The 2022 SU General Election voting days are March 8, 9, and 10. Voting starts at 9:00AM on March 8 until 4:00PM on March 10 with the un-official results being announced in-person in the South Courtyard of MacEwan Student Centre at 5:30PM, March 10. You can also watch the livestream, same date and time. Link will be provided, here, on March 1.

You can find you candidate platforms below. All candidates, contested and uncontested will appear on the March 8 ballot, along with the three(3) referendum questions.

Candidate Platforms

The number following each position denotes the number of positions available. Uncontested candidates, those running with no competitor, will have a YES/NO marked on the ballot.

Presidential candidates (1)

My name is Nicole Schmidt, and I am running for re-election as your Students’ Union President. As a fifth year Political Science student, I have previously served as Chair of the SU Review Board, worked with Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations, and completed an internship with the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia.

This past year I have worked hard to make a meaningful impact on the lives of university students, and I want the opportunity to continue to fight for you!

  1. Directly Oppose Future Tuition Increases and Post-Secondary Cuts:
    1. Fight tuition increases through targeted provincial-level advocacy and lobby university administration to tie all future tuition increases to CPI
    2. Develop internal metrics for students to gauge the quality of their post-secondary education and to hold administration accountable for receiving education quality proportional to tuition increases
    3. Continue to increase the external advocacy capacity of the Students’ Union to maintain media and public pressure on government and university administration
  2. Elevate Student Supports and Wellness Resources:
    1. Critically review the effectiveness of student wellness services offered by the university and develop monetary and social supports for students in response to gaps in currently available services
    2. Expand the academic appeals timeline and improve university-wide transparency for the student appeals process in order to support student mental health
    3. Develop internal resources for students to pursue employment opportunities external to the university so that they can gain work experience before graduation
  3. Engage in Thorough Student Consultation and Engagement:
    1. Continue to emphasize inclusive, equitable, and accessible practices for students in all areas of student life at the university through ongoing consultation and engagement
    2. Finalize Students’ Union consultation guidelines that outline the best practices for administration to consult with students on key issues such as tuition increases and bookstore management
    3. Continue to engage with students to receive feedback by performing direct and regular outreach via social media.

Check out my social media platforms and be sure to vote March 8-10th!

 Let’s #MakeSchmidtHappen

Instagram: Nicole4SUPresident
Reddit: Nicole4SUPresident

VP Academic Candidates (1)

Hello! I’m Shaziah Jinnah, I’m running to be your VP Academic. Being an involved leader, my goal is to facilitate meaningful conversations between students and university to tackle pressing student issues. If elected, I will advocate for a more equitable and accessible educational experience for students by focusing on:

  1. Empowering the Student

Through targeted consultation and advocacy, my primary goal is to empower all students. Namely, on issues pertaining to vulnerable students, mental health, collaboration and reading week.

  • I believe that first generation, BIPOC, mature, and neurodiverse students face even greater challenges to navigate their academic journey, which is why I intend to work closely with faculty representatives and clubs to foster mentorship programs and provide tailored support.
  • I plan to organize the first academic conference that brings together VP academics from various clubs to discuss pressing topics like the Student Bill of Rights, curriculum reviews for departments, and cross-disciplinary opportunities.
  • To expand the school’s approach to mental well-being and academic success, I plan to create a long-term cooperative effort between key campus offices.
  • Finally, I will advocate to ensure students have the liberty to decide how to use their time during fall/winter reading breaks, and ensure this obligation to be firmly established
  1. Experiential Learning (EL) and Research Opportunities

Advocating for the creation of the necessary resources to fill apparent gaps, and promoting embedded certificates, my goal is to support the university in their plan to have all undergraduate students by 2025 taking part in at least two EL opportunities before graduating.

In addition, I will work with the Provost team to address the elitism implied by research opportunities and strengthen course-based research experiences to resolve barriers to creating qualifying research for URS.

  1. Quality of Education Amidst Budget Cuts

To enhance our quality of education, I plan to collect data on students’ concerns about online lectures, in-person classes, textbook costs, online proctoring, and exams. The data will help us understand what opportunities and challenges COVID-19 have presented, and which components of those opportunities can be more effectively utilized to improve overall quality of education.

Instagram: @shaz4vpa

VP External Candidates (1)

Hello Ucalgary, my name is Theodore McHugh and I am running to be your next VP external. As VP external, I will fight hard for students’ voices to be heard, for accountability, and for affordable and attainable education for all students.

My first major promise will be to advocate for greater accountability for the actions of the university. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the University as a whole will act without considering the impact of their actions on students at large. As VP external, I will fight to ensure that students are kept timely informed of any major changes or updates that impact them and that the impact of these decisions on students will truly be considered. On top of that, I will push to create a system that holds university staff accountable for the services they provide to students, allowing the University to review and prevent behavior and practices that negatively impact a student’s ability to succeed.

My second major promise is to Push back against the cuts that continue to be brought on by the Albertan government. The financial stress that students are currently facing continues to build up with the current administration planning more budget cuts leading to tuition increases. I will not only fight against currently planned tuition increases but will push for this administration and the next to carry out proper fiscal policy instead of offloading the cost onto students.

My third major promise is to ensure that student voices are heard. Often due to a plethora of reasons, students and younger Albertans are poorly represented in the electoral process. With an election occurring during the next term, I will advocate for the return of on campus voting in the 2023 provincial election while also advocating for effective policy on all major parties election platforms in regards to post-secondary education.

