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Presidential candidates

HMontgomery-Pres-GE2019The SU boasts that it is the greatest outlet for the student voice. Sadly, the SU too often equates its own power and influence with that of the student’s at large, even when their goals are not aligned. In 2017, the SU initially opposed renovations to the Universities dining center. Similar renovations had seen upwards of 80% student satisfaction, yet the SU opposed the plan likely to safeguard their vested interest in MacHall. The most recent administration has done an excellent job mobilizing SU capabilities to benefit students, so in my bid for SU President, I will lay out my two part plan to expand on their achievements by lowering prices at SU run food outlets and by ensuring that the SU operates with a students first mentality.

Changes to SU business model:

My keystone project is lowering the food prices of SU run businesses. Specifically the SU outlets of focus will be the Taqueria, The Den and Black Lounge, and Store. The most striking commonality between these businesses is their inflated food pricing. I will work with the management to bring down food prices and renovate the business model, particularly at the Taqueria so that students aren’t paying three dollars for a single taco. This will enable more students to enjoy these services at a reasonable cost.

Changes to SU culture:

When one reviews SU achievements, the groups most at play are the SU and the University. Meanwhile, students seem to be lost in the transaction. Of course the SU is the student’s voice, yet often it uses this voice to perpetuate SU power – so much so that this maintenance of SU predominance seems to eclipse the student focus at times (such as in the Dining Center decision). I will of course bargain for a fair SU standing in the greater sphere of the university, but my achievement priorities will always remain the student interest, not those of the SU or SU membership.

If fairer SU business prices and better student activism are important to you, Vote (March 5-7) Harrison Montgomery president for SU! (Instagram: Vote.Harrison.PJs.4SU)

RPereyra-Pres-GE2019Hello UCalgary!

My name is Renzo Pereyra. I am a born and raised Calgarian pursuing a political science and communications major and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to run to be your next Students’ Union President.

If elected to be YOUR student president, it would be my honor and privilege to continue to build a culture of inclusiveness and facilitate a positive university experience for all undergraduates.

Through the constant assignments, exams, (and who are we kidding) hundreds of dollars in coffee, it is important to have a strong support system to get us through the days.

A few of my visions to make your student experience better are as follows:

Affordable Academic Supplies

Even after thousands of dollars in tuition we have to buy textbooks too? I will look to advocate and invest towards affordable used book supplies and increase of cost-saving rental programs.

Campus Culture

U of C is widely known for being a “commuter campus”. I have continually heard students craving for more opportunities towards establishing a Dino’s Culture. As your president, it will be a priority in my agenda to make your voice known and introduce more campus -wide events to provide students with unforgettable experiences outside of the classroom.

Employment Opportunities

As your student president I would look to work in coalition with university administration to invest towards more research as well as practical job opportunities within various undergraduate fields.

Above all, I am a strong believer that the student’s union is a voice for YOU. If you have any ideas or concerns, I will continually be here to represent those thoughts. It is accountability that allows us to progress forward. Together, we make up the Dino’s family.

#voterenzo2k19. Instagram: @renzopereyra_


JRevington-Pres-GE2019My name is Jessica Revington, and I am running to be your next SU President!

As your current Vice President Academic (and two-term Faculty of Nursing Representative), I have worked tirelessly to represent and support student priorities throughout my undergraduate career. I have the most SU experience out of any candidate in this year’s election, and I look forward to putting my knowledge, drive, and expertise to work for you.

My promises to you are built around three major pillars:

Prioritize Student Engagement

  • Reimagine how the President’s Consultative Task Force (PCTF) engages in meaningful consultation with students.

o Proactively perform direct, routine, and targeted outreach with established undergraduate associations and diverse student groups on campus.

  • Empower SU faculty representatives with access to guaranteed, proportional, and initiative-based funding that furthers student engagement projects.

Strengthen Financial Independence

  • Identify and break ground on an immediate and high-impact MacHall redevelopment project that is located in SU space and directly impacts students.

o Leverage MacHall redevelopment survey data and ongoing student consultations to inform redevelopment efforts.

  • Develop a long-term plan to decrease the SU’s reliance on student fees.

o Ensure that the SU can continue to offer students valuable, high-quality programming through organizational revenue.

Champion Student Advocacy

  • Capitalize on the upcoming provincial and federal elections to ensure elected governments prioritize student needs.

o Ensure that issues such as student employment, addressing deferred maintenance, and increasing per-student funding for mental health services are all considered key priorities.

  • Establish a thorough Bill 19 student consultation process for tuition increases and implementation of mandatory non-instructional fees (MNIFs) in collaboration with university administration.
  • Implement a specific, year-long initiative to encourage female, LGTBQ+/non-binary, and Indigenous involvement in student government.

o Collaborate with the Women’s Resource Centre, the Q Centre, the Native Centre, and other key stakeholders.

Together, we can improve your undergraduate experience, ensure your voice is heard, and fight for your success!

Vote Jessica REVINGTON for President!

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QStevenson-Pres-GE2019Hello! Im Quinn Stevenson and I would like to be your next Students’ Union President. Last year I was had the pleasure of representing the Faculty of Art’s, and I was able to accomplish many things, and I want to carry on that momentum to create a more positive university atmosphere for all students. My platform has 3 pillars.


-In 2018 the SU implemented the MacHall survey, in which we asked the students what they would like to see happen in the building. Those results have recently been released, I promise t advocate for changes that students need the most. Since Machall is managed by the SU, being in the presidential position will allow me to initiate projects that best align with student needs.I will make hall more accessible for all students, and advocate for increased food labeling, as well as way more hallal, kosher, gluten free and vegetarian/vegan options, as students with dietary restrictions are often limited to few choices.

-I will also advocate for increased university funding to afford infrastructure renovations to continue modernizing the university, as many areas have a need for renovation.

Open Educational Resources/Student Experience

-I will push to increase awareness of OER’s to both faculty and students. OER’s are a free and public documents that can be used in place of pricey textbooks. However, many students are not aware of these documents. I will advocate to university administration to offer incentives for professors to use these free resources, such as increased odds of tenure. I will also advocate for more students to become aware of OER’s so professors will feel more need for these documents. If we are already paying $6000 for tuition, we should not be paying another $1000 for textbooks.

-According to the most recent National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), only 23% of students in 4th year “definitely would” repeat their degree at the University of Calgary. The NSSE is one of the most respected surveys and used by Maclean’s to rank Canadian Universities. The University of Calgary is last in Alberta, and fourth last on the list. We are well below our main competition, Mount Royal, that boats 54% and is in the top 10 of Canada. I promise to begin researching why we score so low, and begin advocating for a strategy to allow for a revamp of student and academic experience

-Only approximately 25% of students vote in SU elections, which means a majority of students probably have no idea what the Students’ Union contributes to their university experience. A Lot of students are not aware of the countless projects and events that are provided to them through the SU. As president I would start an optics initiative to help show students the worth the SU provides them. This could include incentives for EO’s to engage students in roaming office hours, and communicate current SU initiatives.

Mental Health/Student Support

-I will use my governmental advocacy seats to push for more mental health funding. It is no secret the University of Calgary’s Wellness resources can be backed up and overwhelmed at times. More funding will allow for more staff, and infrastructure to accommodate the students need for mental wellness. Mental health is often looked at as a second thought to education, but I am passionate to find a solution that will make mental health resources accessible to all students.

-As Art’s resentative, I will able to initiate a project with university executives, that will provide emergency resources to students facing domestic abuse or distressing circumstances. As much as we like to think everyone is living a normal university life, many students are facing distressing circumstances, and have to sacrafice their education because of it. This program would give students short term resources (such as a stay at residence, and unicard funds to purchase food) so they can continue their education until they can find a long term plan to begin a healthy life. This is a needed project, as many students facing these circumstances are unable to share their needs. I have benefited from similar programs in my past, I am now passionate to pay it forward and make sure these students are accommodated. As president, I will keep pushing for the initiation of this emergency resource project.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

And Remember #Quinn2Win2019

Vice President External Candidates

ACaron-VPExt-GE2019IT’S A MATCH Austin Caron would like to be your next Vice President External

Hi there UofC, are you tired of swiping right on candidates who say a lot but do little? Have you ever elected someone who ended up being different than what they looked like in their platform? Maybe you’ve just given up on the vote scene entirely? This election doesn’t have to be another bad date, you just need someone who’s CARON for us!

Over the last three years of my degree I’ve had the privilege of working at all three levels of government and across the political spectrum to advocate for improvements in the areas of sexual violence awareness, poverty reduction, and inter-partisan cooperation to name a few. I’d like to bring this experience and the network that comes with it to our Student Union. Whoever earns the honor of your vote in this race will be tasked with navigating our campus through the uncertain future that will follow in the upcoming provincial & federal elections. We need the tried and tested leadership of someone with real world political experience, not someone who will lose their way to the bathroom when they get to Ottawa or Edmonton, we need someone who is CARON for us!

Over the next few weeks I look forward to unveiling my platform in its entirety, but the principles I hope to bring with me to VP External are as follows;






Thank you for reading my platform, I’ve already spoken with hundreds of students, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

P.s I did mean to super-like you

Join the Movement

FB: Caron4you

Instagram: Caron4uofc


FSNazir-VPExt-GE2019Hi! My name is Sadiya Nazir and I am a 5th year Biological Sciences and Political Sciences student. I am running to be your VP External, a role that advocates on behalf of students to all three levels of government. I have had the opportunity to serve as a Faculty of Science Representative this year and have gained experience working on various campus initiatives throughout my degree. Here are my top priorities:

  1. Affordability
    1. I would like to work with the VP Academic in advocating for government funding for Open Educational Resources to help address textbook and learning resource affordability. With OERs, students have access to free learning materials and can continue to strive in their courses without paying top dollar for the latest editions of textbooks. The University of Calgary saw great results with a pilot project, but funding continues to be the greatest barrier to implementing affordable learning options on a wider scale.
    2. Past Student Unions across Alberta were successful with Bill 19 in getting domestic tuition to be tied to the CPI, however, international tuition is still unregulated. With the University looking to increase the International Student quota, it is in the best interest of our campus community to ensure that our international students are having at least some level of regulation with their tuition to keep post-secondary education costs predictable for them as well!
  2. Increasing the employability of students who are graduating and seeking careers in the workforce. Students on our campus are innovative and driven, with the potential to shape the future of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the world beyond. By asking the provincial government for internship and co-op funding to support students, we are asking them to help kickstart our economy. One example of where we could see more opportunities for students is by expanding The Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) program where the Government of Alberta offers a wage subsidy to organizations who hire summer students. Currently, however, it is limited in its breadth. I would like to put my name forward to sit on the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) as Vice Chair in order to bring this priority forward at the provincial level alongside other Universities in Alberta.
  3. Increasing student awareness on the importance of voting and how it impacts our student experience through Get Out the Vote, a campaign that collects pledges from students to look into candidate and party platforms to make informed decisions when voting. The provincial election is fast approaching and by increasing the amount of students who vote, our voice has the potential to carry a heavier weight when asking government for funding and resources for the things we need. We are also due for a federal election in the fall, and with continued momentum, we can get parties and candidates to have our needs prioritized if they know we are voting. In addition to collecting student pledges so we are able to remind students to vote, I would like to host a candidate forum after the provincial election is announced so students can meet candidates, ask questions, and informed on party platforms. This will provide students with an accessible, on-campus opportunity to get informed. I hope to implement this next fall as well during federal election campaigning.

