By creating an awareness of the Senate, I can ensure that students have the necessary knowledge needed to provide their feedback and ultimately hold their Senate Representatives’ accountable.


Students have voiced their nervousness regarding career opportunities after graduation, and with the current uncertainty in regards to the economy, it is important that students gain experience and skills beyond the classroom. I would like to see the University pursue stronger relationships with surrounding Indigenous communities and non-profit organizations in partnerships focused on broadening learning opportunities for students. These partnerships will improve our reputation as a University, build meaningful relationships and give our students vital skills necessary for the dynamic workforce.


University is not affordable for everyone, and therefore it is important that there are scholarships and bursaries available for students in all faculties. I would first like to promote the bursaries and scholarships offered by the Chancellor and Senate and push the Senate to prioritize increasing the funding for these awards. Additionally, I would pursue new scholarships through external organizations by sharing student’s stories of success and the importance of honouring their hard work.

March 7 – 9 vote for Alisha Gordon! Questions? Please feel free to email me at

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GE2017-Senate_JLeHello everyone!

I’m a 4th year student doing a combined degree with a B.A. in Development Studies and a B.Sc in Biological Sciences.

For the past two years, I’ve had the honour of serving you as your Science Representative and your Senate Representative. I would love to have the opportunity to represent you on the Senate again this year. The Senate is the body that connects the University with the community, and I strongly believe that it can benefit students in so many ways and enhance student experiences.

I plan to focus on:

  1. Developing AWARENESS among the student body about the Senate and what they do
    • Many students aren’t aware of what the Senate is or what it does, and sometimes aren’t even aware that we have a Senate!
    • With increased student knowledge about the Senate, students will be able to voice their opinions, and I can serve and represent students based on what students actually want
    • Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the role and develop strong rapports with Senators to create meaningful relationships
    • I plan to connect with Students’ Legislative Council members and students to ensure that I can provide relevant information to the Senate from the students
    • I will bring attention to the issues that matter to students, and promote recognition about student initiatives and achievements around the Calgary community
  3. CONNECT Senators directly with students
    • I will continue developing and improving the mentorship program that pairs student clubs with a Senate mentor.
    • I want to retain an integral role to continue to ensure that students are benefiting and gaining value from these mentor relationships

Thank you and I hope that you give me the opportunity to represent you once again!

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GE2017-Senate_JZanklMy name is Jonah Zankl, I am a 4th year Applied Math and Economics student and am excited for the opportunity to continue representing you on Senate. Over the past four years, I have worked with Deans, University Administration, Community and Academic Leaders on some of the University’s biggest projects; I want to turn that experience into connecting our University and students with the Senate. Over the last 3 months, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience on Senate and want to continue to serve you. How?

  1. Programming that has impact: TEDxUCalgary and Lecture of a Lifetime

UCalgary has amazing students: you! I want to help connect you to leaders across disciplines by hosting TEDxUCalgary. TED is a name students know and love, connecting incredible ideas with the campus and public.

We can make Lecture of a Lifetime more meaningful for students by hosting it during months where students are on campus, increasing the ways for you to connect with the Senate.

  1. Inspire others: community connections

Conducting research? Working on an amazing team? Have something to share? Developing a framework for you to share your knowledge with other students in the Calgary area will help you to share what you are learning and inspire future leaders in your discipline.

  1. Celebrate excellence: honourary degrees

Did you know you can nominate outstanding individuals for an honourary degree? Most students don’t! This is a way to recognize community mentors and leaders for their contributions, and students can play a part, but you need to know first! I want to make this process easier for students to submit a nomination.

On March 7-9, vote for an experienced candidate who will make Senate matter for you! I’d appreciate your vote! Connect with me on Facebook and vote Zankl for Senate!