VP Operations and Finance Candidates (1)

Hello Dinos!

My name is Taimur Akhtar, and I am running to be your Vice-President of Operations and Finance.

I have gained tremendous experience working on various campus initiatives as the current SU Engineering Representative. As a member of the Operations and Finance committee in the previous year, I have gained the leadership and expertise required to represent your needs!

My platform consists of the following achievable goals:

  1. Improve Campus Spaces
    1. Ensure that all Mac Hall operations, such as seating and vendors, are ready to accommodate a full return to in-person activities.
    2. Improve Mac Hall’s sustainability by expanding the waste services and proposing alternative energy initiatives.
    3. Utilize Quality Money Funding to improve campus spaces including Mac Hall spaces and classrooms across campus.
  1. Increase Student Engagement
    1. Connect with all students in all faculties through the creation of the Committee of Faculty Associations – which would include members from all faculty associations across campus on a single committee.
    2. Work with the Policy Analyst to organize formal committees at the individual faculty-level. This is necessary in larger faculties with numerous disciplines.
  1. Advocacy Against Tuition Increases
    1. Oppose further tuition increases in consultations with the University Administration. Given the impact tuition increases have had on students, it is the responsibility of all student representatives to fight these increases.
    2. Advocate against tuition increases to the provincial government. With an upcoming provincial election next year, the entire SU team has the opportunity to apply public pressure during the election period.
  1. Ancillary Services
    1. Directly oppose the privatization of the bookstore and advocate for the SU to take over operations – keeping the bookstore affordable.
    2. Engage with third party organizations to fight food insecurity on campus by expanding our Campus Food Bank.

As a student leader, I will continue to fight for your rights and ensure your voice is heard. Feel free to reach out to me at or on any social media for more information about my platform!

Don’t forget to Vote Taimur Akhtar for Vice-President of Operations and Finance on March 8-10!

Hello Dinos! My name is Matthew Herring and I am running to be your next VP Operations and Finance! Navigating university the past two years has been incredibly tough for students, and I hope to use my position in the SU to advocate and make meaningful changes that directly benefit students. Here are some of the ways I plan to make the university a better and more affordable environment.

Increase Funding for Faculty Associations

Faculty Associations (FA) play an important role on our campus. Throughout my term as an Arts Representative, I have seen the impact that FAs have on students in their respective faculties. I’d like to strengthen these organizations by providing them with a bigger budget. Over the past year, the SU has worked towards implementing a FA fund, and if elected, I will help see that fund come to fruition, as well as look into alternate methods of funding.

Begin Work to Implement a Food Cooperative and Address Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is one of the most immediate issues facing the student population. Throughout the pandemic, food insecurity among post-secondary students increased exponentially. As VP OpFi, I want to work with advocacy and food security groups on campus to set up a food cooperative run by students, for students, that can provide food to those in need without putting them in a financially unstable position. I will also enhance the preexisting food insecurity infrastructure within the SU.

Protect the Future of the Bookstore

Students came out in unprecedented numbers to protest the sale of the bookstore to a multi-million dollar corporation last April that would’ve lead to increased prices and worse service. The outcry successfully lead to the university pulling out of the sale, which was a huge win for affordable post-secondary. However, this situation isn’t over yet, and as VP OpFi I plan to work alongside the university to explore options for an affordable future for the bookstore.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at or message me on Instagram @matthewherring4opfi.

I am Rafael Sanguinetti, a 3rd year Biomedical Sciences student running for Vice-President of Operations and Finance! Over the past year, I have had the privilege of serving as a SU Representative for the Cumming School of Medicine, and through my term I have noticed issues affecting students across the university. I aim to address these issues in three ways:

Negotiating the Best Deal for Students

The SU’s Student Health and Dental plans have not been changed in almost 30 years, and students this election will determine the future of our insurance plans. I will ensure that the SU negotiates the best deal for students, as we deserve to have the most comprehensive coverage possible when it comes to our health and dental needs.

Continue the Fight Against Bookstore Privatization

The university has still not decided on the fate of our campus bookstore, which presents a huge opportunity for students. Acquiring the bookstore as a SU business would ensure reasonable prices for textbooks and class materials, and any excess revenue can be funneled back to the student body by improving SU services like the Food Bank. I will work closely with the SU President and the university administration and hope to acquire the bookstore under SU operations.

Increase Student Engagement and Assure SU Accountability

In recent years, the SU has seen low engagement from the student body and elected officials. I would like to resolve these issues by updating current SU policies in two ways:

(1) Allow students-at-large to serve on more SU Committees, such as Clubs Committee and Operations/Finance Committee. This would allow students-at-large to participate in their SU and fill empty seats on these committees.

(2) Introduce further accountability measures for SU elected officials. While the SU has policies to ensure that representatives are fulfilling their duties, there is room for improvement. Far too often, several representatives have failed to submit weekly reports, while others have regularly submitted empty reports. Elected officials have a responsibility to their students, so I would like to introduce measures such as mandatory weekly report submissions and pay deductions for repeated offenders.

VP Student Life Candidates (1)

Hello Dinos! My name is Adrian Alcantara, and I am running to be your next Vice President of Student Life. At the University of Calgary, I have had the pleasure of serving as Director and Vice President of Student Life for the Haskayne Student Association, Executive Student at Large on the Haskayne Wellness Society, a mentor and supervisor for Haskayne’s First Year Mentorship Program and as your Haskayne School of Business Representative for the SU. These experiences reflect my passion for supporting our student community and I Intend on focusing on the following:

  1. Wellness Advocacy and Initiatives

In the upcoming year I would like to build stronger relations and work alongside our Student Wellness Services to help improve our meaningful impact on students.

