Please read the Notice of By-Election for the official announcement.

Cumming School of Medicine – Faculty Representative Candidates

Voting will take place on the 16th, 17th, and 18th days of October, 2019. Election staff will be available at the Foothills Campus to help students vote.

Voting will take place online through the Student Centre beginning at 9 a.m. on October 16 and closes at 4 p.m. on October 18, 2019. All University of Calgary undergraduate students registered in the Cumming School of Medicine in the Fall 2019 session are eligible to vote.


My name is Jameson Dundas and I am a 4th year Health Sciences student, and I want to be your Cumming School of Medicine representative! If elected I aim to improve the quality of life for all students in our faculty, including BHSc, CRDS, and MD students, through the following points:

(1) BHSc Support

If elected I will help create a series of HSOC writing support nights – matching junior students with upper year students, allowing them to provide insight on the unique skills required to write an HSOC paper. I will also begin talks with faculty to improve assignment scheduling in early MDSC courses to prevent the overload that occurs when BIOL/CHEM due dates line up with ours.

(2) Summer UPASS

As it stands students can currently not get a UPASS for summer research. While previous Med Reps have brought up this point, the issue ultimately lies with City Council, not the SU. I plan to team up with other faculty representatives and executive SU members, and formally petition City Council to have this changed. Current UPASS bylaws have not been changed in over decade, its about time they do.

(3) CRDS Support

CRDS is heavily writing focused program, and I plan to implement CRDS specific writing support programs to aid you in your academic writing, as often the support offered by the SSC just doesn’t cut it. I will also always be available to address your CRDS specific concerns.

(4) UpToDate and Anatomy Lab Clipboards for MD Students

I will support MD students in their pre-clerkship and clerkship experiences by advocating for UpToDate to be provided to all MD students either cost-supplemented or free. Additionally, I have heard many complaints from first year students that there is a lack of clipboards in the anatomy lab. I will ensure this is rectified.

(5) Transparency

I plan to streamline the process of knowing what your med rep is doing by making my reports available to students through regular emails or through d2l. That way you can know exactly what I am doing, and know I am actively representing your interests.

By-Election2019-SFeldman-175Hi there! My name is Stephanie Feldman, I am currently in my fifth year of Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (CRDS), and I am hoping to be elected as your Cumming School of Medicine (CSM) Faculty Representative. My motivation to seek this nomination is to have CRDS representation on the SU and to improve the experience of students within the faculty. My platform is based on three pillars: student experience, opportunity, and advocacy.

1. Student Experience:

It will be my priority to work with the current Med Rep to carry out mental health initiatives. I will also apply to utilize the Campus Improvement Fund to provide Mental Health First Aid courses to students within the faculty. This would increase students’ awareness of signs and symptoms of the most common mental health problems, and would give them the skills needed to engage with someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis. I would also aim to put this funding toward loaner noise cancelling headphones to students, so that walking through Mac Hall or TFDL is not as overwhelming for individuals with anxiety or different sensory needs.

2. Opportunities:

The organization of a CSM meet and greet event would bridge the gap between students on Foothills and Main Campus, would create an opportunity for students to foster new connections within their faculty, and would promote greater understanding within the CSM. Students should also have access to training programs that prepare them for practicum and professional life, including Crisis Prevention Intervention training (CPI) and Mental Health First Aid.

3. Advocacy:

CRDS students have expressed concerns regarding course structure, program organization and communication within the program. I want to continue to ensure that CORE course outlines do not have discrepancies about course dates, and that there are detailed descriptions of assignments included. I will advocate on behalf of CSM students and ensure that their voices are heard and appropriate solutions come to fruition. I will work collaboratively with the current Med Rep to ensure that all students within the faculty feel adequately represented.

Thank you for your consideration!


My name is Pranav Khosla and I am a third-year health science student running to be your Cumming School of Medicine Representative (CSM). Over the years, I have had numerous opportunities to engage with many CSM students and be involved in various clubs and committees. I want to use this experience to address the key issues we face and create actionable solutions for them.

Summer UPASS

Obtaining a summer UPASS would allow students to commute to foothills for a lower financial burden.

MD Mentorship Program

The establishment of a mentorship program by which MD students can help mentor undergraduate students who may be considering medical school as an option and aid them in their application process.

Streamlining the Research Process and Events at Foothills

We get a barrage of emails on various research opportunities and events at foothills which makes prioritization difficult. I want to create a website that students can access for easy postings for positions, events at foothills and much more. Thus, students can prioritize applying for positions and attending events.

BINF Computer Science (CS) Course Registration

Most computer science courses in the BINF degree as reserved for CS majors which makes them difficult to enroll in. I aim to work with the CS faculty to give BINF students the same access to these courses as CS majors.

Internship Programs

My goal is to establish internships within various disciplines of health sciences to understand future pathways to their degrees and learn to create vital network connections.

Advocacy for CRDS Students

I will advocate the needs and wants of CRDS students to help improve their program structure, classroom spaces, and other facilities.