For more details about my priorities, or to reach out to me, visit me at!

Vice President Operations and Finance Candidates

OMansoor-VPOpFi-GE2019Hey Dinos! My name is Omer Mansoor and I’m incredibly excited to be your next Vice President Operations & Finance! Throughout my degree, I have learned about the challenges all students face, and even had the privilege to represent my peers as an elected, SU Faculty of Science Representative!

My goal is to improve your campus experience and I aim to do this with three achievable ideas:

  1. Improve Campus Spaces!
    Having been a part of the Operations & Finance Committee when MacHall came back under the SU’s management, I have had the unique opportunity to support and approve the 2 new agreements that govern our building. This experience will be essential when advocating to campus stakeholders. I plan to develop student spaces on campus by:

    1. Renovating MacHall. I hope to explore different funding opportunities to help renovate portions of our building! Whether that’s through Quality Money or different committees, I hope to utilize the recent MacHall survey to make our building better for everyone!
    2. Improving classrooms. I hope to work with our future SU President and engage Faculty Representatives to identify key spaces that need to be improved on campus to get them renovated through CAR/FAR funding!
    3. Expanding food choices. Having access to healthier foods is a priority of mine! I aim to work with vendors to expand the food choices on campus to include more diverse meal options.
  2. Develop SU Policies and Procedures!
    The Vice President Operations & Finance role oversees and creates new policies for the SU. Improving the policies that govern our association is an important part of my platform! Having worked on policy both with the SU and other organizations, I plan to do this by:

    1. Improving the Committee Transparency Procedure. I hope to work on this document to develop more transparency within the SU and ensure there are no inconsistencies with other policies!
    2. Develop a yes/no vote for acclaimed candidates. Having your voice heard is a top priority of mine! Many of the candidates that ran in the SU election last year got the position by virtue of no one else running. Students need to have a say in who represents them, and I aim to support this integration into elections.
    3. Create new policies for the SU. I hope to create a Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Policy to ensure all students feel safe and welcomed at the SU. This policy can also help us advocate to University administration and government to showcase diversity and inclusion as a priority for students!
  3. More Student Involvement with our SU!
    I want my peers to realize that there are more ways to get involved with the SU than just getting elected. Expanding opportunities currently available for students is important for me! I aim to do this by:

    1. Improving the Refugee Student Program. This year, the board expanded from 3 to 10 students that will help the two sponsored refugee students from abroad. I look forward to engaging campus members to help further support these two students and help them adjust to our community!
    2. Creating an SU Sustainability Working Group. This group would have students-at-large and different campus stakeholders to help improve SU sustainability practices. The group would also allow the SU to collaborate more regularly with the Office of Sustainability on our goals and allow for more student involvement into Sustainability Week!
    3. Holding roaming office hours. Rather than waiting for students to come to me, I hope to go to them and get specific feedback on SU services that could be improved. These weekly consultations will allow me to engage with students more if elected to this role!

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform! I have had the pleasure of consulting with many SU executives to ensure the feasibility of my platform and I hope you’ll join me in improving our campus community!

Vote Omer for Op-Fi, March 5-7, 2019!

Check out my social media: @omer4opfi

BStallcup-VPOpFi-GE2019Hello U of C, my name is Briana Stallcup and I’m running to be your SU VP Operations and Finance!

I have spent the past four years searching for my place and purpose, and that journey has culminated in my decision to run as your OpFi. My experience in numerous clubs, leadership roles, volunteer work, and passionate activism makes me the best and most well-rounded leader for the position.

1. Reallocation of Funds

I believe the current spending in these areas is actively working against the Key Priorities and Vision of the students’ union.

Colour Night: Completely replace this event with one that students at large are invited to attend. This replacement will continue the work of the current president, and take the form of a meet and greet/town hall combination in MacHall.

Executive Retreats: Job training is completely necessary, but hosting it outside the city is not. If elected, I will scale back the costs of these retreats by hosting them either at the university or within Calgary.

2. Bermuda Shorts Day

Last year, our long-standing tradition left the Students’ Union with a net loss of nearly $100,000. This is clearly a problem, but the answer is not to charge students for entry. Not only is the financial loss immense, but student attendance also continues to decrease. This tells me BSD has gotten stale and needs to be revamped. I will work closely with the VP Student Life and the University administration to exhaust every option to settle this loss in order to ensure the already immense financial burden students carry is not exacerbated.

3. MacHall Redevelopment

The current VP Operations and Finance has worked on executing a survey to understand how to address student needs. I will use his findings, build upon them in the upcoming year, and ensure student desires are prioritized. As we transition to sharing ownership of MacHall with the University, it is a top priority of mine to advocate for student interests with regards to redevelopment and expansion.

If you want to know more, reach out:

JThundathil-VPOpFi-GE2019Hello UofC! My name is Jarin Thundathil and I’m running to be your next Vice President Operations and Finance! In my time at the UofC, I’ve been involved on campus as one of the SU’s Medicine representatives and multiple registered student organizations. This year, the SU is facing multiple events that will have a big impact on the student experience. These include the recent appointment of a new university president, a quickly approaching provincial election, and the implementation of the SU’s new strategic plan. My goal is to ensure that the SU is prepared to respond to these changes and continue serving the students.

  1. Election Reform
    • Yes/No Vote for Acclaimed Candidates: Since the start of my term, I have been vocal about implementing a Yes/No ballot in our elections for acclaimed candidates. As things stand, unelected individuals can automatically win a seat on SLC by simply being the only person running. I want to ensure that this is the last election where acclamations are possible.
  1. Empowering Your Faculty Representatives
    • Increasing Elected Official (EO) fund from $5000 to $7500: The EO fund is meant for use by your faculty representatives at the discretion of the SU President. Faculty reps can apply to use the fund to push forward their platform goals and work on issues that matter to you. Currently, the $5000 fund is shared between 19 faculty representatives. I want to push for that amount to be expanded to $7500 in our budgeting process so that your reps have more resources to execute the platforms you voted for.
    • Compensation Review for Faculty Reps: Many students are dissuaded from running because of the huge commitment it takes to be a faculty representative. Many students must work during the school year to keep themselves afloat, and the compensation the SU offers can’t cover the time lost as a faculty representative. I want to enter consultations to ensure that EO’s are fairly compensated for the work they do. Of course, any change to compensation will be accompanied by a commensurate increase in reporting requirements and work expectations.
    • Faculty Rep Annual Planning: Being a faculty rep has a learning curve, and reps are often caught off guard at the start of their terms. This year, the SU didn’t have any formal planning process with representatives until nearly 6 months into their terms. I want to make sure your reps go though a formal planning process in May and June, and release a faculty rep annual planning document in the Summer.
  1. Transparency
    • Open Budgeting Process: Our budgeting process needs to be more accessible and transparent to stakeholder groups on campus. I want to make the operations and finance committee’s annual budget meeting open to the public and release the budget proposal publicly after its approval in the operations and finance committee.
    • Quarterly Release of credit card statements and discretionary spending: Shifting political attitudes and recent scandals have caused student unions to fall out of public favour. We need to reaffirm our commitment to accountability by publicly releasing our expenditures from things like executive promo accounts and credit cards held by staff and executives.
    • Open Nominations Process for Executive and Student-At-Large Positions: The nominations committee needs a more transparent process for appointing student-at-large and executive members. Candidates selected for interviews should have their platforms released, with interviews done openly so that students can get to know their candidates.
  1. The Future of Mac Hall

The results from the 2018 Mac Hall Survey were clear: students want to see the MacEwan Building expanded. However, the stark reality of the situation is that neither the University nor the SU have the resources to pursue significant redevelopments of MacEwan hall at this time. As well, it’s likely that our ability to collect fees will be weakened in coming years, hamstringing our ability to pursue redevelopments.

  • We need to focus our efforts externally and seek donations/sponsorships for capital projects from 3rd party organizations. Part of this may entail our transition from a non-profit organization to a registered charity.
  1. Reviewing Fees & Student Fund Expansions
    • We need to conduct a review of the SU’s Ancillary fees to ensure that they are sufficiently keeping pace with current student needs.
    • I want to expand the budgets for the student hardship assistance fund (SHAF) and travel and conference funding. These programs are important to students and existing funds can be exhausted quickly.

Thanks for taking the time to read my platform! Remember to vote for Jarin Thundathil from March 5-7!

Faculty Representative, Arts Candidates

MGillies-Arts-GE2019Hello Arts Students!! I am a Political Science student and I am so thrilled to be running to represent our AMAZING faculty on your Students’ Union!! After input from YOU, I proudly present my platform!!

Refurbishments & Improvements

With the launch of the newly renovated FASA Arts Lounge in the Fall of 2018, Arts students have finally been able to see the dedication of the faculty, university, and their elected representatives to improving the spaces we use to learn and live. This term, I will be pleased to work through the SU Quality Money funding, as well as Campus Improvement Funds to see through the refurbishments of places including but not limited to; Craigie Hall lecture theatres, Social Science hallway, and the back corridors of Science Theatres. It is critical that ALL Arts students are comfortable on our campus. As your Arts Representative, I will see through these projects and make these spaces reflect who we are as a faculty.

Faculty-Student Relationship & Support

Beginning with the Arts Faculty Town Hall being hosted on March 28th, it is these natured events that begin to bridge the gap between Faculty members and students. Our faculty is blessed with a set of faculty and administrative members that do an incredible job at operation from behind the scenes. Dean Richard Sigurdson, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning Dawn Johnston, and many others, contribute to the successes of our faculty. However, we, the students, also contribute just as much value to the composure of this faculty. As Arts representative, it is important to me to advocate for a faculty-student relationship that

benefits both parties, to maximize our capabilities as an all encompassing faculty. This will flourish with the annual Town Hall event that will continue to grow each and every year.

Mental Health Response & Prioritization

This year, your Faculty of Arts Representatives subscribed to influencing positive and significant change to the manner of speech that we experience at the university, in terms of the Mental Heath Strategy. Recently, consideration for my own wellbeing has touched my life and has affected the person that I am. Building on the incredible work that has already been done, and fuelled by my own experiences and findings, I recognize the importance of creating the spaces for discussions on mental health, specifically here in our very own faculty. Starting at this level, will discourage negative connotations and unfair stigmas around what it means to be dealing with mental health. Learning from the experts, including Debbie Bruckner, the Senior Director of the SU Wellness Center, will give us students the opportunity to listen, share, and learn from each other. My goal is to contribute indispensable change in efforts to normalize these conversations and de-stigmatize the label, by bringing those valuable resources directly to Arts students, instead of Arts students taking that first step that is isn’t always easy. Information evenings with this goal will be yet another step in the right direction.