  • Granting students and club leaders access to mental wellness training.
  • Improved incorporation of our wellness resources through our campus events such as orientation.
  • Work alongside Student Wellness Services to better meet the needs of students on residence and international students.
  1. Community Engagement

I plan on engaging with our campus as much as possible and giving students a platform to engage with each other as well.

  • Prepare events and drop-ins when it is safe to do so.
  • Review our SU event approval process to ensure ease of use for newer club executives.
  1. Diversity on Campus

I had the honour of being one of the students to spearhead Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Week this year and I want to continue to foster this community’s strength.

  • Continue working with our Office of Indigenous Engagement with the implementation of the Indigenous Strategy.
  • Continue to work alongside our EDI Office in joint efforts regarding Anti-Racism.
  • Celebrate the vast diversity we have on campus but also engage in difficult and meaningful discussion.
  • Work on the sustainability of EDI within the SU through allocated funds and policy review.

Thank you for considering me as your next Vice President of Student Life. Remember to vote on March 8th – 10th. If you have questions or concerns email

Faculty Representative Candidates

The number following each office position denotes the number of positions available. Uncontested candidates, those running with no competitor, will have a YES/NO marked on the ballot.


Hello Faculty of Arts students! My name is Rachel Cabalteja and I’m a third-year political science and philosophy student. As your Arts Representative, it is my goal to give back to a faculty that has given so much to me! With that said, I am proud to present my platform!

Ready to Return

As we return to normal, it is important that we are prepared and stepping into a new opportunity! How do we do that?

  1. Promoting the Creative Arts
    1. Hosting art showcases in the Arts Lounge and social events allows us to make use of the resources we have readily available while also highlighting unique skills within our faculty.
  2. Advocating for Accessible Learning
    1. Throughout my term, I will be committed to advocating for academic accommodations that have been accessible to us during the online term.

Extra-Curricular Success

Clubs allow students to excel beyond the classroom! As your Arts Representative, I will advocate:

  1. Increased Promotion of Events
    1. Member retention and promotion for clubs has been a struggle, therefore I will work with clubs to find the best way to empower their events.
  2. Stronger Faculty Relationships
    1. Department clubs provide an opportunity for students to come together. It is my goal to host networking events to ensure that students feel connected to their department.

Mental Health

It has been a rough couple of years for everyone. With that said, I want to ensure that students are made aware of all of the resources available to them! This will be done in two ways:

  1. Promotion of Mental Health Services
    1. I plan on using the Arts Representative platforms as a place to promote resources that not all students are aware of!
  2. Personal Availability
    1. Reaching out can be a difficult process, especially when it comes to asking for help. I am committed to making myself available for you and understanding what you need to get through difficult challenges.

To learn more about me and my platform, please feel free to reach out using any of the methods below!

Instagram: Rachel4Arts

Hello! My name is Areeba Nadeem, and I am a psychology student. I am running to be your faculty representative for the Faculty of Arts! I care about your interests and your voice, and here are some ways in which I promise to honour that if elected.

Work Experience/Career Opportunities

As arts students, we’ve all heard the unemployment jokes and stereotypes. This has led to demotivation and second thoughts among arts students. However, I aim to fight against this concept and reinforce morale by directing students to internship and research opportunities throughout the year. I will arrange workshops facilitated specifically towards Faculty of Arts students, where students will be informed about relevant internship or research opportunities that are open, as well as introduced to various different paths they may take within their degree. I will also arrange networking events, where students can connect with alumni from their particular programs, as well as engage with potential employers. I care about making sure opportunities are as equally distributed as possible for each one of you.


With the ongoing pandemic, there has been numerous changes within the delivery of classes – creating uncertainty among students. Over the past two years, classes have continuously shifted between online and in-person. While since then, the university has created an environment in which students can return to in-person classes, there is no doubt that the constant shifts have disturbed our learning. Online learning, especially, has changed the way we study and learn. To allow a smooth transition, I will fight for instructors to upload their notes online, as well as continue to post or provide recorded lectures to students.

Reduce Costs

Despite being online, tuition costs have continued to increase each year. On top of this, the cost of textbooks and external resources such as course access codes that can only be purchased, present more financial challenges to struggling students. I will aim to reduce these costs by providing alternate resources, such as creating a larger used-books community forum on social media specifically for the Faculty of Arts, so that students can easily find relevant textbooks.

Hello Arts! I’m Ermia, a History and Anthropology student with a minor in Latin American Studies and I am excited to be running for this position. I’m passionate about working to resolve the everyday issues of students and with the state of the pandemic, high inflation, and budget cuts, those issues only seem to be getting bigger. Here are four points of my platform that are meant to help students in an ever-changing world:

Food Insecurity:

One of the most important issues facing students today. It has been on the rise for the past few years, and the pandemic, the tuition increases, and the constant rise in inflation have done nothing but make the situation worse. As Arts Rep I will work with the SU Food Bank alongside student-led food justice initiatives to develop a free meals program available to all students. Moreover, there is a lack of affordable options on campus. If elected, I will help create more diverse, affordable, and community based options for students.


