Best Places To Study On Campus

October 15, 2014  |   Found in Student Life

Among the craziness of extra-curricular activities, part time (and sometimes second jobs) and our busy social lives – we often have to squeeze in a little time to study. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong.

Not all study spaces were created equal, especially with our new gadgets and study styles to help us get through the semester. We often are in need of chargers, power outlets, better lighting, comfier seating and so much more.

The TFDL was made to easily allow students to find study space…but let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. If you’re trying to find a seat on any floor of the building during the afternoon, it’s a complete gongshow! The TFDL is packed – especially during midterm and final season.

In my fifth (and hopefully my final) year in the Faculty of Arts, I have had my fair share of classes located all around campus. Having my classes spread around campus was great because I was able to scope out the best study spaces.

Last year YOUR Students’ Union study spaces all over campus, and we came up with a top 20 list which you can check out here:
I’m here to tell you about my personal favourite places to study on campus, here it goes:

  1. The Law Library
    The Bennett Jones Law Library (more commonly known as Law Library) is a terrific quiet study space. If you’re not in Law – you’re designated to study on the bottom floor. This library prays on complete silence; opening a wrapper will never get you more evil glares than in this study space. Switch that phone on silent, turn pages as quietly as you can and focus! There are lots of individual study cubicles to work in, but there are also a few large tables if you want to study with a friend. This library is located on the 3rd floor of Murray Frasier Hall.
    #quietstudyspace #turnyourphoneoff
  2. McKimmie Library – Information Commons
    Commonly known a Info Comms; this is my all-time favourite place to study. This library use to have computers and was more like the TFDL’s third floor. After a few renovations, it is now a quiet study space. There are tons of outlets, individual study spaces, as well as tables for group work. It isn’t too far from MacHall and is a +15 away from Good Earth. #dontwanttogooutside #coffeeisclose
  3. Education
    On the second and third floors of the Education Block Building there arechairs and tables are available in the main foyers. It doesn’t seem like an ideal place to study; but if you dread complete silence and need a little background noise– this is the perfect place! This is my favourite spot to finish up readings and prep for classes. A plus is there is food right there and you can get almost anywhere on campus without going outside! #nomnomnom #needalittlenoise
  4. Trilab
    Need a place where you won’t run into tons of people (maybe for a Friday morning after a messy Thursden?) which is relatively unknown? In the basement of Social Sciences, lies a terrific three in one lab (TriLab) with computers and individual cubicles outside for studying. This location is quiet, but feel free to work on projects together. I love this place! As soon as you come in from getting off the train, go down to the basement, sit at a computer and get right down to work. There’s an “On the Go” upstairs, filtered water fountains and washrooms nearby! This is one of the few places you can print on campus with change instead of using your student ID card. #youcanusechange #bestcookies
  5. Professional Faculties – 3rd floor
    This might just be the coziest place I have found to study yet! The third floor is home to the Faculty of Social Work – but the space is open to all. With comfy couches, large tables and a microwave – it’s a great place to do group work. It’s spacious, comfy and the lighting is pretty decent. Head to the PF building if you’re in need of an open space to study with a group of friends! #getyogrouptogether #cozyduringthewinter



I hope this helps you find a better spot to study throughout the semester. I guess I’m revealing my most loved study spots to help you all out…so you’re welcome! Study hard and enjoy everything that the University of Calgary has to offer!

Zainab is a fifth year International Relations student at the University of Calgary. Follow her at @realslimzainny on Twitter or zainnyy_ on Instagram.