Candidates – By-Election 2020

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[header]Board of Governors Representative[/header]
[subheader]Abraha, Sinit[/subheader]
[content]SAbraha-BoG-BE2020Hi Everyone!

My name is Sinit Abraha and I am a third year Political Science Student who is eager to be your next Board of Governors Undergraduate Representative. For the past two years, I have actively engaged the UCalgary community, primarily as the President for the Political Science Association. My diverse advocacy experience in positions at the Calgary Immigrant Woman Association and Leadership and Student Engagement Office have given me the tenacity to fight for the wellbeing students across campus. After listening to the concerns of countless students, I have developed a robust platform that can catalyze inclusive and positive changes in our campus community.

Establishing Connections Between Students and the Board: Historically, UCalgary students have been disconnected from the issues addressed by the Board of Governors. However, these decisions often directly influence the academic and professional success of our students. As your representative, I would actively raise awareness on the vital function of the board, by creating opportunities for students to engage with Governors. I believe this increased representation and participation, will bridge the gaps that have existed between board members and students. As a result, the Board’s decisions can align with needs and challenges facing students.

Addressing Tuition Increases: The recent and upcoming tuition increases have severely impacted the accessibility and affordability of post-secondary education. I want to fully-inform the board on the student and university-wide implications of raising tuition prices. Moreover, I plan on utilizing survey platforms to collect information on how the last tuition increase has impacted student. I hope to use this information to better inform discussions on future tuition increases for domestic and international students.

Enhancing Student Consultation and Participation: During my term, I plan on establishing for a student-led committee comprised of department clubs, BIPOC individuals, faculty representatives, and other interested personnel. Nevertheless, I intend on strongly advocating and ensuring that the board makes informed decisions with complete knowledge of student concerns.

If you any questions or concerns regarding my platform, feel free to reach out to me: or on my campaign Instagram and Facebook @sinit4bog[/content]
[subheader]Hendi, Mickail[/subheader]
[content]MHendi-BoG-BE2020As the main decision-making body of the university, it’s shameful that only 2 of its 21 members directly represent undergraduate students. It’s no wonder the administration feels so confident in ignoring the student voice. As your BoG student representative, my promise to you is that I’ll bring student voices back to the forefront. Here are a few of the ways I plan to do this:

– Push for a reform of board proceedings.​ Board procedures put student representatives on the defensive, making it hard for student voices to drive meaningful policy changes. I would push for a change to the procedure to make it easier for the student representatives to actually be heard and have an impact.

– Renegotiate tuition prices for online-only classes.​ University is not just for learning facts and figures, it’s also about making useful connections for your professional and personal life. Covid-19 has made it harder for the university to provide these services, and we should not continue to pay full price for it. If the university refuses to promise to reduce tuition, the least we can ask for is a more student-focused allocation of resources.

– Secure a promise from the university to tackle deferred maintenance costs.​ Our facilities need fixing, millions of dollars worth of it. However much I’d love to just remove the asbestos from Craigie Hall myself, the best we can do is make the university promise to actually tackle the issue.

– I will also bring other students to observe board meetings.​ Literally just by having a student presence in the room (or the zoom meeting) the tone of the meeting shifts significantly, and the students are no longer just one among many factors to consider. I will bring with me as many people as are able to attend.

As BoG representative, my main promise will be this: your voice will always be my priority. The students are not just a small part of the campus community, we are its heart. Without students, there is no university, and it’s time for the board of governors to consider our perspective.[/content]
[subheader]Perratt, Cohen[/subheader]
[content]CPerratt-BoG-BE2020My name is Cohen Perratt, I am a 3rd Year student studying Economics and I am running to be your next representative on the Board of Governors! As a result of Covid-19 pandemic and cuts to post-secondary funding from the provincial government, university life has become increasingly difficult for students to manage. This uncertainty for many students, including myself, weighs on our thoughts about our future mental and financial well-being. This is why I want to run: To ensure that students can get a fair chance at getting ahead during the 2020-21 semesters and beyond. My experience working in Federal politics and amongst many youth political groups will allow me to best represent the student body. As a Board of Governors representative, I will fight for the following issues that directly affect students:

1. Oppose all tuition increases for students.

1.1: I will oppose any tuition increases for both domestic and international students as a result of provincial government budget cuts towards post-secondary education.

1.2 I will directly voice student’s concerns with the provincial government funding cuts with the SU representatives, Board members and Minister of Advanced Education.

2. Strive for more funding towards Student Supports.

2.1 There is a high level of uncertainty for university funding in the upcoming years. I will strive to maintain essential student services such as the Wellness Centre and Financial Assistance for those who needs support during their university experience.

3. Increasing Board of Governors Undergraduate Representation.

3.1 With the Alberta government reviewing the Post-Secondary Learning Act in the upcoming year, I will argue for more student undergraduate representation on the board to ensure that student voices are adequately represented.

3.2 This will be achieved by discussing with SU and Board members, as well as reaching out to ministers in the provincial government involved in the McKinsey review.

If you have any questions about my campaign or my views, you may contact me below:




[header]Social Work Representative – ACCLAIMED[/header]
[subheader]Rodney, Jovanna[/subheader]
[content]Rodney-BE2020-SWRepThe faculty of social work is made up of a diverse group of students. Social work students have unique needs and challenges, then that of other students on the university of Calgary campus. The academic schedules are different and many students study predominantly off-campus, especially when completing practicums. I believe that as students of the larger campus body, we deserve equal representation, as well as equal access to student resources. Many social work students are mature students and are not aware of those student resources. There is also a need for a stronger sense of community and support. By taking on this position I would be able to be an advocate and ally for my fellow students as aforementioned. As self-care is emphasized in social work quite a bit and many students work, are in school, etc., I would also like to make sure that there are services and resources in place for social work students and the rest of the larger student body that place mental health and wellbeing is not forgotten as an important part of education, especially at this time of social distancing/ isolation due to COVID for all UCalgary students. I also believe that there should be a legacy left behind for the next social work students and those who will join this field of study is important, continuing as the SU rep would help to ensure that I can do this! I will work closely with faculty members, SWSA, and faculty administration to ensure that advocacy points are accomplished.[/content]