With the removal of the tuition cap, tuition grows less affordable every year and university grows more inaccessible. My goal will be to continue the Alberta wide ongoing student movements such as the Alberta Coalition for Affordable tuition and to continue to mobilize students and faculty in pushing against the continued hikes. Moreover, I will raise awareness for international students as their tuition is unfairly increasing more than all others.


Since the beginning of the pandemic the university has had a record of making last minute decisions that affect everyone, especially out-of-city and international students. I believe that it is important to use the power of the SLC to push for transparency and ensure that the university makes its decisions openly, communicating them directly to students.

Student Presence on Standing Committees:

Academic and university policy is often made with minimal student say. One way to change that is to work with FASA and the university to include student participation in standing committees such as the Teaching and Learning and Internalization committees.

For more of my platform check out @ermia4arts on IG.

Hello Arts Students, my name is Siraaj Shah, and I’m an International Relations Student here at the University of Calgary. This year I am thrilled to be running for a Faculty of Arts Representative Position!  As your Faculty Representative, I will do the following

Tuition Hikes

If elected, I will work to ensure Arts Students a stronger voice in the need to reduce the heavy tuition hikes. This will be done in two ways.

  1. Working with Student Groups to make Advocacy more accessible to Arts Students, and working with such groups to coordinate actionable Items that would involve Arts students
  2. I will also advocate for the creation of a new SU Working Group that’s focus would be to consult experts and write Reports on methods Tuition can be decreased at all levels of Government. Much of this Research lies in fields and Departments in the Faculty of Arts, hence as an Arts Rep, I will ensure there is significant consultation from my faculty

Club and Student Engagement

To boost student and Club Engagement in the Faculty of Arts I will do the following

  1. Work with VP Student Life to create specialized training for Executive Members of Arts Department Clubs and Student Groups, that would detail steps on how to be Equitable, Engaging, and Informative to the students they serve.
  2. I will also work with the faculty directly to create a framework that will help Arts Professors be more engaging, and adaptive to student needs in all modes of learning

Student Supports and Quality Money

  1. I will further the work being done on the Pandemic Consultation Framework to ensure student demands in the Faculty of Arts are being heard by providing insight into Pandemic related issues relevant to Arts students.
  2. To boost Equitable monetary support for Arts Students, I will advocate for the restructuring of the SU Hardship Fund to ensure Barriers are removed in the Application Process, and utilizing the QM App, to ensure that Low-Income students in the Faculty of Arts have a greater opportunity to access funds that they need.

My platform is based on 3 large pillars: Accessibility, Accountability, and Communication.

Accessibility: These past couple years have been rough on everyone including students, who have had to deal with change after change to their versions of education. One positive change that came of this was recording lectures. If I’m elected, I will advocate for the continuation of lecture recordings/posting of notes even after we return to a degree of normalcy and in person classes. There are so many reasons for students missing a class even before covid, and given the university’s zoom license, this should be an easier subject to maintain. Its great news that the university became a top 5 research university this year, and I applaud that. Although that is a good thing, the UofC still ranks low on mental health services. If I’m elected, I’ll push for more funding towards mental health programs and awareness, as there seems to be a lack of trust towards the student wellness center, which is a great resource for students.

Accountability and Communication: The University of Calgary has a bad reputation with accountability which has been exasperated by the pandemic and tuition hikes. If I’m elected, I can promise that I will fight for students, and advocate for monthly surveys sent out by the Student’s Union that will have the results communicated directly to the university administration. Additionally, if elected, I will advocate for general town halls aside from the usual ones hosted by the University of Calgary at least twice an academic year. At these town halls, students will be able to ask questions and voice concerns that they have, and get answers directly from the top, so for once students will have direct contact with the university and be able to help influence change. Along with this, I will also advocate for a google form that is on all SU social media that allows students to bring up concerns and ask questions that we can answer or get answers for. Students often feel under-represented by the Students Union and I’d like to change that.

Cumming School of Medicine (2)

Hi BHSc., CRDS, and UME students!


My name is Emily, and I’m a third-year medical student (Class of 2023), a BHSc. graduate, a past MDSC308 TA, and a Leaders in Medicine joint-degree (MD/PhD) student. Having experienced many facets of the CSM, I am seeking your support for re-election.

I previously served on the SU as VP Academic and as a Senate representative, and am a current CSM Faculty Representative (since Nov. 2021). I’ve also represented medical students both provincially and nationally. My experiences have given me a strong understanding of the functioning and organizational structure of the Students’ Union, the CSM, and the university, strengthening my ability to amplify student voices, address concerns and priorities, and advocate successfully for you.



  1. Facilitate a broad student consultation process across all CSM undergraduate programs to identify accessibility and equity issues, current needs, and other concerns/challenges/barriers with respect to academics, wellness, and overall experience.
  2. As part of barrier identification, conduct an accessibility audit of Foothills campus.
  3. Present program/faculty leadership with a comprehensive consultation/audit report, and requested action items, to support all students’ voices in informing new initiatives, renovations, and program changes.


  1. Continue developing an accessible, thorough, one-stop resource guide for students in each program (BHSc, CRDS, UME), with subsequent transition to programs for sustainable maintenance/distribution.


  1. Foster an environment of accessibility and responsiveness by creating opportunities for students to meet and interact with the new CSM dean, along with relevant program faculty/staff.
  2. Initiate regular opportunities for students to interact with SU representatives to improve information gathering and understanding of day-to-day concerns.
  3. Continue addressing COVID-19-related concerns, as they arise, for CSM students.


