BSD Fun Facts and Tips

March 31, 2016  |   Found in Editorial

BSD Fun Facts and Tips – How to have fun and be safe at BSD 2K16

BSD is on Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2016 (although I’m sure most of you knew that already). Did you know that BSD has been a longstanding tradition at the U of C for over 50 years? We are one of the only Canadian universities to have a last day of classes celebration ongoing for that many years! With that being said, if large crowds of people and beer gardens aren’t your thing, you can volunteer at the ucalgarycares BSD Day of Service where you can give back to the community. Last year students volunteered at places such as The Drop In Center, Ronald McDonald House, and the Calgary Zoo. Another option is to check out the UCalgary Strong Festival held in the Jack Simpson Gym. It features an artisan market, live performances, live workshops and activities and games that all promote strong UCalgary community. This event is also free to check out!

If you plan on partaking in the various festivities of BSD this year, here is some friendly advice on how to be safe and have fun!

  1. Eat breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on a day like BSD where you could end up spending most of the day standing outside in the heat. Did you know that the official breakfast of BSD is pancakes? Round up the #squad and cook up some tasty flapjacks to get you BSD ready! PS if you live in residence you can get a free pancake breakfast in the Dining Center!
  2. HYDRATE! This is the most important tip. No matter what sort of activities you decide to partake in on BSD it is important to drink water, especially if we are lucky enough to have a warm and sunny BSD. The SU gives out FREE water bottles in the beer gardens to make sure everyone stays hydrated.
  3. Wear sunscreen! I personally have been sunburnt on BSD, and my sunburn wasn’t nearly as bad as some other peoples’. So don’t be afraid to slap on some SPF, even if it is a bit chilly, because when you’re outside all day there is a good chance you will burn! You definitely won’t want an awkward sunglasses burn or line across your forehead from your hat to turn into a tan…
  4. Enter the mosh pit with discretion! I know it seems tempting to enter the giant crowd of people right in front of where the concert is taking place (this year it’s Smalltown DJ’s, The Wet Secrets, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, and Mark Mills), to jam out, but once you go in there’s no turning back! A friend of mine almost lost a shoe upon entering the crowd…so be careful and have an exit strategy.
  5. Stick with your friends! BSD is a day that brings everyone together, and the friends you come with may be the only ones there for you in a time of need. If you do decide to split up, have a designated meeting spot and even bring a portable phone charger with you in case your phone dies.


Most importantly, have fun! For a lot of us, it is our last BSD as we eventually have to graduate. Make your time at the U of C count, and follow these 5 tips of friendly advice to have a memorable BSD. And don’t forget, Be a Smart Drinker.

Jillian Zatka is a 4th year marketing major in the Haskayne School of Business working as a Program and Event Assistant with the Students’ Union! Besides sharing her spirit for Haskayne and the U of C with other students, she likes to cook new recipes, or be adventuring outside somewhere.