Accountability, Advocacy, & Transparency

Being accountable as Arts Representatives is a necessity, because there is nothing in this role should be taken lightly. As your representative, I pledge to continue the tradition of roaming office hours, to meet you at your convenience and hear your concerns, as well as Meet-and-Greet events each semester, to know you and your ideas. Accountability comes in these forms, and it is something that is required with the nature of this position, and I promise to do just that.

Thank you for your commitment to bettering our faculty that is our home while we are here. I am beyond excited to deliver these platform promises to you, and for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any and all questions, concerns, or feedback. Hearing from you and getting to know you is what inspires me to do this work. Vote MARLEY for Arts Representative March 5th through 7th on your myuofc portal!!

Phone: 403.978.1299

Instagram: @marley.gillies



JGotta-Arts-GE2019Hello, UCalgary Arts students! My name is Justin Gotta and I am a Political Science and Economics student excited to be running to be your Arts Representative. My immersion into the faculty of arts has allowed me to form a platform based on your comments, concerns, ideas and input that looks to enhance your university experience while engaging with you in our community, and ensuring you have a sustainable path to success. If elected as your Arts Representative, I will strive to address issues that impact the faculty of Arts and its students, and to introduce the following goals.


We can all attest the limitless amount of time we put into studying. Unfortunately, the SU provides little education programs and resources to help us study. If elected, I will strive to overhaul the SU exam bank to provide practice exams and answer keys for all programs within our faculty, whether this be crowdsourced questions or written by programs respective clubs. To help with your studies and help reduce final exam stress, I aim to work with fellow Arts Representatives, SU elected officials, and gain inquiry and insight from faculty members, to establish SU run finals review sessions for various courses within our faculty so you can ace your exams and boost your GPA. As Arts Representative I will oversee this program to make sure adequate instructors are provided based on teaching/tutor experience, program completions, GPA, and level of education. Not only would this event help with your studies, it will open new volunteer opportunities for organization and teaching.


Textbooks are a burden on us all, expensive, hard to find used current editions, and difficult to find a good deal. Unfortunately, the ability to purchase second hand textbooks for affordable prices is limited on campus. The bound and copied consignment fair as well is not much of a “fair” at all and, a poorly executed idea to sell your old textbooks. Bound and copied often lacks current editions as well, let alone at a good price. The solution to this is a textbook fair to be hosted in Mac Hall at the beginning of each semester. Students would simply drop off their textbooks they want to sell, list their price, state the course they used it for, and walk away while we sell it for them, allowing for students to make money with little effort. The creation of this text book fair would allow for an affordable opportunity to buy and sell second hand textbooks, in an accessible and reliable environment. As Arts Representative, I would be thrilled to lead this event to help save you money!


The faculty of arts is full of talented students with skills ready to be applied in the real world. As Arts Representative, my goal is to have you put those skills to work by advocating for more co-op opportunities for our faculty, set up networking to build links between students and employers, and establish a summer internship fair by inviting various businesses from Calgary and Alberta to showcase their summer internship opportunities. Many students as well are undecided with what career path they want to pursue, and as Arts Representative I’ll look to help students find their passion and career path by hosting various events like career and job fairs, symposiums on contemporary and future employment topics and opportunities, and establishing an arts career guidance program where arts students can talk 1 on 1 to an advisor to help link their interests, hobbies, degree, and work experience to a potential career path. As Arts Representative I’ll work closely with the career center and my fellow representatives to ensure these goals are met.


The faculty of Arts is the largest faculty on campus, yet we lack a large enough commons space for all of us to enjoy that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Space and resources are limited on campus so we must be able to utilize the space our faculty is given. I aim to address this issue through utilizing the SU Quality Money and Campus Improvement Fund to renovate the hallway in social sciences between the Arts Lounge and the +15 link, commonly known as the Ikea hallway for a reason. The goal of this is to provide our faculty with a lively, inviting, comfortable place to hang out, socialize, and study.

Thank you for your time! And don’t forget, you gotta vote Gotta!

Facebook page- Justin Gotta for Arts Rep

RIssa-Arts-GE2019Hello fellow Art Students!

My name is Rayane Issa, and I am running to be your Arts faculty representative. Being a Political Science student minoring in Sociology for the past two years has made me passionate about enhancing your student experience. The faculty of arts is a diverse faculty, holding the biggest number of students, and I intend to bring both relevant opportunities and change to our amazing faculty. Outlined in my platform are three core categories that I plan on working on alongside you!

  1. Opportunity
  • Work on providing Art students with networking opportunities with their fellow students, professors and industry professionals.
  • Strive to develop more opportunities for paid internships, summer jobs and spread awareness about ones that are already available through Arts specific career fairs.
  • Assemble program specific workshops that will help you hone skills distinguishing you from your competitors in the job market.
  • Push for more Arts Awards and Scholarships.
  1. Arts Infrastructure
  • Seek grants to purchase seating and maintain proper maintenance.
  • Propose upgrades and changes to Craigie Hall in order to foster the faculty of Arts community.
  • Collaborating with students to improve both study spaces and classes that hold majority of Arts students.
  1. Mental Health
  • Wellness Nights – Hold wellness nights where students can attend and discuss whatever they wish in the hopes of destressing and building relationships
  • Developing workshops based on student needs to assist in managing stress and navigating exams
  • Increase mental health initiatives and workshops to raise awareness about the mental health issues students may be facing.

It is my goal to work as a liaison between the Student Union and the Student Body to ensure that your voice is heard. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your consideration and don’t forget to vote March 5 – 7!

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – @Rayaneissa4
Email –
Phone – (403)608-8815

TOje-Arts-GE2019Hi ARTS,

My name is Tomiwa Oje and I am a current fourth year Political Science and International Relations students running to represent YOU on the Students’ Union as your Arts Representative. I am passionate about enhancing the student experience for all arts’ students and after input from current arts’ students, I am honoured to tell you my core platform points.

  1. Career Development
  • As a volunteer with Career Services, I am informed of the many resources available to help guide career development. Many students are unaware of the vital development resources available through Career Services. For these reasons, I will work collaboratively with Career Services to increase awareness of its resources to students and to garner better and more substantive internship opportunities specifically for Arts’ students
  • Many Arts’ students feel unsure about what career approach to take after graduation because many of our majors can have multiple career paths. To combat this, I will work to invite speakers and professionals from many industries for various networking events tailored for Arts’ students. This will help Arts’ students navigate the complicated and stressful process of career decisions.
  • Because of the uncertainty of Alberta’s economy, the appeal to have a career outside of Canada is growing. I will work hard at ensuring arts’ students are aware of various meaningful international career opportunities that relate to their major.
  1. Academic Experience
  • Due to the multifaceted nature of our faculty, as it ranges from students enrolled in drama, economics, women studies, and everything in-between, it is difficult for our faculty to seem cohesive and united. To combat this difficulty, I propose an industry night event in which all faculty of arts’ student are invited to come together to network and interact with other students within and outside one’s degree. This event will also have industry professionals from various arts’ related industries that students can network and interact with.

My goal with being your arts’ rep is to make each art student proud of their faculty and degree. I will also work to make the university experience be enjoyable and beneficial for every arts’ student at UCalgary. Please feel free to contact me at

AOngteco-Arts-GE2019Hello, Arts Students! I’m Adrian Ongteco, a second-year Economics student, and I want to serve you, my fellow students, as Representative of the Faculty of Arts in the Students’ Union! I’m proud to present my platform that I hope enhances the university experience and ensures your voice is heard! Do you Feel in Charge? You should, because the SU belongs to YOU, and I will make sure it executes YOUR will!


I am extremely proud to be part of such a massive faculty filled with diversity, not only of our backgrounds, but also in the variations of each of our fields of study. The Arts Faculty consists of many unique departments, interdisciplinary programs, and own Schools like the SCPA and the SLLLC! I want to make sure that every single person in any of these areas feels they are represented in the Students’ Union, and that any Arts Student, no matter how small their department, knows that they can voice their concerns, and that they are being listened to! I will see to it that the SU’s decisions are informed by the general will of the Arts Faculty, and this means making sure that all programs, disciplines and schools of the Faculty are included in our conversations. I will work with students and clubs from all parts of the Arts Faculty in gathering valuable input from a diverse range of backgrounds and unique perspectives, as well as fostering communication and camaraderie between the departments to create a cohesive Arts community. I want to see a united Arts Faculty, where all the students within it feel their voice matters!


Because the Students’ Union derives its mandate from being democratically elected, I believe it is of the utmost importance that students are engaging with it and that there is a clear line of communication between the student body and the Union that claims to represent it. Far too many students know little to nothing about the SU and what it does, and this apathy is extremely problematic. To this end, I want to enhance and expand communication by various means such as a producing a monthly newsletter, distributed to all Arts Students, informing them of our progress. This newsletter, along with regular, comprehensive updates, will be made available through ways such as D2L and social media like Facebook. I will also place greater emphasis on increasing student engagement through outreach and the aforementioned channels of communication to make sure every student knows that the SU and their Faculty are there to advocate for them! To make students understand this, I will see to it that elected officials are more receptive of input and feedback from students, and that they seek those out as often as humanly possible. For the SU to truly represent students, it depends entirely on having the trust, faith, and feedback of the students, which is achieved by making sure students know that they are the ones truly in charge of the Students’ Union!


It’s my firm belief that the Students’ Union’s businesses exist to serve the interests of the students that deal with them first and foremost. I wish to enhance their service quality provided in the interest of better filling that role for students. Thus, I intend to push for some changes to the Stör, such as the implementation of clear, visible price labels on all products for sale in the Stör, as well as the removal of the customer-side debit charge levied on debit transactions. Many students have extensive interactions with the Stör, thus underscoring its performance’s impact on students. With an establishment as crucial to student life as the Stör is, it’s important that consumers who choose to bring their business there are able to make informed decisions such that they are enabled to make the optimal purchase choices. Providing information like, say, how much things cost, will serve this purpose greatly and will allow students to derive more utility from buying from there. I hope that these reforms will lead to better success for the Stör and open up ways of thinking of how to improve the service SU businesses bring to students.

Arts Students of UCalgary, it’s time to Feel in Charge! A vote for me is a vote to take the power of the Students’ Union and give it back to you, the students!

If you have any questions, you can reach me via Facebook under my name, Adrian Ongteco, or you can email me at

MQurishi-Arts-GE2019My name is Malika Qurishi, I am a 2nd year Political Science Major, and I am running to be your future Arts Representative at the SU.

To bring positive change and improve student overall experience; I will narrow my focus down on the following areas.