  1. SU Vice-President Academic
  2. SU Senate Representative (2 terms)
  3. SU CSM Faculty Representative (current, since by-election)
  4. Canadian Federation of Medical Students Western Regional Representative
  5. Canadian Federation of Medical Students National Wellness Officer
  6. Graduate Students’ Association Finance Standing Committee Chair (2 terms)


Questions, concerns, or thoughts? Want additional platform or experience details?


Thank you for your time and consideration!

Having had the fortunate opportunity to advocate for students at my high school as the President of the Student Council and students in my community as the lead spokesperson for my city’s Youth Council, I want to continue advocating for students in the Cumming School of Medicine (CSM). Hello friends, my name is Shubh Patel, and I am a second-year Biomedical Sciences student running to be your next CSM Faculty Representative.

If elected, I will make it a priority to enhance your experience in the CSM and ensure that your voices are heard and answered. I will also strive to focus on the following matters:

Academic Support

Several academic resources are in place to academically support students that I will continue to advocate for. The 24-hour stress-buster bonuses have significantly reduced stress for students; I will encourage their continued implementation.

Many studies have shown that students who complete practice questions/exams have lower test anxiety and remember more. I will advocate for more practice examinations/questions for applicable CSM courses.

Weekly Update, Opportunities, and Resource Emails

Many students are out of the loop with SU updates/discussions, academic/mental health resources, and opportunities within the CSM. I will send out weekly emails to combat this.

BINF-HSOC Course Registration

BINF and HSOC students have issues registering for concentration and CPSC courses because of a paucity of seats. I aim to work with the CSM to offer BINF and HSOC students equal access to these courses as other majors.

Career and Internship Opportunities

Sciences and Engineering students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience during their degree through internships/co-ops. I aim to expand these internships/co-op opportunities to Health Sciences students. Moreover, I will support and encourage career panels and fairs relevant to all Health Sciences students.

CSM Backpacks

The CMA hands out colourful backpacks to medical students during orientation to help them recognize and connect with each other. I will implement a similar initiative for all CSM students.

So CSM, vote right and elect Shubh Patel for your CSM Representative because together we can be the best Faculty we have ever had!

Hello fellow BHSc, CRDS and MD students!

My name is Reeana Tazreean (she/her), and I am located on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot, Treaty 7, and Métis peoples. I would like to thank the Indigenous peoples for the privilege of working, learning, and living here in Mohkinstsis.

I am in my 2nd-year of BHSc Health & Society with a concentration in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies.

I have been a part of numerous SU working groups, including the Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Teaching Excellence Awards committees. Through my involvement with UNICEF Canada as a Youth Advocate, I have learned that in order to be a good advocate, you must listen to the concerns of those around you and directly involve them in the initiatives you plan.

Here is what I intend to do for you:

  1. Create a handbook with summaries of intro-level class content and tips for transfer and incoming students.
  2. Continue to advocate against tuition spikes.
  3. Host a ‘Failure Forum,’ where students will get the opportunity to learn from the career mistakes of alumni and guest speakers. The goal of this event will be to encourage taking risks and embracing failure.
  4. Work with various departments to ensure that HSOC and BINF students have the same seat reservation access to concentration and CPSC classes as other major/minor students do when registering for courses.
  5. Continue to encourage professors to implement stress-busters.
  6. Implement the ‘CSM Scarves Initiative’:

Inspired by the Engineering faculty, we CSM students deserve a symbol representing the fact that we are one big family. The design of our scarves will be chosen via an art competition! This initiative aims to address the lack of representation between the majors. Regardless of where future endeavors take our alumni, they shall always have this keepsake to remind them of the CSM family they belong to. With these scarves, it’ll be super easy to spot a fellow CSM student on campus and potentially make new friends and new study buddies!

Want a guarantee that your voices and concerns will be heard and addressed?

Vote Reeana Tazreean for your Med Rep!

Haskayne School of Business (2)

Hello Haskayne students, I am a fourth-year Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

student vying to represent you on the Students’ Union. Through my experience as a VP on university clubs, and involvement in campus politics, I know I can represent Haskayne and the needs of its students. If representatives are willing to put in the work, the SU can have a positive impact, which is why I am excited to share my plan to do just that.

  • Academic Standards and Fairness 
    • The pandemic has revealed many weaknesses in the quality of instruction and evaluation within the faculty. Online or in-person, these issues cannot be allowed to continue. As Haskayne Rep, I will:
      • Use my position on faculty committees to advocate for the prevention of unfair and punitive exam practices
      • Work with the SU VP Academic to enact the SU’s draft Student Bill of Rights, and uphold the faculty’s responsibilities to a high-quality of instruction (Vague PowerPoints and minimal guidance are not what students are paying for)
      • Advocate for greater leniency and course compatibility with older versions of textbooks
  • Infrastructure Upgrades 
    • Although Matheson Hall is soon to be completed, it is important that our learning environment in Scurfield gets some love. If elected, I plan to:
      • Critically evaluate Scurfield Hall infrastructure through a student survey
      • Submit a Quality Money application to add desktop outlets to classrooms that currently do not have any
  • Financial Transparency and Advocacy 
    • While it is not uncommon at university to pay non-instructional mandatory fees alongside our tuition, many Haskayne students do not know where this money and how it can (or should) be benefiting them. As faculty representative, I intend to:
      • Create a clear financial ‘breakdown’ of how these fees are being used
      • Ensure the fees are aligned with the interests of Haskayne students through my position on faculty committees

For my full, expanded platform, check out my social media, and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions!