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs give students an amazing opportunity to take their learning worldwide. However, CSM students have limited access to Study Abroad programs that can make meaningful contributions to their degree requirements. My goal is to expand the study abroad program for CSM students to unlock the potential of their degrees.

It would be a privilege to represent you and your interests to help me achieve these goals for our CSM family.

By-Election2019-JLee-175Hello! My name is Joshua Lee, a fourth-year Health Sciences student, and I am hoping to serve you as your CSM Faculty Representative!

I am graduating this year, and over my degree, I compiled a list of specific things that need to be done to improve your student experience. I am motivated because I want to leave my mark on the faculty that has given me so many opportunities.

Long Term Vision for Student Experience

Over the past year, you may have noticed a drastic change to the Feasby Student Lounge and classrooms: the influx of new equipment and continued maintenance. Since last October, I worked behind the scenes to restore classes, labs, and the Feasby Lounge on your behalf. Frankly, I am afraid that these spaces will decline, again, after I graduate. The Medicine Rep position lacks a clear mandate and responsibilities for the roles that I currently fulfill. I will generate a set of guidelines that will ensure this position remains accountable to your student experience.

SU Quality Money Projects

Did you know that Quality Money offers to fund student projects and initiatives? I know that you have great ideas, but you don’t have the time to fill out lengthy applications. I will host an online forum to hear your suggestions on how we can improve the student experience. My ideas include renovating the gym in the HSC basement, working on mental health initiatives, and offering scholarships- but I want to hear from you. I’ll do the leg work in putting the application together with you.

BCR Students Engagement

I met many of you as an Orientation Leader, yet I seldom see you on Foothills Campus. I hear your concerns that the Foothills Campus doesn’t feel like home. That’s why I am committed to supporting the CRDSSA, so the resources available to CSM students reach you.

Final words

Thank you for reading what I’m excited to offer this year. I’m thrilled to meet every one of you to hear your thoughts and concerns. Reach me at and head over to Instagram and follow @joshua4medrep for platform updates!

By-Election2019-BWong-175My name is Britney Wong, and I am a 3rd Year Biomedical Sciences student currently serving as your interim medicine representative. As an interim rep, I have been mentored by amazing leaders who have taught me to strive ambitiously and create high impact, feasible goals. My objectives consist of four pillars:

Student-led Initiatives:

To pursue and fund feasible projects that CSM students dictate. Being a Medicine Representative is not about what I want, but rather is my opportunity to bring my faculty’s desires to fruition. My objective is to give each student a voice, and the power to make an impact. I will be releasing monthly polls to all CSM students, regarding major issues or improvements they would like fulfilled, such as events, or study space upgrades. I will fund the chosen projects with any honorarium allowance received, and all obtainable sponsorships and funding, to eliminate financial barriers.


To strengthen communication between students and representatives, and promote unity among CSM students. Many individuals ask, “What does the SU actually do?” – a common misunderstanding surrounding the SU’s mission. I aim to continue fueling an online D2L platform that I have recently designed for CSM students, to deliver SU news, events and activities to engage students. I will strive to increase my availability among students to become a better advocator.

HSOC and Bioinformatics Seat Reservations:

Given the smaller cohort of HSOC and BINF students within the BHSc, it is sometimes difficult for these students to compete with other, larger programs or faculties for course spots. My objective is to create course reservations for our smaller BHSc cohorts, so that they have fair chances to obtain seats in their required classes.

Student Wellness:

To support student wellness on campus. Pet Therapy has retrospectively been well-received and therapeutic among CSM students. Given its impact, I aim to expand this initiative to include other animals as well! Additionally, I will continue to run the snack initiative to ensure that students are kept uplifted and nourished throughout the year. The CSM D2L shell will also be used to consistently post advice, tips, and optimistic messages.

Acclaimed Candidates

The following persons were acclaimed for their nominated positions and will not appear on the 2019 By-Election ballot:

By-Election2019-HAbbas-175My name is Huzaifah Abbas, a 3rd year student at the Haskayne School of Business. Over the past 4 months my experiences as the Haskayne Faculty Representative have positioned me as the most capable candidate to serve you.

My involvement within this faculty has been extensive, from my first year starting out as a consultant with the CUS, to more recently my involvement with JDC as an academic delegate, executive with Women in Business and volunteered with CCAL and the Haskayne Career Centre previously.

Since the start of my degree I have always believed that the resources, programming, and support at Haskayne qualifies us as the best faculty on campus! I have also noticed a few areas that I believe that we can work on together to improve the learning experience for students.

  1. Tuition Hike Advocacy
    1. As a faculty, students need to be more involved in the conversations that have an impact on students, such as the upcoming tuition hikes! I will push for more student representation on the various committees within Haskayne, and ensure students voices are heard.
  2. Increase Funding and accessibility
    1. This is a twofold approach towards rewarding students for their academic and extracurricular involvement. I will be focusing on working with faculty and the Students’ Union to secure funding to reward individuals, while raising awareness for possible funding opportunities for clubs that are putting on events that have an overall positive impact on our faculty.
  3. Free Coffee for students
    1. I will personally be pushing to remove barriers from students and their studies. Students should no longer be subject to long line ups, we deserve better. If I am unable to bring a coffee machine to Haskayne, I will personally bring my Keurig and supply students with coffee. The era of long line ups at Brew and Blend has come to an end.