  • Research Opportunities

The Faculty of Arts play a key role in the University of Calgary’s reputation as one of Canada’s leading research institutions. I would like to highlight the value of facilitating research opportunities for Arts undergraduate students. It is very meaningful to explore subjects outside of class. Therefore, I will Advocate and work to facilitate research opportunities for Arts Students to get involved in research opportunities and Published articles which will make it possible for students to conduct their research with a group of undergraduate students based on their own research interest. it will help Arts students to learn how research projects are developed and conducted, and how research results can contribute to new knowledge and solve problems in a field of research and in society.

  • Scholarships availability

I will advocate to increase the availability and accessibility of scholarships in D2L. Currently available scholarships are very limited by many criteria, I will work with scholarships department to find ways to increase the accessibility of scholarships for Arts students. It is important to make the process of scholarships as short and effective as possible, because many students are discouraged by the lengthy process or the limited criteria of scholarships which is not target to Arts students or even if it is its limited by many standards which results in student not applying and the money staying at the table. Additionally, I will also advocate for equality in the process of setting criteria for scholarships and bursaries.

  • Work on facilitating workshops to teach how to Balance between Academics and extracurricular activities.

Most university activities and facilities go unnoticed because students are not aware of them or students does not realize the importance of extracurricular activities. I will work to facilitate workshops to let Arts students know the importance of being involved. Additionally, it is essential for Arts students to know that we are Arts and we need to be involved in extracurricular activities while working for good GPA. As faculty of Arts student we need balance between these two, and both are equally important. Extracurricular activities are needed for graduate’ studies, if you do not want to go to graduate school, these activities can still help Arts students to foster many other skills which is need in real world. In order to accomplish this, it is important that information seminars should be held, which will explain the importance of these activities, to inform about opportunities for research, volunteering, travel, and academic and career success.

  • Peer support Groups for advising help

I will work to facilitate peer groups which will help students with advising, these groups will be led by volunteer undergraduate students from higher years. It will create volunteer opportunity for students in their last or 2nd last year and it will help students from 1st year or 2nd year to get more specific advices about their career goals or their time at university. I think it’s very essential to bring these both groups together because they both can help each other. Additionally, 1st and 2nd year of University can be very stressful for new students and receiving help from students in their 3rd and 4th year will allow new university students to learn from their elder fellows and overcome the hurdles.

If you have any questions or if you have any concerns about your student experience at the campus and you think it needs improvement. Please contact me at, I will discuss the concerns with you and will work to highlight it and work towards improvement of it.

Faculty Representative, Medicine Candidates


My name is Amy Beevor-Potts, I’m a third-year biomedical sciences student, and I would like to be your next med rep. My platform is based on four pillars:


I would like to focus on both academic and social support for students. For academic support, I plan to advocate to increase resources given for students in MDSC, HSOC, CORE and MED classes. For social support, at the Foothills campus, I would aim to increase mental health resources. To do this, I would advocate to continue some de stressing resources such as puppy therapy at foothills while bringing some other resources such as stress less bags during exams to foothills.


While our faculty is heavily research and practicum focused, a lot of students struggle to even receive responses from professors and employers or contact professors who aren’t looking for students. To help with this, I would plan a poster or mixer night with professors interested in having students join their lab to facilitate connections. Additionally, I would aim to organize a “speed-networking” night to allow students to learn more about potential jobs. Lastly, I would aim to set up a mentorship program with current med students to provide resources to students interested in med school


As a faculty that’s divided across two campuses, it’s hard to meet people outside of your major and year. To help this, I would aim to organize mixers to connect individuals from different areas. Additionally, I would advocate to have a campus day at the Foothills campus again to showcase more opportunities to get involved with other students.


While these are ideas that I have, no one can know everything. For this, I would aim to interact and work with students as much as possible to best advocate on our faculty’s behalf. To do this, I would make myself available on both campuses for at least one hour a week to talk to students.

Lastly, if you have any questions about my campaign, please email me at Thank you for your consideration and remember to vote from March 5th-7th!


My name is Jameson Dundas and I am a 3rd year Health Sciences student, and I want to be your Cumming School of Medicine representative! Over the past few years (and through a few attempts at this very position), I’ve been able to learn a lot about the Student Union – and what it actually takes to bring about a positive change. I’m confident I have the know-how and determination (seriously – third time’s the charm) to carry out my platform goals and improve the CSM for everyone.

Briefly, here are some of my goals and ideas on ways I can help make your year the best possible:

(1) HSOC Support

If elected I will help create a series of HSOC writing support nights – matching junior students with upper year students, allowing them to provide insight on the unique skills required to write an HSOC paper. I would also like to plan an HSOC career info session, giving students an opportunity to learn about opportunities awaiting them after graduating.

(2) Facilities and Feasby

If elected I am going to work with the faculty to implement significant, and much needed, facility improvements to areas such as the BHSc Labs, computer lab space, or 1500x rooms. I would facilitate the improvements with Quality Money and CAR/FAR funding!

While I realize I cannot improve each of these spaces in my tenure, I will be seeking student and faculty feedback so the space that you most want improved is the focus! I will also continue the work already set in motion to fully establish Feasby as a student run and operated space. By continuing this work, we will strive to ensuring that we, the student body, have control over the space and the ability to make improvements as we need!

(3) Academic Writing Prep and Increased Faculty Communication for CRDS

CRDS is a writing focused course – meaning literature review and academic writing skills are crucial for success in the program. I’ve heard from several CRDS students that there is a need for more preparation and work on academic writing skills, especially for transfer and 2-year diploma students. If elected I will advocate for the inclusion of academic writing courses earlier on in the program, with the goal of integrating these skills into the curriculum – helping prepare you for your challenging degree. I would also like to help improve communication between the faculty and students; particularly where its effects program requirements and upcoming events or changes.

(4) Osmosis and Markers for MD Students

Medical School is both challenging and expensive, and I am a firm believer that everything should be done to help mitigate these costs. I will advocate for the introduction of cost-supplemented Osmosis subscription available for MD students to help with studying and give them another resource for pathology and physiology. Additionally, I have frequently heard complaints about an abundant lack of whiteboard markers in the small group rooms. It seems a bit ridiculous we can’t have markers available for our MD students, so I will make that this is resolved.

(5) Transparency

Finally, I will make sure that all of these platform points are completed in an efficient and transparent manner – providing quarterly updates so you are aware of what your med rep is actually doing. I will make also sure I am easy to get in touch with – so you can provide input on what needs to be done in our faculty.

FMina-Med-GE2019If elected med rep I’ll work hard to fight for students’ rights, curriculum changes and facility upgrades.

Currently, the CSM and the BHSc program specifically doesn’t have a student app, I will work to deliver a student app where, a new student engagement initiative can be properly managed, so that we can view the current stats regarding the new intaitive. This has been done in the past as can be seen The app will also serve as a method to organize inter and intra- class Ping-Pong tournaments. Additionally, the app could be used in the future to handle electronic queuing for the advising office similar to what is offered currently at the Student enrollment services. This will improve student experience and help reduce student wait times allowing productive

The current bioinformatics lab is in dire need of remodelling and equipment upgrades. The student and instructor feedback at the moment is that the lab is not ideal space is foster collaboration or learning in the modern classroom. Funds exist for student-initiated upgrades and I hope to utilize those to upgrade the space to turn it into a hub for collaboration and 21st century learning.

I also plan on creating a student committee that provides feedback to the SU reps year-round so that SU reps are held accountable and can always be in the loop with regard to student concerns. I will also negotiate brining the newly created peer listener program to Foothills to allow larger access to students on this campus.

ARandhawa-Med-GE2019Hello everyone! My name is Alam Randhawa and I am a third year Health and Society student with a concentration in political science. I would be honoured to serve as your next Cumming School of Medicine representative! In my three years as a BHSc student, I have been involved in various clubs and organizations and have experience sitting on an SU committee. The BHSc has become a second home, however, I believe there is always room for improvement. Here is my platform:

Access to Study Resources and Options Courses

  1. Practice Exams! Have you ever heard of the SU’s online exam bank? Most likely not, as it’s currently not in the best shape. The exam bank, available through the SU’s website has practice exams for a variety of U of C courses but these exams are over a decade old, do not come with answer keys and practice exams for many courses simply do not exist. I will advocate for practice exams to be renewed and updated to better reflect current course material as well as advocate for more MDSC course exams to be added to the bank alongside answer keys.
  1. Access to courses – CSM students are bright and curious individuals and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to choose options courses they would like to take. Often times, students are restricted from courses due to class size or unavailability of the class being offered during certain years/semesters. I will bring this concern to faculty attention and advocate for increasing the number of seats as well as offering certain courses every year rather than every second year.

Cost and Convenience

The SU should work to minimize cost to students to the best of the SU’s ability as well as well as ensuring services are convenient for students. This can be achieved via the following measures:

  1. UPass for Spring /Summer Research Students
  1. Ability for students to sell used foothills library textbooks back to the foothills library. Students who purchase textbooks from the foothills library should have the option of selling back their textbooks similar to the main bookstore. In addition, I advocate for more inexpensive renting of textbooks.
  1. Built-In Printer funds – You have probably heard of the services you are able to opt-out of when paying your tuition. I will advocate to re-structure these optional fees in order for $5.00 dollars to be added on to these opt-outs options for a built-in printing fund on Unicards. This would be convenient to students who are often in a hurry to print and do not have time to load money on to Unicards. Essentially, all students would be given $5.00 already pre-loaded onto their cards.

Knowledge Translation and Career Path Guidance

  1. Practicum and Job Shadowing Opportunities- The CSM works diligently to offer and promote research opportunities to students as soon as entering the BHSc, however, practicum/internship/job shadow opportunities need to be expanded in order to offer greater exposure to different career paths, especially for BIMF, CRDS and HSOC students. These opportunities will be beneficial to upper year students seeking employment opportunities upon graduation as well as lower year students wanting to explore different careers.
  1. Expanded Buddy Program and Buddy/Mentor Database -the translation of knowledge and experience are vital for planning and success. This is especially true when students decide to change career paths, research interests or switch between programs and streams. I will advocate for a buddy/mentor database in which students are able to request a buddy and mentor that best matches their interest from a database. Those who wish to be a buddy will be have their profiles added to the database. This program will be expanded to allow upper year students to request medical school student mentors and for lower year students to match with upper year buddies with similar interests. In addition, this program will include not only researchers and physicians but other health care professionals as well as graduate students who wish to have a mentee. Inclusion of graduate students would allow for a more informed transition into graduate programs. This program will be more inclusive, diverse and allow for better matching.

Thank you for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me should you have any concerns or questions:

SZarezadeh-Med-GE2019Hi there! My name is Siavash Zarezadeh, a third-year Health Sciences student, hoping to earn your support to be elected as our facility’s Cumming School of Medicine (CSM) Faculty Representative.

My motivation to seek this nomination is to better the quality of life of CSM students based on three main pillars: summer internship program, academic success, and improving student life.

