Art on Campus

March 2, 2015  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

A couple of weeks ago, the bear was wearing a hat. You know the one – the bear statue outside of the TFDL. He was wearing a pink party hat with a bow. Why was the bear wearing a party hat, you ask? I have no idea. But I thought it was hilarious.

It’s the small things like bear statues wearing hats that are a window into the magnificent art that we have here on campus. For example, did you know that the University of Calgary houses four art galleries? The Nickel Arts Gallery, located in the TFDL, the Little Gallery and the Wunder Gallery, both located on the 6th floor of the Arts building, and the Kasian Gallery, located in Professional Faculties, show art both from professional and established artists as well as from student artists. 

While the art on campus is beautiful, it is largely inaccessible to students. Not many people know about the art galleries that we have. Not many students know about the art that is displayed in the Art Building. And the art that is displayed (take, for example, the colourful paintings in ICT) are placed so high on the walls that one cannot examine the details of the work. Fortunately there are students groups on campus who are working to change this. Departments want more artwork in their spaces and clubs are featuring more artwork at their events. If this work keeps up, the artscape on campus in the next twenty years might be completely different.

Next time you’re on a break why not wander around campus and see what shorts of art you can find. Maybe there will be a hat on the weird, phallic statue outside of EEEL next.

*A huge thank you to Emilija Angelovska, the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association Department of Fine Arts Representative for providing me with the information for this article.


Cecilia Langill is a third year Communication Studies student. She is the VP Communications for the Distress Centre on Campus club and the Communications Department Representative for the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association. In her free time Cecilia enjoys knitting and photography. You can check her out on Twitter @OfficialLangill and on Instagram @omgitscee