We at The Students’ Union (SU) promote numerous events throughout the academic year and promote these events via web and social media in the forms of photographs, video, and audio. Channels for promotion include the SU website, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. We may use images and video for subsequent events as promotional materials.

Use of Likeness and Release

Often we will request that event participants grant rights for the SU to use photographs and video for promotional materials for subsequent and similar events. The SU does not, and will not, sell images or video to any third party without explicit permission. For large events with large participation we will use a poster as a blanket release for attending an event. These posters are obvious and are available before entering the event area.

Often we will release a gallery of images for select events. These galleries will most likely appear on the Facebook page for the related SU subsidiary hosting the event. These may include, the SU, Den and Black Lounge, SU Volunteer Services, SU Elections, and SU Clubs.

Upcoming Events

  • Bermuda Shorts Day – April 13, 2018