Summer Internship Program

  1. As a BHSc student, it sometimes feels as if our career prospects are limited to pursuing higher education, be it Medical, Graduate, or Law school. I truly believe that BHSc students are capable, motivated, and hardworking individuals, some of the best that U of C can offer. Knowing this, I hope to establish a university-sanctioned, paid summer internship program that will match students to private sector biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, and not-for-profit organizations. This opportunity would allow students to gain experiences and connections to the private sector that are beyond what summer studentships can offer.

Using the framework of programs available to Haskayne Business and Schulich Engineering students and through student-led consultations, I will work diligently with the CSM to bring this pledge to fruition within my term.

Academic Success

  1. USRIs are meant to serve as important feedback for professors, providing the tools for professors to be receptive to students’ needs. However, it often feels as if student feedback goes unheard, as notoriously challenging courses remain unaccommodating to students’ learning needs.

As Med Rep, I will use my position in academic committees to stress the importance of USRI feedback in relaying student experiences and ensure that action can be taken to foster the best learning experience.

  1. CRDS students have expressed their ongoing challenges in connecting with CRDS directors to provide feedback about major changes that have recently been made to their program. I believe that these are valid concerns that need to be heard. With the collaboration with CRDSSA, I will organize an open town hall meeting with CRDS, CSM, and University administration to provide students with an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments about these challenges.

Improving Student Life

  1. Over the past year, I have worked in collaboration with CSM management to upgrade Feasby Lounge with a fresh coat of paint, regular carpet cleanings, new bulletin board, and leisure equipment.

As Med Rep, I will leverage CSM to make ongoing investments to this valuable common space by replacing the aging Foosball table and purchasing new, more comfortable lounge furniture. I will also dedicate 50% of my honorarium to fund purchases that make life more convenient, such as providing compostable utensils and communal snacks for students. Most importantly, I will make the Feasby common area unbookable by private groups, stopping the inconvenience caused by private events.

I will also work with the CSM to implement similar upgrades to the Medicine Student Lounge, to ensure both spaces receive the attention they deserve.

  1. Pet therapy has proven to be a CSM favorite among all students. As Med Rep, I will commit to continuing this important tradition on Foothills campus in partnership with the SU.
  1. The UPass is essential to making the University commute affordable and accessible. However, the UPass is not offered to students doing summer research at Foothills, as we are not considered full time students despite our daily commute. Purchasing monthly transit passes become a significant financial burden, considering the limited funding cap of research studentships.

It will be my priority to begin discussions with the incoming SU executive to expand the UPass program. So, students receiving research studentship are eligible to apply for a UPass to remove the financial burden of commuting.

Final words

To serve as your SU representative would be a privilege I would use to deliver on my promises. If you have any questions or concerns about my platform, I would love to chat with you, and I can also be contacted by email at I hope the ideas I have put forth will motivate you to cast a ballot on Election day.

Faculty Representative, Engineering Candidates

KElmalawany-Schulich-GE2019I’m a man of ACTION, not words!

Hello fellow engineers! My name is Khaled Elmalawany. I am a co-founder and president of a non-profit program, a Schulich Scholar, and a University of Calgary FY Scholar and I would be honored to represent YOU as the next SU Engineering Representative. Here’s my platform:



-Have you ever studied for an exam and had no idea what was going on?

-Was your group chat equally confused or the “smartest” person is leaving you on seen?

-The Engineering Academic Success Center (EASC)’s working hours may not be suitable to most students and, most importantly, you cannot access it from home

-I want to build an online platform that will allow students to receive direct help from their peers and TAs anywhere and everywhere (as long as you are connected to the Internet)

-The platform will include a texting-based communication system, a video-based communication system as well as a digital whiteboard where students can post their questions


-Many universities, such as U of Concordia and U of McGill, offer printing funds to their students

-I will work closely with the university and the SU to bring printing credits to engineering students

-Print your lab reports and class assignments free of charge!



-I will keep the legacy of Communication and Transparency among the engineering students

-As an app developer, I will be able to keep up with the project and ensure that it is fully completed

-The app will incorporate an Events section that will notify students about upcoming activities around engineering

-There is also going to be a Scholarship, Awards and Bursaries section where their deadlines and information will be posted

-The Career section will act as a hub for employers to find potential students for their company

– The Rewards section will allow students to collect points for participation in various activities around the engineering campus

-The Contact Your Rep section will allow you to express your concerns

If you like these, Vote KHALED as your ENG REP on March 5-7 !!






KLindsay-Schulich-GE2019Hey guys! I’m Keely Lindsay, a third year Electrical Engineering student, and I’m running to be your next SU Engineering Rep!


As engineering students, I know we’re all constantly concerned with boosting our resumes for future internships and job opportunities. I want to make sure that every engineering student feels fully prepared to begin their career before graduating. To achieve this, I will increase awareness about on campus resources, as well as improve the accessibility of existing resources. I also plan to work with the Engineering Student Society and the Engineering Career Center to bring new professional events to campus every semester. These events may include networking events with students, interns, and professionals, presentations from industry professionals, as well as workshops where students can build upon skills such as public speaking and interviewing.


Mental health is something that should be a priority for everyone, but so many students seem to unintentionally push it to the bottom of their list of things to worry about. I want to encourage engineering students to not be afraid to take care of themselves, by promoting mental health awareness throughout the faculty. I plan to work closely with the Wellness Centre and the Engineering Student Centre to make counseling more accessible for busy engineering students. I also would love to bring more ‘Stress Less’ events into engineering centralized locations, such as pet therapy and other stress-coping related workshops.


If elected, I promise to always maintain an open channel of communication between engineering students, faculty members, and members of the Students Union. I will always be accessible to you, either in-person or via email/social media. As the student representative on the Engineering Faculty Council, I will bring all issues to meetings, and hold faculty members accountable for addressing student concerns. If you have any issues at all, regarding study spaces, professors, classes, etc. you will always be able to bring them to me, and I promise to take them up on your behalf.

BMiao-Schulich-GE2019Hello everyone, my name is Barney Miao and I’m running to be your student union representative for the Faculty of Engineering. I’m in my second year of Engineering and my main concern is for the wellbeing of my fellow engineers and how unrepresented we really are. Ask yourself this one question; Who are our previous representatives and what did they accomplish? If you couldn’t answer this question, it only shows the failures of our “representatives” and reflects a fundamental problem that I believe must be fixed. So, with that in mind, here are some of the items I will implement/change about the current Engineering Faculty.

The Plan

  • I want to give more opportunities for students to seek help in courses that require some “technical” skills with a few being AutoCAD, MATLAB, etc.
  • I will hold weekly events where you’ll be able to de-stress, seek help academically, and meet new friends. I will also be there to talk to you about any concerns you may have with anything going on with your lives.
  • I will make a Facebook page that is designed to help keep you up to date or contact me. It also will allow you to propose any changes you will like to see implemented and with enough votes from other people I will bring these changes to life in the weekly meetings of the SU.
  • I want to create a new online system that will allow you to at anytime give feedback to your professors during anytime in the semester rather than at the end of semester that will allow to express your issues in an anonymous way and make your classes more enjoyable

If I’m given the opportunity to become a faculty representative, I promise to fight for your values rather than representing my own interests. Make your life at university as you imagined it! Take the first step by voting for Barney Miao between March 5-7 and raise your voices. And remember its time for you! Its time for “Schulich Time”!!

Faculty Representative, Science Candidates

AHu-Sci-GE2019Hey Science Students! Wondering who is Hu of HUville?

I’m a 3rd year Chemistry student, a previous Science Representative on the First Year Council and Student Advisory Council, a Science Mentor, and an avid pursuer of local and international research experiences. I may not be Dr. Seuss, but through some rhyme, I’ll show that my platform and passion make me a Faculty of Science Rep that is prime.

Helping you take FLIGHT…

would bring me much delight! Inspired by my summer researching abroad, making international opportunities more accessible and feasible will make you applaud:

  • Host Coffee Chats for students thinking about going and that have gone abroad to discuss ideas, share personal experiences, and exchange resources and advice.
  • Work on creating an accessible online database with international opportunities and scholarships relevant to science students containing pertinent information such as field of study, location, and dates.
  • Collaborate with the Student Success Centre to develop writing support appointments/workshops specific to writing competitive international program and scholarship applications.

The future is BRIGHT

Planning for the future can be daunting, so more career exploration and professional networking opportunities is in wanting:

  • Focus on establishing a career fair specific to science, featuring representatives from industry, professional schools (Medicine, Pharmacy, etc.), and graduate studies.
  • Expand the Science Mentorship Program by increasing the involvement of alumni and professors, allowing more mentees to be paired with mentors working directly in their field of interest.

Let the connections IGNITE

Creating Faculty unison is a noble goal, and I hope to continue fostering a sense of community in this role:

  • Organize a Faculty Night that kick-starts the academic year to allow attendees to meet and connect with individuals from various departments and to socialize with faculty members.
  • Implement the use of the Faculty of Science D2L portal calendar to help students keep track of events throughout the academic year.

Your input and concerns matter to HU! I will hold regular office hours to ensure I hear YOU!

#HU4U is the rhyme, so be sure to vote for Angie Hu when it comes time (March 5th-7th)!

LDIremadze-Sci-GE2019Fellow science students, coming into the first year was an overwhelming experience for a shy international student like myself. I felt invisible amidst the huge classes and university campus. This really took the joy out of my studies and made me feel alienated on campus. Looking back on it I feel a lot has changed, I have become more involved on campus and have met many wonderful people who have changed my life forever.

While I won’t be able to solve these problems for you my hope is to support you, my fellow colleagues in the nerdiest faculty to become an active part of the campus life by facilitating the necessary conditions for friendships to form and help you become the best version of yourself by:

Support for Own Food

Bringing your own food should be encouraged! This gives us the opportunity to make more conscious decisions surrounding what we eat and helps us save money. A healthy diet promotes better cognitive function and helps reduce schoolwork stress.

  • Hot water dispensaries for some hearty oatmeal (or noodles…), toasters, panini press, etc.
  • Promote healthy eating by having informational and cooking workshops as well as posters

Fostering a Sense of Scientific Community

I wish to work alongside the Faculty of Science and the University of Calgary to help create an environment where students can collaborate among different scientific disciples. This will help make the spaces we have more interactive and create a hub for science students.

  • Encourage SU clubs to use the science collaborative room to use and openly demonstrate their club to all students.
  • Give science students the opportunity to make the common spaces more interactive, by listening to their ideas and giving the tools necessary for those ideas to come to reality.

Faith, Diversity and Spirituality

With constantly changing demographics at the university, diversity is constantly increasing, bringing in more people from different backgrounds who practice different faiths.

  • Help international students form communities by hosting events or encouraging mentorship surrounding similar cultural backgrounds.
  • Advocate for more sacred spaces for better intimate meditation.

Thank you for your attention.

IG: @lukababu

CJessel-Sci-GE2019Hey there!

My name is Chaten Jessel and I’m entering the race to be your Science Faculty Rep for this upcoming year. My goal in running as Faculty Rep is to help make the time you spend in your science degree as enjoyable as possible, while also connecting you with the resources and opportunities you need to pursue your dream careers!