Our best step forward is to nurture and develop the talent and resources we have, and that starts with you making a commitment to take action and Vote for Huzaifah your Haskayne Representative on October 16-19 on MYUOFC.

By-Election2019-DDoyle-Baker-175My name is Doug Doyle-Baker and I am in my second year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. I am running for the position of Veterinary Medicine Representative in this 2019 October By-Election to ensure that our faculty can continue to have an advocate for our students on the Student Legislative Council (SLC) of the Student’s Union (SU). I have been both an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Calgary since 2011 and have experienced various aspects of student life. I feel that this experience gives me a relevant student perspective that I can draw from to push changes on the SLC that will make life better for both veterinary and undergraduate students. The major challenge that I see my veterinary classmates facing is accessibility to services that are otherwise easily available to main campus students. Knowing this I have several platform goals for this upcoming year. First, I would like to secure funding through either the SU Quality Money grants and apply this money to projects focused on veterinary student accessibility to services. This could include working with the Dean to carve out a lounge/gym space for students from our on-going Spy Hill campus building expansion. A welcoming lounge room for students with couches, TVs, and Foosball, and a small gym equipped with free-weights and cardio machines would be a space to focus on mental and physical wellness. Another space that I think should be added to our building-expansion is a private counselling room for students where they could meet with an SU Wellness counsellor because currently, we must go to main campus to access mental health services. Finally, our campus is inaccessible by public transit and therefore a car is essential to getting to school, which is both extremely costly and bad for the environment. I would like to explore the idea of a carpool rebate program where students who drive together are reimbursed for part of their gas expenses. These are just some of the ideas that I hope will improve veterinary student life. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

By-Election2019-MBeaupre-Olsen-175Hello! My name is Marie Beaupre-Olsen, and I am running to be your Social Work representative! As a fourth-year student and after connecting with students, I believe I understand the needs and direction of the faculty. I hope to address these through my goals and work in this position!

Social work students are unique and face different challenges on campus, and I hope to bring this perspective through advocacy to the Students Union. Through this position, I hope to promote equal access to student resources for social work students. Since we have different academic schedules and study predominantly off-campus compared to other University of Calgary students, I believe we have different needs. Moreover, I hope to work with students and faculty to promote a stronger sense of community and support amongst everyone.

Community Engagement: Through collaborative work with SWSA, I hope to plan events where social work students can build a sense of community and promote wellness and self-care. I will work for these events to be inclusive to all members of the faculty, including mature and student parents. Finally, I hope to engage social work students beyond our faculty community and initiate a monthly volunteering event at the Drop-In Centre.

Student Wellness: As social work, students often struggle to access the traditional campus mental health services; I hope to raise awareness and create a dialogue on this matter. Additionally, I hope to host a wellness week with SWSA and plan a peer mentorship program for the next social work representative.

Social Innovation: Through SWSA newsletter and lunch and learn events with social workers in the field, I hope to promote unique potential career paths for social workers. Lastly, I will continue to work with the University to encourage the creation of a social work innovation course.

Overall, I hope to be an advocate for all members of the social work faculty and active in the campus and social work faculty community.

Don’t forget to vote on October 16th, 17th, or 18th to allow me to be your voice! Thank you to everyone who has already shown me support!

By-Election2019-KElmalawany-175We the Best Schulich! (DJ) Khaled!!

Hello fellow engineers! My name is Khaled (like “DJ Khaled”) Elmalawany. I am an Electrical Engineering with Biomedical minor student. I am also the president of a co-founded non-profit organization that aims to offer academic help in support to those in financial difficulties. I would be honored to represent YOU as the next SU Engineering Representative. Here’s my platform:



-Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the constant pressure associated with studying engineering?

-Do you ever feel like you just want to let it all out to a fellow engineers that understands without any judgment?

-I look forward to working with the Engineering Student Society and the Engineering Academic Success Center to initiate and grow a free, confidential and non-judgmental system to assist students during their “down time”


-As a fellow engineering student, I completely understand the frustration from being unable to understand a certain topic and would just like some clarification from a real person

-I also understand that many of the online resources currently available are either pricey or have some unnecessary, but annoying, restrictions

-I look forward to employing an online platform that will allow students to receive direct help from their peers anywhere and anytime (as long as you are connected to the Internet!)

-I look forward to cooperating with the Engineering Academic Success Center to create new student opportunities to assure that someone is always available to answer your questions

-I also look forward to cooperating with the Faculty and TAs to try and get them involved to assist students as well



-I will keep the legacy of Communication and Transparency among the engineering students

-I will always be available to listen to my fellow engineering students and I will ever hesitate to bring any issues to the Legislative Students Council.

-I will also assure to keep you involved in the decisions through surveys

-I will also always keep them updated about current events through online communication

Vote (DJ) KHALED ELMALAWANY as your ENG REP on October 16-18!!