Instagram: Fine4Haskayne
Phone: (587) 578 8750

fACULTY OF Law (1)

Hi Everyone! My name is Saliha Haq and I am running to be your Faculty of Law representative. I think this past year has not only been difficult returning to a “new normal” but we have been faced with uncertainties and difficulties managing online classes and uncertain return to campus.

With this in mind, mental health, especially over an online schooling platform, is a priority for me. I want to work with the SU, the University and the Faculty to ensure students have access to mental health programs, services and initiatives. I plan on providing mental health awareness throughout the faculty, and work with the Wellness Centre, Assist and the Faculty of Law to ensure mental health services are more accessible, especially virtually. This plan includes ensuring we have access to counselling, drop-in peer support groups, stress-coping workshops, and mental health awareness campaigns.

As a faculty with students coming from multiple provinces, and with everything being virtual, I understand it is hard to connect with other students outside your year and class sections. It is important that we are able to build connections within the law school community, but also build connections with the larger campus community as well. To minimize this, I propose a few virtual engagement strategies. The first is to host student panels, with a focus on connecting first year students with upper years. As well, I propose to host seasonal socials to help students, professors and faculty staff to connect with one another better. I would like to act as a liaison between the Faculty of Law and resource centres such the Q Centre, Native Centre, Women’s Resource Centre, the Faith and Spirituality Centre and others to ensure these campus wide resources are available and accessible for law students.

As your Faculty Representative, I will work as a liaison between our Faculty and the Students’ Union to ensure I am able to advocate for you all!  I will always maintain an open line of communication with students and members of the faculty. Together, we can make this experience the best for our students! Vote Saliha Haq!

Faculty of Nursing (1)

Hello everyone, my name is Melody Chu, and I am a third-year nursing student running to become your next SU Nursing Representative. I have been involved in student services since my first year of the program as the VP Social of the Year One Nursing Council. In the following year, I became one of the Co-chairs of the Peer Mentorship Committee. Now, I am serving as your VP of Finance on the Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS). My experiences provide me with valuable insights, expertise, and drive to enrich your university experiences. I hope to put the following in action:

Easy Learning

One of the things that many students care about is doing well at school. Writing scholarly papers is a big component of our program because writing skills are important to nursing and future career development. I hope to establish paper editing services.

Upon graduating from our program, we all need to complete the NCLEX exam or the Next Gen after April 2023 to become an RN. I plan to find free or discounted resources (study materials and review sessions) for both generations of NCLEX.

Numerous students have to drive to clinical. I would like to get a discount for parking at clinical sites to save money for students. Also, entering clinical placement in term 4 could be exciting and nerve-racking. I hope to gather and share clinical tips and resources to help you ease into the new environment.

Connections and support

Connecting with various students could make our undergraduate experiences more colourful. While we bond with nursing friends through clinical placement, I would like to collaborate with the UNS to establish network opportunities with people in other programs.

Nowadays, we experience information overload, which is difficult for tracking opportunities and important events. I plan to summarize the current activities for you. Also, listening to your feedback is important to understand your needs and concerns, so I plan to have monthly surveys. I will work hard for what you care about.

Thank you for reading my platform.
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Faculty of Science (3)

Hi everyone! My name is Sandra Amin, and I am a third-year neuroscience student. Over the last few years, our student lives have been in flux. These constant changes have caused much stress; further, it often feels as though our voices go unheard, with decision being made without considering our opinions as students. While no one is to blame for COVID, students must have a greater voice within the university. I hope to change this situation, these are some of the ideas I would like to implement:

Improved Communication, Accountability and Transparency

As methods of teaching have changed back and forth, it has felt harder than ever to reach our professors. Yet, we students must be available 24/7. We are often left in the dark, with decisions being made without clarity or accountability. Students should be involved at every step of their education. Thus, it is vital that communication with our faculty is improved. I will push for transparency regarding the decision-making process, at both the class and administrative level. The voices of students must be heard, through surveys or discussions held through social media, allowing for greater strength in overturning any controversial decisions.

Research and Career Workshops

As science students, we are strongly encouraged to take part in research. Allowing us to engage in hands-on learning while pushing the world of science forward. Thus, it is vital to continue providing students with research opportunities and allowing us to share our work through symposiums.

However, what of science students who want to enter the professional world? It is crucial to provide these students with opportunities to explore fields of interest through career workshops and fairs. This will better prepare students who hope to leave the world of academia, allowing networking between companies and students.

I hope to grow my campaign as I get more feedback from science students, all of which deserve to have a voice. I would be honoured to be your next Faculty of Science Rep. Vote Sandra Amin for your Faculty of Science Representative!

Hey everyone! My name is Pragya Chopra and I am running to be re-elected as your 80th Faculty of Science Representative! I am a 4th year Computer Science student.

In my 3 years at the University of Calgary, I have been deeply involved in enriching the student experience. I have held the position of the Faculty of Science Representative for two years. I have previously been appointed as the Communications Ambassador for the Faculty of Science, a member of the Student Advisory Council, alumni engagement team and the Science Mentorship Program.