Fostering a sense of community

The faculty of science is one of the largest faculties on campus, but at times it can feel like no one associates with anyone outside their own departments. Through mixers, and a variety of science related programs/workshops, I want to help connect students with others from the faculty, students you may not have encountered otherwise.

Improving communication:

So many opportunities that we have as science students – like research and volunteering opportunities, or career fairs – pass us by because we are unaware that they even exist. I want to work with the faculty of science to address this through more effective use of the Science D2L page, and through a monthly calendar that will outline when and where science related events are happening.

Improving facilities

It’s a known fact that the science buildings are old and dusty, but there are a few really quick and easy ways we can improve our aging spaces. Simple things like accessible plug-ins, or the availability of study spaces are problems that I want to address. Adding other amenities like microwaves and printers into areas that are more accessible for science students are another way that I want to effectively improve the functionality of our buildings.

I want every student in our faculty to have the opportunities and resources needed to succeed in the future, and it would be such an amazing privilege to work with you to achieve this goal.

Thank you so much for considering me for your representative next year.

Vote Chaten Jessel as Science Faculty Rep!

MNguyen-Sci-GE2019Hey, my name is Michael Nguyen and I’m running for Science Representative!

A little bit about me:

  • 4th Year Biological Sciences and Certificate of Sustainability Studies
  • Undergraduate Researcher in Plant Biology
  • Mentor with the Science Mentorship Program
  • Gym bro

It was amazing serving as your 76th Faculty of Science Representative last year and want to continue the momentum this year to keep advocating for the interests of Science students.

Here’s just a few things I and my colleagues accomplished over the past year:

  • Science Welcome Pancake Breakfast in September
  • Research Night Workshop during the Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Advocated to the Faculty and the Department of Computer Science for renovations to the Computer Science Lab
  • Submitted a Quality Money application for Study Spaces/Electrical Outlets in the Math Sciences Hallway
  • Worked on more Study Spaces projects with the Faculty and the University of Calgary Facilities Development team
  • Organized the Science Year End Gala to be held in April

My goals for this year:


  • Develop more quiet and collaborative study spaces and workrooms around the Sciences Complex
  • Continue pushing for renovations to the Computer Science Lab; whiteboards, better ventilation, new floors, windows, etc.
  • Get accessible printers in Science Theatres; example in the Science Collaborative Space


  • Continue holding Research Night workshops and Professor Meet and Greets following the success from last year
  • Hold more social events for Science students from all departments and programs to meet each other, eat some food and relax
  • Work with Career Services and other units on campus to hold more professional development events and workshops targeted to Science students such as CV Writing, Grant applications writing (PURE, NSERC, etc.), Opportunities and Careers in Science, Scientific writing, etc.

These are just a few topics I am passionate about improving for students, thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform and for taking an interest, with your support we can improve the student experience for all!

Together we can make this the best year for Science students yet, we’re “in it to Nguyen it”!



Facebook Page:

MSahota-Sci-GE2019Hello! I’m Manpreet Sahota and I would be incredibly honored to serve you as your Science Representative. I’m currently a second year Plant Biology major. Throughout my university experience I’ve been involved in the SU President’s Consultative Task Force, VP Communications for UNICEF on Campus, IDEAS Fund Selection Committee, the Science Advisory Council and Peer Helper for the Women’s Resource Centre. I am passionate about student voice and aim to work diligently to advocate for you by focusing on:

Research and Career Opportunities:

  • Finding resources to construct a cohesive database for ALL science undergrads to explore volunteer and research opportunities in professional lab settings
  • Increase accessibility and awareness of career fairs to explore post-graduate opportunities
  • Continue to communicate valuable volunteering opportunities within the faculty and abroad

Student Engagement and Mental Health:

  • Decentralize support from the Wellness Centre and provide increased mental health support (counselling, drop-in peer support sessions etc.) in areas populated by science students on campus
  • Foster a sense of community by working with clubs and Science Ambassadors to host faculty-wide social events for students to socialize, network and take a breather
  • Provide more opportunities to support student mental health during midterm and finals season (yoga for science students, stress/time-management workshops, etc.)

Academic Support:

  • Work with Career Services and other on-campus resources to provide scientific writing workshops and ongoing writing support catered to science students
  • Advocate to implement PASS programs in upper year courses across a variety of science majors
  • Continue pushing for increased funding through SU’s Quality Money to install computers, printers, etc. in the Science Collaborative Space and more study spaces for our growing faculty

Maintain Open Communication:

  • Hold flexible office hours to maximize communication
  • Be active on SU social media to inform you on current and future events
  • Continuously provide resources (surveys, info-sessions, etc.) for student feedback

As your next Faculty Representative, I want to ensure that every student has a voice that is heard and communicated. I will strive to enrich the university experience and overall well-being of all students in our faculty. Vote MANPREET SAHOTA for SCIENCE REP. We’re in it together.

Board of Governors Representative Candidates

AAyachit-BoG-GE2019Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of serving as the Haskayne Representative by being a vocal advocate for students of the Haskayne School of Business. The Board of Governors (BoG) is the University’s highest decision-making body and I want to make sure that YOU as a student are well represented on the board.

Here is a summary of what I intend to focus on, if elected:

  1. That our offered programs be reflective of advancements in disruptive technology to equip graduates with the skills they need to succeed in a digital workforce of the future.
  2. That our institutional resources be, first and foremost, prioritized for student-centric infrastructure needs.
  3. That I as your BoG representative will meet with leaders of faculty student associations on a continuous basis to solicit feedback and inform myself of relevant student issues.

Education and employment

Not too long ago, Calgary was trying to grab the online-shopping giant – Amazon’s attention when it was shopping around for somewhere to place its headquarters. This was an exciting time, as the chosen city would gain 50,000 jobs and a $5 billion capital investment.

While Calgary didn’t make the shortlist, we learnt an important lesson – that we are not producing enough graduates with skills that are needed for jobs in industries such as the tech sector that will lead our economy in the future.

We need to make sure that U of C programs are rapidly adapting to changing times and equipping our graduates with skills that will allow them to contribute to and benefit from a 21st century workforce.

As BoG Rep, I will work to ensure that the U of C continues its efforts to bridge this skills gap by identifying the type of competencies we need to develop so that our graduates can succeed in an ever-changing job market and reviewing our offered programs more frequently to prevent them from becoming obsolete.


At the U of C, we have dozens of buildings, but half of them are over 40 years old and many are lagging behind building code regulations. For example, most floors on Mckimmie Tower had been previously closed off due to such building code violations, and so we were unable to utilize those spaces until renovating the building became an absolute priority. The same is true with many other buildings and due to this deferred maintenance, we are risking potential closures and loss of access.

Besides renovations, U of C needs to look towards expansion of spaces. There is currently a shortage of space for 1,500 students and this number is expected to increase to over 4,000 seats by 2022. Clearly, our university is lacking funding – so what do we do?

As a BoG Rep, I would vocally advocate for projects to be prioritized first and foremost according to student needs, and for our spaces to reflect the needs of current and future students.

As a Board, we need to find primary and secondary funding whether that’s from the government, private donors, or corporations. This is really important if we want to avoid institutional shortfall of excess classrooms, labs, theatres, admin spaces, and core campus facilities.

Student issues

U of C has 14 faculties and each faculty has a dedicated student association to represent itself. These are powerful channels to voice issues and concerns being faced by students throughout the different faculties.

Sometimes, student leaders forget to listen to other student leaders on campus and overlook the fact that these people are most effective at advocating for students in their faculty – but that’s where the opportunity lies! The BoG Rep should maintain an ongoing conversation with leaders of faculty clubs on campus and channel those issues to the top at the board level.

As Haskayne Rep, I have done this within my faculty by meeting with leaders of departmental associations at least once a semester and because of that we were able to elevate the issues and challenges faced by students of all majors.

As BoG Rep, I will leverage the perspectives of faculty clubs’ leaders to shape my understanding of what university students across faculties care about and apply this understanding on the board in their best interests.
Instagram: @ananya4bog

FFinley-BoG-GE2019My name is Frank Finley and I am a 4th year Law & Society and Political Science student vying to represent you on the Board of Governors. For the past three years, I have been proud to advocate for students, first as a two-term Faculty of Arts Representative, and then as the undergraduate representative on the Board of Governors (BoG). My experiences with the Board, the Students’ Union, and my previous employment with the Office of the Premier have taught me the skills I need to continue to be a fierce and effective advocate for students.

In preparation for this role I consulted with the past decade of BoG representatives, and after much input from fellow students, I am proud to tell you about my core platform points.

I. Fighting for Increased Student Representation:
Currently, students have only one elected representative on the Board of Governors, which is made up of 21 members. As the Board Representative, I will advocate for another undergraduate student seat. It is important for student voices to be heard, and I will passionately fight for this representation. A university should be about its students, and a tiny fraction of seats on its top governing body is simply not enough. There is a strong case to be made to the Ministry of Advanced Education, and with a provincial election looming, students have a unique opportunity to advocate to the government and official opposition on this issue. Further, my past experiences working with the provincial government and the Students’ Union provides me with a unique platform to effectively fight for increased representation.

II. Student-Centric Renovations and Development

The Board of Governors approves the annual budget of the university and large scale redevelopment projects. However, in the past, student needs have not always been taken into account. With the ongoing redevelopment of buildings like the MacKimmie Tower, it is vital that students have their needs communicated to senior officials and the entire Board. As Board Representative, I will utilize documents like the Students’ Union Annual Survey to effectively advocate for a more student-centric approach to redevelopment and renovations.

III. Review of Sexual Violence Policy

The first review of the University’s Sexual Violence Policy is set to commence this June. As the representative on the Board of Governors, I want to ensure that student voices are heard during the process, and that students have explicit representation on the review’s committee. I will also ensure that there is an online platform to allow students to submit their recommendations digitally. Students should be safe on campus, and our sexual violence policy should be comprehensive, transparent, and legally sound.

IV. Mental Health Advocacy:

Mental health support is an important part of university life, and as Board Representative I will advocate to the rest of the Board of Governors and to senior-level administration to convey student desires and concerns about the services they access. The Campus Mental Health Strategy was officially launched in December of 2015, and is responsible for the expansion and quality of mental health services throughout the university. Moving forward, I would like to see the establishment of an online forum where students can provide feedback online about the strategy and mental health challenges they have experienced. It is vital that the Board understands what many students are experiencing, and that they create policy with the health of students in mind.

V. Greater Student Connection

Although the Board of Governors is the highest governing body of the University, students often feel distanced from it. Many have little idea what the purpose of the Board is, and its processes can often appear shrouded in bureaucracy. Students should have the opportunity to engage the Board and express themselves. As the representative on the BoG, I will encourage Board members and the Board Chair to actively speak to students in the community. While Board meetings are already officially public, few students know about them, or where and when they take place. As such, I will work with student organizations to promote attendance at BoG meetings to guarantee a clear student presence when important decisions are being made.

