In order to better understand issues facing students and how the SU can better represent its members, we have established the President’s Consultative Task Force (PCTF).

This Task Force will consist of students serving both at-large and as representatives of various student stakeholder groups from across campus. This group will meet monthly to discuss a wide range of topics from the next university Academic and Research Plans to the SU Health and Dental Program and the priorities that the SU advocates on to all levels of government and everywhere in between. A terms of reference will govern how the Task Force functions.

Task Force Terms of Reference

Getting involved with PCTF

This is a great opportunity for students to get involved and enhance the student voice in the SU. Students will also gain valuable skills regarding committees, governance processes, program evaluation, critical thinking, and representation.

Applicants will need to complete the application form and submit it to:

  • Electronic submission: email the completed form to Sagar Grewal
  • Hard copy: dropped off to Students’ Union Office, Room 251 MacEwan Student Centre, Attention: Sagar Grewal, President

Applications are due by Oct. 12, 2018.



Please use the PDF if you do not have MS Word or if you are going to print the application form and submit a hard copy.

goals and Results

We will know the Task Force is having the desired effect when the following two fundamental goals are being fulfilled:

  • All students across campus feel that they are considered in the decisions made by the Students’ Legislative Council and that the Students’ Union represents their voice; and
  • Students’ Legislative Council is better informed on the perspectives of students-at-large and knows their needs and values when making decisions.

For more information on the Task Force please email Sagar Grewal at