My main aim was to provide you all with all the help and support you needed. Here are a few things my colleagues and I have worked on this year:

  • Advocating for a better educational experience during online learning and voicing the concerns of the students.
  • Advocating for an increase in scholarships and bursaries.
  • Working on Quality Money renovation projects to give the students a better campus experience once we all do come back (hopefully soon!)
  • Voicing the concerns and needs of the international students at the International Engagement Committee.

Going forward, these are my updated goals:

Advocating for an increase in financial aid provided to students:

  • Work towards introducing new scholarships and bursaries from both internal and external sources.
  • Working towards a Quality Money Project aimed at providing bursaries to International Students who have contributed to the UCalgary Community.

Being transparent:

  • Hold regular sessions to keep the students updated about the current opportunities
  • Staying active on social media for instant communication.

Voicing the concerns of the students through these changing times:

  • With the ever-changing COVID regulations and the constant shift between online and in-person learning, it is my aim to raise the voice of the students and provide them with any support they may need. This includes bursaries to cover any financial inconvenience caused due to last-minute changes.

As your faculty rep, I aspire to not confine myself to these initiatives alone but to take definitive action for every voice that is heard. I am with you every step of the way. Vote PRAGYA CHOPRA for Science Rep!

Hey everyone! My name is Navid Ghaderi, I’m a 2nd year Neuroscience student, and I’m running to be your Faculty of Science Representative for the 2022-2023 school year! Throughout this past year, I have noticed some of the struggles that students have faced were lost within the desire to return to normality. As your Faculty of Science Representative, I will advocate for your interests, provide resources to become a better student, and enhance your academic experiences along the way.

Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries:

Although our university provides an expansive list of financial opportunities, it is still a very difficult process to be recognized for your achievements or needs. I aim to take advantage of the SU Quality Money Program and other forms of external investment to create awards, scholarships, and bursaries with broader criterions. These opportunities will be developed with the intent to reach a larger demographic of students in the Faculty of Science, especially those who are underrepresented.

Career Development Opportunities:

All students deserve to enrich their educational experience and explore their academic career options. I aim to ensure that this opportunity is equally accessible for everyone. Through collaboration with faculty and field professionals, I will create networking events and workshops catered for students to explore all aspects of their interests through questions and feedback. Additionally, I will promote existing opportunities in research and develop new methods to inform students on the process of how to get involved.

Mental Health Support:

Unfortunately, some students are unaware of the resources that the university offers for mental wellness, or may be afraid to ask for help. I aim to work with the Wellness Services to promote and expand existing mental health, suicide prevention, and substance abuse services through a variety of mediums. Additionally, I will work towards destigmatizing mental health issues on campus to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Your mental wellness should never be neglected.

Thank you so much for reading my platform. I am absolutely confident that together, we can create the necessary changes to benefit all students!

Vote Navid Ghaderi for Science Representative!

Hi everyone! My name is Harold Zhu, I am a third-year Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology student who would be honored to be your next Faculty of Science Representative. Being there before the transition to online schooling and being in the faculty of science for a long period I have heard the growing worries and concerns of my fellow students. At the same time being involved in numerous campus activities, I believe I can address these concerns. My plan focuses on a holistic approach to better our faculty. With your vote, I will work to achieve tangible improvements for the faculty of the science student body.

Adaptation: With this recent, there needs to be an adaptation of opportunities and services to become more accessible online. Additionally, there is a need to supplement parts of the university experiences lost such as the ability to network, socialize, gain experience as well as get involved in the community, among other career development skills. To achieve this I plan to work to increase the availability of existing services and adapt them for the online space. Additionally, I aim to create opportunities to supplement the areas lost due to the pandemic. This goal will be constant throughout my platform.

  • Opportunity: Increasing career, personal development, and social opportunities. Increasing mechanisms to allow individuals to access and know of events they want to attend. (networking, career, social events, research, networking, internships, application help, study abroad, ask a senior/individual in the industry panels)

Academic success: Organize events with academic success center, virtual study halls, helping to arrange and create study groups for people. Update and improve both virtual and in-person study spaces in the science faculty.

Accountability: Stay active on social media, talk to and hold regular sessions to keep students in the know about opportunities and the SU, take student input into consideration as to what they want to see.

Mental health: Holistic approach of increased academic help, social events to increase support networks, following up with departments about trends and complaints, along with increasing events specifically tailored to mental health.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (1)

Hello! My name is Lauren Stoffregen, and I am a second year DVM student running for a second term as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Representative in the 2022 general election. The veterinary community in Alberta faces ongoing and intensifying challenges with a shortage of veterinarians and veterinary support staff. This issue is particularly prominent in rural Alberta. For this reason, I would like to continue my work with MLA Jackie Lovely to identify and mitigate barriers for students work in rural Alberta. I will lobby for the re-implementation of summer student wage subsidies for rural clinics and financial incentive for new graduates signing contracts in rural Alberta. The government of Alberta recognizes the importance of rural veterinarians, and the proposed plans are based on similar programs implemented by previous Albertan governments or the governments of other provinces.

As the incumbent Veterinary Medicine Representative, I witnessed the lack of Student’s Union programs available at the Spyhill Campus. Students generally are unaware of the SU programs available to them or are unable to access programs on main campus. I will compile a resource of relevant services from the SU that are feasible for veterinary students to access. I will also identify programming that could be brought to Spyhill. For example, Destress Kits are not available for pickup at Spyhill. I would like to have supplies for those kits designated for veterinary students and brought to our campus where students can benefit from them.

Thank you for your consideration!

Werklund School of Education (1)

Hello fellow educators!