For more details regarding my platform, or to discuss any questions that you may have, feel free to contact me through any of the below methods, and be sure to check out my social media for (moderately) interesting updates throughout the campaign. I look forward to hearing from you!

Instagram: @FrankForBoG
Twitter: @FrankForBoG
Phone: (403)-826-1369

Senate Student-at-Large Candidates

RJackson-Sen-GE2019Hi STUDENTS,

My name is Raquel Jackson and I am currently a fourth year International Relations student running to represent YOU on Senate. I am dedicated to further developing our community and creating an enriched university experience.

As your next Senate student at large representative, I hope to improve three specific topics:


Many students on campus STILL remain unaware of what senate does and how it impacts them. Knowledge ensures accountability of the role and more importantly allows students to benefit from their senate representatives. I hope to educate students throughout campus on the senate’s roll within the university and how they impact students.


Affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education are crucial interests of students. It is important to ensure there are a wide variety of scholarships available throughout faculties and that students are aware of them. I plan to promote existing scholarships awarded by the Chancellor and Senate, as well as advocate to increase their funding. Most importantly I hope to facilitate the creation of new scholarships to showcase & reward the diversity of accomplishments achieved by our U of C students.


Senate works to enrich the connection between the community and our university. I want to engage students as well as senate members to ensure higher impact of events such as Lecture of a Lifetime and entrepreneurial opportunities ensured through the Calgary community. Finally, I hope to collaborate with the incoming Board of Governors representative to host a townhall to connect undergraduate students with their Senate and BOG. Its time students get to know our senators and discover how they enrich our community as well as our university experience.

Thank you, I look forward for the opportunity of representing YOU on Senate!

Don’t forget to VOTE March 5th-7th

Questions? Connect with me on Facebook:

DSamra-Sen-GE2019Hello UofC students! My name is Dilpreet Samra, and I am running to be your next Senate Student-at-Large Representative.

As a student who has been involved in various clubs, and non-profits throughout Calgary, I hold a well-rounded background for this role, and this has allowed me to understand what is most important to students. I intend to use my experience as the co-president of the Indian Students’ Association (ISA), and being part of the Annual Giving Team on campus, to help execute all the goals that I would like to achieve within this role.

My goals are to:

I. Expand the current Senate Mentorship program.

o This program provides a wonderful platform for students of diverse demographics within clubs and organizations. By implementing more one-on-one mentorship meetings between clubs and Senators, allows for both parties to develop a better understanding of the support needed. Our Senators come from a vast variety of backgrounds, and by increasing the awareness about this program, I believe more groups will be able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

II. Increase transparency of what the Senate does with the larger student-body

o Facilitating more Senate events which are student-focused, strengthens relationships between the student-body and Senators. We are able to currently see this through the Lecture of a Lifetime series. The series allows for students to hear from scholars within the Senate. I want to ensure that we have more similar student focused to ensure our students are able to understand what our Senators do at the University and all the reasons their contributions can be celebrated.

III. Ensure student voice is represented and issues are advocated for.

o I want to ensure students views are represented on the Senate and to continue advocating for the importance of student voice. I would like to continue fighting for affordability and accessibility for students of all demographics.

I want to make sure your concerns are voiced and represented! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out on Facebook or Instagram @Dilpreet4Senate, or at

Make sure to #BeSweetVoteDilpreet on March 5, 6 and 7 on!

JSecreti-Sen-GE2019My name is Jonah Secreti and I’m a third year concurrent Arts and Education Student who would love to be your next Senate Student-at-Large Representative. I have had the honour of serving as your Senate Student-at-Large Representative this past Fall and Winter semester, and I would be excited to continue representing your interests. Representing your perspective is something I intend to achieve through advocating students’ interests, communicating with students, and being fully engaged as your representative on the Senate. My platform is built on the key pillars of Advocation, Communication, and Engagement.


Advocating for the interests of undergraduate students on the Senate is a responsibility that I take pride in fulfilling. Currently, my position on the Senate Honors Committee has allowed me to be more active in the process of nominating individuals to receive an Honorary Degree from the University of Calgary. Since Honorary Degree recipients give a speech at convocation, I will advocate for these individuals to be the best possible choice for this award to make graduating from university an even more outstanding experience for students. Additionally, as the Senate’s primary purpose is community engagement, I want to ensure that the external community is aware of the outstanding work being done by undergraduate students. Advocating for more funding and opportunities for students to showcase their abilities to the community will be a priority of mine in this position. While student representatives can sit on various Senate committees, currently they are not able to participate on the Student Scholarships and Bursaries Committee. As students are most directly familiar with the financial constraints of post-secondary education it would make sense if students were represented on this committee, which is something I will advocate for as your representative.


Communicating the activities and perspectives of undergraduate students to the Senate is something I have and will continue to do if elected to this position. Most students are unaware of what the Senate actually does, and I hope to correct this by promoting how the Senate undertakes multiple community engagement initiatives such as awarding Honorary Degrees, hosting Lecture of a Lifetime, and providing Dinos tickets to high school athletic teams. I intend to host Senate information sessions on campus to explain what exactly the Senate does to better communicate its activities to students. Whether talking to students in the hallways on campus or reporting to the Student’s Legislative Council, I will continue to provide information on the Senate’s activities. While I always enjoy talking with people face to face, I understand that I may not get the chance to talk with every student on campus (although I will certainly try!). For this reason, I would like to develop an online survey for students to express their views on Senate related matters such as how to better engage the community or who would be deserving of an Honorary Degree. As your representative I will be easily approachable to answer any questions you may have, and to take note of changes you would like to see.


Being fully engaged in numerous activities and organizations on campus is something I take great pleasure in and has allowed me to better understand the multiple perspectives of undergraduate students. My roles as a Convocation Usher, Orientation Leader, and Vice President of Finance for the History Student’s Association have prepared me to go the extra mile to represent your interests, and I would be excited if given the opportunity. Engaging with the Senate through events, meetings, and training sessions is something I will commit to participating in and actively contributing to as your student representative. I will also actively engage with initiatives of the Student’s Union through attending meetings of the Student’s Legislative Council, and more actively involving myself with events hosted by the Student’s Union and other student representatives. Also, I believe strongly in supporting initiatives to have Senators contribute directly to the student experience, such as the Senate Mentorship Program which matches undergraduate clubs with a Senator as their mentor. Being fully engaged in the campus community is something that I will commit to as your representative.

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and I hope to use my experience on Senate to represent your interests in the future. If you have any questions I would encourage you to email me at and remember to vote on March 5, 6, and 7, 2019!

Acclaimed Candidates

The following candidates were acclaimed; therefore, their names will not appear on the 2019 General Election ballot.

KDang-GE2019-VPAcaHello! I’m Kevin Dang (aka KD), and I’m running to be your next Vice President Academic. As a fifth-year Biological Science student, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Faculty of Science Representative and as your current Vice President Operations and Finance. My goal is to use my experiences to ensure all students have the resources and support they need to succeed at university.

  • Advancing Academic Resources
    • Collaborate with university departments to strengthen academic resources available to students.
      • Work with Libraries and Cultural Resources to develop projects that have a direct impact on students, such as library textbook reserves, e-books, study spaces and open educational resources (OERs).
      • Advocate for long-term financial support for programs that foster academic success such as Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).
  • Supporting Undergraduate Research
    • Establish the SU Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) as the premier, week-long research conference on campus.
      • Introduce a greater variety of workshops and presentation methods to encourage greater participation from “non-traditional” research disciplines.
      • Create a wider variety of student awards by building stronger relationships with event stakeholders through a donor appreciation event.
    • Advocate for more funding resources and research opportunities on campus by developing a collaborative relationship with the next University of Calgary Vice-President Research.
  • Student Academic Outreach
    • Regularly engage with faculty/departmental clubs and student groups each semester to discuss the academic challenges they face and how better support can be provided.
    • Increase student awareness of academic resources available on campus through class talks, social media and other platforms.
    • Work with the Student Success Centre, the Academic Integrity Programs Coordinator, and the Student Appeals Officer to develop resources that will help inform students about emerging academic issues such as academic misconduct and academic integrity.

Thanks for your consideration! Vote KEVIN DANG for VP Academic and remember – IT’S GOTTA BE KD!

AGordon-GE2019-VPSLHi DINOs! My name is Alisha Gordon (she/her) and I am running to be your next VP Student Life!

For the past two years, I have had the honour of serving as one of your Senate representatives (thank you!). I have also served as an executive on several clubs, volunteered across campus and represented undergraduate students on university committees. I am passionate about improving student life on campus for everyone and believe I am the right person to advocate for you by fostering an inclusive, diverse and accessible campus culture.


  • With over 300 clubs on campus, our campus community isbetter due to the countless students who volunteer their time to ensure their club’s success. As your VPSL, I will work to make the club experience as straightforward as possible by creating more interactive ClubHub sessions, clarifying and promoting club awards and hosting more workshops throughout the year.
  • Countless club executives have expressed their frustration with their bookings being moved, double-booked or outright cancelled without any consultation from the club itself. If elected, I will collaborate with MCEC, the university and our CSO to ensure clubs can access accessible space bookings that are always honoured.


  • If elected, I will sit on the Mental Health Implementation Advisory Committee. I am committed to be a strong student voice on this committee and will ensure that student’s needs are prioritized both on this committee and throughout campus.
  • There are many clubs and initiatives on campus that are ran by students who are passionate about destigmatizing mental health, therefore I want to collaborate with these students to enhance the SU’s monthly Stress Buster workshops. I believe this will further the reach and impact of the Stress Buster workshops and promote the mental health resources available on campus.
  • I will advocate to ensure the university develops meaningful, culturally-sensitive mental health resources and programs to serve our diverse campus community. This includes advocating for more trauma-informed mental health resources to support those who experience trauma in any form.


Sexual Violence Prevention, Policy & Programming:

  • Students need stronger policies to support those who experience sexual violence. Currently, the university’s sexual violence policy is scheduled to be reviewed every three years. I will push the university to review and revise this policy more frequently with significant student input. Additionally, I will collaborate with the future VP OP-FI to ensure the SU has stronger policies in place for both our organization and our businesses.
  • I will collaborate with student groups on-campus such as CASE (Consent Awareness and Sexual Education club) to develop sustainable, student-led programming and workshops focused on sexual violence prevention, healthy relationships and supporting those who experience sexual violence.


  • As a member of the former Indigenous strategy working group, I plan to bring a strong student voice to the Indigenous Strategy implementation committee. This committee recently developed an Indigenous Student Advisory Council which I plan to work with to ensure Indigenous student’s distinctive needs and concerns are heard in the SU.
  • I will continue to advocate for the incorporation of Indigenous ways of knowing into our mental health services. Additionally, I will work to promote the current resources that exist within the Native Centre, the Wellness Centre and the ASSERT program.


