What are gender inclusive washrooms?

The new Gender Inclusive Washroom features multiple stalls and a divided urinal. With the addition of this multi-stall facility we hope to assist trans students in finding a safe and inclusive washroom to use on campus.

Here is the sign that identifies gender inclusive washrooms on campus:

Gender Inclusive Washroom Sign

Why does the campus community need gender inclusive washrooms?

Every person on our campus has the right to go to the washroom in a public, clean and safe facility.

Previously, our queer, non-binary gender expressing and transgender (trans) students did not have access to washrooms that are gender-inclusive.

According to a study conducted by the UCLA School of Law, when trans persons attempted to use washroom facilities

“68% of [trans] people were told they were in the wrong facility, ridiculed, told to leave, verbally threatened or gawked at. The same study reports that 9% of transgender people were sexually assaulted or subject to physical violence just for going to a gender segregated bathroom.”1

Trans students already face significant risks (in the form of discrimination and violence) when they use washrooms on campus. This deplorable situation is mitigated through the creation of  gender-inclusive facilities.

Where will the gender inclusive washrooms be located?

MacEwan Student Centre has a gender inclusive washroom located at the east end of the main floor, across from the Q Centre. Other gender inclusive washrooms are planned for buildings throughout the University of Calgary campus.


1 Pinch, Stephanie. Why gender neutral bathrooms matter. May 19, 2014. http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/activist-toolkit/2014/05/why-gender-neutral-bathrooms-matter (accessed August 2014).