My name is Dhwani Joshi. I am a 4th Year BEd student, specializing in English Language Arts – Secondary Education. I hope to be re-elected as your Faculty Representative for the Werklund School of Education. My past experiences in various leadership/community roles have shown me how important community outreach & access to resources are for the student body.

Having served as your rep for the past term, if re-elected, I aim to continue working towards the following initiatives:

Well-being: Mental Health is something I value highly, and feel should be enforced to help alleviate the daily stresses we face, especially during practicums.

  • Promote mental health resources on campus, as well as resources for suicide prevention and alcohol/substance abuse, via online forums and on-campus awareness.
  • Broadcast various de-stress events taking place, in-person and online, for students/staff to take part in.


  • Build a bridge between students, faculty members, and concurrent students by continuing to adopt the current Undergraduate Programs in Education’s D2L resource shell.
  • Collaborate with faculty advisors to help share this group with any newly enrolled or transferred education students.
  • Integrate multidisciplinary opportunities for Werklund students to work with peers from other faculties, expand their skill sets, and collaborate in fields of research.


  • Build a foundation of resources for Indigenous education, LGBTQ+ community, and working with special needs kids in field work/practicums.
  • Bring awareness to TAB (Teaching Across Borders) program available for students.
  • Continue enhancing our Instagram page to share resources within the faculty, as well as Students’ Union.


  • Provide workshops and networking opportunities to connect students with professors, fellow classmates, graduate students, and advisors to gain feedback, knowledge on various fields of studies, and share their past experiences.
  • Research has become a strongly implemented factor to the field of education, my goal is to work with faculty leads to incorporate a Werklund scholarship or program that is directed towards research topics related to education, in order for students to further incorporate it into their learning paths.

Student-at-large Representatives

Senate (2)

Hi Dinos!

My name is Arafatul Mamur, and I am on my third year studying Software Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering. I am running to be your next SU Senate. As an international student I have experienced first-hand how lack of financial support and mental health resources can impact a student’s personal and study life. Currently, I am the President of Bengali Students Society and a former exec of leadership development Forum Bangladesh, I believe I have what it takes to be the voice of students at the UCalgary Senate and deal with important issues by creating a bridge of transparent communication between the university and us and coming up with innovative solutions.

My focus will be:

Increased mental health awareness and resources

Creating frequent awareness events to remove the stigma around mental health and creating weekly wellness afternoons full of fun, stress relieving activities for those who are desperately in need of mental health support. An opportunity to connect with peers, make friends but also opportunities for those who like to do tasks alone. I will support, uplift and recognize SU Mental health related clubs and create a community where no one will feel left-out or fearful of speaking up.

Increased on-campus employment opportunities

I will advocate for more employment opportunities around campus for students who must arrange living expenses as they are living away from home and working off-campus and balancing studies becomes difficult due to time constraint. More on-campus employment opportunities on-campus would mean little to no time wasted in travel.

Increased Grants and Bursaries

Due to the pandemic many of our classes have now shifted online permanently, not giving us university students the experience we expected we will get in our university life. On top of that we are paying the same, if not more, tuition fee per course. I will work relentlessly to help create new grants and bursaries for those in desperate need.

As a Senate Rep, it will be an honour to be a voice for YOU and together, we can make sure our concerns are heard! Thank you so much!

As students of the University of Calgary you deserve a student senator who is passionate, informed, and can represent your voice most effectively.

My name is Armaan Sidhu and I am your current Senate Representative. I have had the incredible privilege of engaging with countless students on campus to explore what they believe would make for an enriching experience on campus. Through your support, I will ensure that your voice is brought to the table in Senate and beyond. I have confidence that I can be a voice for exponential change that will help students achieve both their personal and professional goals in one of Canada’s most enterprising cities. If re-elected I will continue to work on the following platform points:

Funding and Affordability

  1. Promote access to higher education through scholarships and initiatives that help students foster a positive university experience with little to no financial burdens upon graduation.
  2. Strive towards making our university a global intellectual hub where students can create new discoveries, ideas, and applications with increased funding that priorities these advances.
  3. Protect and strengthen the need for education to be affordable and accessible through connections/initiatives that promote the aforementioned.

Community Engagement

  1. Promote the next generation of leaders by ensuring that students are fully integrated within the university community.
  2. Inspire others to be champions of change in areas that they are passionate about.
  3. Work to implement university events that are student-centered and focus on future-forward research and ideas.

Teaching and Learning 

  1. Create an academic environment that enables and empowers students to maximize opportunities (e.g. research and internships) offered by the university through equal opportunity initiatives.
  2. Work systematically to address student hardships and/or struggles that prevent them from having a real chance at education.
  3. Further develop sustainability as a theme across our campus through curriculum, research, learning spaces/environments, and our daily operations and business practices.

If you have any questions/concerns, please email I will be more than happy to get in touch. Thank you so very much for your consideration.

Vacant Offices

These offices have no candidates and will not appear on the ballot. The SU will conduct an appointment process to fill the positions temporarily for the Spring/Summer and then they will be up for election during the 2022 By-Election in October. Information on the appointment process will be available soon.

  • Board of Governers, Student-At-Large (1 of 1)
  • Haskayne School of Business (1 of 2)
  • Faculty Rep., Kinesiology (1 of 1)
  • Faculty Rep., Social Work (1 of 1)
  • Faculty Rep., Schulich School of Engineering (2 of 2)