  • Currently students living in residence are required to move out 24 hours after their last final exam. This puts an unnecessary burden on students during one of the most stressful times of year. This is especially true for students from outside the province or country who may not have the same support as students from Alberta. I will advocate for more flexible move out dates and additional resources for these students.
  • If elected, I will maintain a strong relationship with the Residence Students’ Association to better advocate for all students living in residence. There will be a main focus on solving the problems relating to the AYCTE meal plan.


  • Work with UCalgary Athletics to incorporate the Dinos brand into SU events and programming such as Orientation, BSD and Frostbite.
  • Work with the Red Rising executives to promote membership, hype games and the Dinos Red Zone App. I believe this will increase attendance at Dinos games and help instill Dinos pride across campus.

Thank you for reading my platform! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have J

Instagram: @votealisha

MShortt-GE2019-HaskHello Haskayne! My name is Maggie Shortt, I’m a second-year student at the Haskayne School of Business and would love the opportunity to act as the Business Representative in the Students’ Union (SU) elections. Over the past year I have had the privilege of representing Haskayne with JDC West in Burnaby and was also on the Executive Team for the Indigenous Student Council. These experiences, along with previous employment, and other volunteer roles, have helped me develop my leadership skills and I hope to display these as your Haskayne (SU) Representative.

My platform points and areas of focus are as follows:

Reverse Career Fair

Do you find that our business clubs are lacking opportunities to meet with potential sponsors and make connections that could help with their future success? I am proposing a reverse career fair, where business clubs can be the ones to present what their clubs are about, and companies can then be the ones to walk through and meet with clubs that interest them to build connections and provide potential resources.

Student Liaison

With the construction of the new Mathison Hall starting later this year, I would like to step onto one of the building committees to ensure that students’ opinions are being heard as decisions are being made. If I am elected, I will meet with students regularly to receive feedback and opinions on what you would like to see done with the new building and ensure that these opinions are brought forward.

Wellness Initiatives

I know when I’m stressed, it’s always nice to take part in an event happening in the BMO forum! I will be bringing pancake breakfasts to Haskayne, as well as other potential initiatives such as PALS dogs, because who can be stressed when snuggling with puppies?

Being a part of the Haskayne School of Business has been an amazing experience and I would love to bring the passion I have for this faculty forward into the position of Haskayne SU Representative. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to making a positive change with all of you!

Facebook Page:

Instagram Page

MChin-GE2019-KinesHey KNES! My name is Mathieu Chin, a third year Biomechanics student, and I am running to be YOUR SU Kinesiology Representative for the 2019-2020 year! Throughout my years in the Faculty of Kinesiology, I have been involved in various ways to ensure that my peers have the best undergraduate experience possible in the best faculty on campus! I hope that by being elected as your SU KNES Rep that I can continue my involvements in the faculty and be your voice to the larger community.

If elected, I will ensure that your voices are heard and that I will work to the best of my ability to improve your undergraduate experience! Over the past year, I have collected suggestions on what Kinesiology students wish to have implemented in our faculty, and if elected, I hope to make them a reality! Here is what a ‘CHIN FOR KIN’ vote will have in store!


Over the past year, the Government of Canada has issued a call for 100% of post-secondary students to participate in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences. If elected to be your KNES Rep, I will work with the faculty to expand and incorporate these opportunities in the faculty in a way that allows for flexibility and is accessible to everyone. From Co-op terms to practicum experiences, I believe these are the experiences that will allow undergraduate students to make the smooth transition from university to the workforce. Likewise, as the current practicums in Kinesiology are unpaid, I will look to fund an initiative where students are able to receive a stipend to help cover the cost of transportation and materials associated with the placements. Through the creation of a ‘KNES Students Activity Fund’, this will give students an opportunity to apply for grants for anything related to conference costs, travel expenses, practicum materials.


Currently, the Faculty of Kinesiology does not offer any block week courses to undergraduate students. This can pose a problem in limiting the flexibility of course selection for students, especially with the rapid increase in enrollment over the past 4 years. By incorporating a block week course, students can free up their course load for the coming semester, ultimately allowing for greater flexibility when doing course registrations. There are currently discussions about such implementation; by being elected as your SU Rep, I will ensure that the voice of all undergraduate students are heard during the development process and that it will


Undoubtedly, being an undergraduate student can be very stressful and with the consistently busy schedule we are bombarded with, it isn’t uncommon for one to forget to take time for selfcare. If elected, I will continue my work in ensuring that mental health is a priority for students in out faculty. Specifically, I hope to increase awareness of the various resources that are available to students both on and off campus while bringing various workshops to students in Kinesiology. Having already started work in this area the past year, I hope that I can continue to expand on my current initiatives and ensure that all students who are feeling distressed have the support that they need to get through the dark chapters of their lives.

A vote for CHIN is a vote for KIN! If you are looking for a SU Kinesiology Representative that is compassionate, innovative, and willing to take your undergraduate experience to the next level, then be sure to vote for Mathieu Chin during ‘Voting Days’ between March 5-7th, 2019. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at I look forward to working with you in making our faculty the best it can be!

DSouraya-GE2019-LawHello everyone,

My name is Dalal Souraya and I am running to be your Law Faculty Representative. Having went to the University of Calgary for over five years now, I know that the University has so much to offer us and that our law students have so much to offer it as well! I’d like to create a bridge between our law building and the rest of the university. If elected I hope to act as a liaison where I can show all the benefits and resources available to us as law students, beyond just Murray Fraser and Mac Hall (Yes that does mean even more free food events). I’d also like to show the rest of the school just how awesome we are. Many students, for instance, do not take advantage of our amazing Student Legal Assistance program.

Especially, with the MacKimmie Tower construction taking place, our students are even more isolated than ever. This means that when we are running late to class or when we don’t feel like freezing in the cold our ONLY food option Is the “modified” Tim Hortons option. I would like to create a Skip the Dishes type venture, where we can have more food choices that are both healthy and accessible.

Law school is great because we get to gain the knowledge we need, both inside and outside the classroom. What isn’t great, is the small washroom space students use in order to change into their professional attire. If elected, I’d like to create a quality money funding application for changing rooms. I would also like to advocate for a more comprehensive benefit plan. I would love to bring a positive change through these ideas and many more in order to try to make our time in law school easier. Overall, I would like to be your voice on campus and hear what you have to say! Law students have great opinions and ideas and I would love the opportunity to put these into action.

Just like the way I advocate for my clients, let me advocate for you! Vote Dalal Souraya!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have been told since first year that we are in one of the most trusted professions. We’ve worked since then, to prove to ourselves, our Nis… through OSCARs and early morning clinicals all to show who we are as nurses. I think the job of the Students’ Union Representative is threefold- here’s what I will do for you, if you vote me as your Faculty of Nursing Students’ Representative.

My name is Candace, and as a third year, and I am running to be your Students’ Union Representative!

Clinical Accessibility

Many of us have had to make the drive to and from clinical early morning and late nights. Many of us rock our postman blue scrubs weekly, many of us own our very own Littman, but that isn’t to say that there are ways to make all the ingredients for successful clinical experiences more accessible to all students.

Exploring opportunities to provide financial support to students who drive and have to pay for parking and to create a rental system with nursing equipment, are just a couple of the ways that I will try to make clinical more accessible to all of you.

Re-energize and Self Care

When we are not studying, there are always places to destress and re-energize. Waffle brunches and cotton candy mental health days will be a couple of the events in store for 2019-2020. Nursing is such a special community that I have been so grateful to find the most precious friendships in and taking a self-care break is as important as preparing for the NCLEX, and I hope to bring the opportunity to re-energize to you, home in the Professional Faculties.

I hope to be able to be person you can reach out to with all your thoughts, comments, concerns and celebrations, if I don’t have the answer or next step, I will find you somebody who does.

And as always, nothing can’t be achieved so long as you fight for what you care about, I care about you, I care about us as a faculty, and I hope that it will show.

GEast-GE2019-EduHello Educators!

My name is Georgia East, I am a first year After-Degree Education student specializing in Inclusive Education and I would like to serve you as the Werklund School of Education Faculty Representative. While we all work towards becoming teachers, I will work in turn to provide a more enriched and meaningful experience during our time as students. I am excited to serve this community and to assure the Faculty of Education is being heard and represented in a positive way.

As your Education Faculty Representative, I plan to focus on these three main areas:

School Culture and Community

Throughout my time at the University of Calgary I have been heavily involved with the Students Union, through clubs, events and various committees. I believe that the Students Union plays a key role in creating a campus culture and community that inclusive, vibrant and adequately represents the student population. Despite this, I believe there is a current disconnect between the Faculty of Education and the Students Union. However, I hope to render this issue. I will work to be transparent with students about the goals, initiatives and opportunities provided by the Students Union and to educate and inform my peers on the resources available to them.

In education we are constantly reminded of the importance of creating a positive school culture and climate, and I believe this starts now! By gaining a clearer understanding of the culture and climate that is present in our own school community we can use this to learn what works and what we hope to improve on. I will work to voice your needs and opinions to the Student Legislative Council, as creating a strong, inclusive and positive school culture should not only be taught but practiced!

Networking and Collaboration

During my time as Faculty Representative I plan to act as liaison between students and faculty and to continue to foster positive relationships with the Werklund School of Education Faculty, Education Students Association as well as work cohesively with the other Representatives of professional faculties.

I plan to continue the work of my predecessors in increasing correspondence and communication as I advocate for the implementation of a D2L Program Portal for the efficient. This initiative will help to assure transparency and assure students are aware and involved in all goal-setting and decision-making processes. Additionally, I hope to continue the process of developing a 1st-2nd year mentorship program, so students can work with colleagues and develop positive connections and networking opportunities that will be vital to them as they enter the field of education.

Self Care and Mental Health

The topic of mental health is of great importance to me because I have personally struggled with mental health, particularly in my first year of University. Through getting involved in my school community, taking advantage of the mental health services provided and finding positive support systems in my peers and fellow students I was able to improve my mental health and I now hope to advocate for others who are struggling.

I believe self care is the first step. As teachers we cannot not adequately care for our students if we are not first taking care of our own mental and physical health. I plan to continue the effort to modify the pre-existing Student’s Union stress-less initiatives (de-stress kits, pet therapy, stress buster workshops etc.) to make them more accessible to Education students and our unique academic calendar and practicum schedule.

I hope to work collaboratively with Students Union Clubs to educate and engage students on the positive outlets that are available to them. Involvement in such groups and organizations can be of great value to us both personally and professionally and is key to creating a happy, healthy and well-rounded university experience.

Finally, I hope to implement workshops for students, to provide education and training on how to support the mental health concerns of our future students. Certifications such as Mental Health First Aid, RIRO Resiliency Training and Behaviour Management Systems can provide professional development opportunities for future educators to assure we are adequately prepared to enter the field and go on to create classrooms that are safe and supportive.

It’s time to move in a new direction! I hope to serve you as your 2019/2020 Werlund School Faculty Representative!

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