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Acclaimed Candidates – Law, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine

GE2017-Law_BSaifeddineAs the Faculty of Law representative for the Student’s Union, I hope to engage the University of Calgary’s law students with the broader student body. During my undergraduate in the Law and Society program, and later in the Political Science program, law students were akin to unicorns – mythical creatures that may or may not exist in reality.  In fact, I went through my entire degree without ever hearing about the availability of Student Legal Assistance (SLA) to undergraduate students. I aim to follow in the steps of the mythical man, Mark Shearer, and facilitate instances where law students are able to connect to the University of Calgary’s greater student body. I want to ensure that fellow University of Calgary students know that law students are not unicorns, but rather people whom they can engage with.  I want my fellow law students to know that there is more to the University of Calgary than simply the Murray Fraser Hall Tim Hortons. McEwan Hall food court, and the Bennett Jones Law Library.

While this may come as a surprise, law students are through-and-through an opinionated group. Along with increasing engagement, I hope to put an ear to the opinions of my fellow law students and express their concerns to the Student Union. As the current 1L representative for the Society of Law Students, I am already very visible and accessible. However, I have a structured plan for increased dialogue between myself and the students I will represent which includes eavesdropping in the student lounge; the SLA office, and the hallways.  If elected, I will continue to express the concerns I hear in the same top-notch quality manner as my predecessor, the dear leader, Mark Shearer.

GE2017-Nursing_JRevingtonI’m Jessica Revington, a fourth year direct-entry student, and I would love to serve as your SU representative for another year. I have advocated for students in the Faculty of Nursing throughout my undergraduate degree – and I have the experience, knowledge, and passion to ensure that students in our faculty are heard.

My platform is based on the following key pillars:

  1. Student Advocacy – Students have a powerful voice in the faculty, and I will strive to advocate for them at every opportunity
  • Success in clinical practice and the classroom is essential – and I will continue to work with professors and NIs to ensure students are set up for that success
  • I will continue representing students on Faculty Council and as the student designate on faculty committees to advocate for issues students care about
  • I am here to listen to you – and I will work to ensure student interests are represented in the faculty
  1. Supporting Student Initiatives – I aim to increase student engagement and support for faculty and student-run initiatives
  • I will continue to work with the Undergraduate Nursing Society to help develop and grow opportunities for both internal and external student involvement
  • I will strongly support the campaign to make the University of Calgary a CNSA chapter school
  1. Developing Future Leaders – I will strive to help students take on faculty leadership roles and develop meaningful mentorship connections
  • I will develop a Student Committee Advisory Group where student committee representatives and students-at-large can give input on faculty issues
  • I plan to collaborate with the Faculty of Nursing’s Young Alumni Mentorship Program to help students find both alumni and faculty mentors
  • I will continue to push for the development of an accessible research database that promotes nursing research opportunities

GE2017-VetMed_BFordeHaving experienced the student life this past semester without a faculty representative, we need a liaison between our faculty and the SU. I would be honoured to represent the concerns of UCVM’s students.

As we know, physical health is connected to mental health. One of the biggest issues I would like to tend to is the lack of opportunity to exercise at the Spyhill campus, generally due to lack of equipment and pathways. To remedy this, I would work with the SU and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to find an opportunity for physical activity to be easily undertaken by students, regardless of which campus they are taking classes at.

As your faculty representative, I will ensure that there is a greater connection between the Faculty of Veterinary medicine and the university at large. This includes advocating for events occurring outside of the faculty, as well as involving a wider range of students in events that we plan.

Furthermore, I would like to work with faculty representatives in other professional faculties such as Medicine to devise a plan that improves the wellness of students enrolled in high-stress, high work-load programs. Additionally, I will aim to increase mental health support programs to a level greater than is currently available at separate campuses.

As much as I can, I will take your feedback regarding courses and bring your concerns to the faculty to make improvements. Lastly, I believe that it is important for Calgary Association of Veterinary Medicine Students (CAVS) be involved in the SU decision making, and I would work with them to make your student experience as good as it can get!

Thanks, all you Manatees, Rainbow Trout, Hummingbirds and Armadillos for considering me to be your SU Faculty Representative!

Brenna Forde | Class of 2020