Behind the Scenes: Working for the SU

March 10, 2017  |   Found in Editorial // Get Involved


Are you looking for a part time job on campus? Ever considered working for the SU? Well, you should! The Students’ Union offers lots of ways get involved whether through part time jobs, volunteering, and many more! I thought I’d share my personal experience while working for the SU in this article.

Position: Program and Events Assistant

Job Type: Part time (10-15 hrs/week), contract from September to April

When to apply: Job posting is up at the beginning March until April 10, 2017 for this position but the SU hires year round for other various roles

Role Overview: There are 6 of us in total and we work under two supervisors. Our main role includes planning and doing the logistics behind the SU events, as well as providing support during the event by helping out and interacting with students.

Typical Day: There is no one typical day in this role and that’s what makes it fun!

There are days where you come in and you know exactly what to do: catch up on work from previous day, or continue work your other work mates left for you to finish; And some days you come in and have to ask if there’s any work for you to do: little administrative tasks that needs to get done, or helping out with the other team’s event. Some other assigned tasks or events for this position include:

Cinemania: I was the popcorn maker last semester! If you haven’t had the chance to check this out, make sure you come by Monday nights at 7:00 pm in the Den for a free movie and popcorn!

Yoga in the Space: Open the room, ensure everyone has waivers, the teacher has arrived and then clean up after the students leave.

Front Desk Shifts: Work at the front desk answering phone calls, greeting and directing anyone who comes by and needs help. This is the front desk located at the Students’ Union office. These shifts are also available for volunteers, its perfect to get that administrative experience!

Pet Therapy: Tasks for this include: managing the line, handing out waivers and just making sure everything is running smoothly. Bonus: you also get to pet the dogs!

☺ Pros:

  • Convenience of working on campus
  • Flexible schedule: you plan your own hours throughout the week (except for scheduled events)
  • There is a lot of support from supervisors and own peers
  • You get to meet a lot of new people
  • Sometimes free food and candy!
  • You get that cool blue SU Hoodie
  • A space to study if you need it
  • Clean microwave with no line up and space in the fridge
  • No work on weekends!
  • Being involved with all the cool events the SU has to offer
  • Lots of room for personal and professional development: meeting and interacting with different levels of management, practicing time management skills, lots of excel work, and many more!

Overall: It can be hard sometimes to meet the 10-hour time commitment during a regular work week along with your classes and extra curricular activities but a huge plus is never having to work on the weekends! You may also need to stay late at times for events but at least you are working with people you can consider friends. While it’s sometimes hard to balance school, extra curricular and part time work, the benefits far outweigh the costs. If you’re looking for meaningful work on campus, the SU has got your back!

Kim is a third year accounting student who loves volunteering and always down for food. Her actual career passion is to become a panda cuddler. She believes that in life, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!”