Adventures in Eating Halal – Day 2

March 10, 2015  |   Found in Blog // hamperproject2015

It’s Tuesday night and I have effectively been eating halal for almost 48 hours now. What an eye opening experience for such a short period of time.

Today I ate:

- Cheerios and milk for breakfast

- Mac & cheese from Good Earth and a kale smoothie from Jugo Juice for lunch

- Some chocolate almond bark, coffee, and almonds for a snack (I just really like almonds)

- A roasted veggie wrap and yam fries with chipotle aioli from the Last Defence Lounge for dinner

I was quite content with my food choices of today. I was disappointed when I went to the LDL to see on their menu only a few vegetarian options. I asked the waitress if they served halal meat and her first response was “Whaaaa…?” before she asked me to repeat myself. Additionally, everything seemed to have bacon in it!! I never thought about how one food fad (side note: bacon is totally a food fad. Once I saw bacon flavoured lip chap. #thatswhenyouknow) could work to negatively affect another consumer population.

As I wrote in my blog from yesterday, I’m not used to monitoring what I eat and being concerned with what’s going in my mouth. Whenever I go into MacHall for lunch my first thought is usually “What do I want?” as opposed to “What can I have?” Now that I am eating halal, my thoughts have shifted and I am forced to consider what it is that I can and cannot eat. I think that this says a lot about the accessibility to halal food on campus.