Campus Food Features

March 2, 2017  |   Found in Editorial


Located in Mac Hall.

A local favourite for all things snacks, and now recently added, ICE CREAM! I couldn’t be more excited as there are gluten friendly and peanut free ice cream snacks as well. Also, noteworthy is the variety of delicious and in-house prepared salads, like the Kale and Cobb salads, both at very reasonable prices.


Located in ICT. Offering fresh Tex Mex inspired dishes. A popular favourite is the rice bowl served with a choice of halal chicken, beef or vegetable (corn and peppers). The rice bowl is packed with lime cilantro rice (can’t really taste the cilantro), black beans, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream and the option to add guacamole, but really, this is an obvious choice. The bowl is quite filling and at a reasonable price of $7 and a bonus: they take meal plan money for you residents out there! It truly is the closest thing to Mucho Burrito on campus as it is sure to satisfy your Tex Mex craving.


Located in TFDL and ICT.

A great place for small study snacks when you’re spending hours on hours in TFDL. A personal favourite is their Chicken Waldorf Salad. This salad contains walnuts, apples, cranberries, cheese and chicken. Such a light, refreshing yet crunchy and delicious option for a lighter and healthy snack. Both my sweet tooth and salty cravings are immediately satisfied. Another personal favourite is the chocolate hazelnut crunch. When I run out of Nutella or simply am craving more Nutella, this is my go-to. The pastry is crunchy on the outside, yet flaky on the inside with a perfect amount of delicious chocolate hazelnut with every bite.


Located in EEEL.

The only place on campus that’ll take you back to your younger years eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. This classic is offered up gourmet style, but with a bit of a price, the two together will cost you around $10. Although Teeja leans on the pricey end, it is worth the trek to EEEL to get yourself something else to eat than Tim Horton’s or Korean BBQ. It also offers a variety of self-serve boxed pizzas around the price of $10. Also not found anywhere else on campus but Teaja, is a variety of Kombucha, Buddha Iced Tea and Well juices if you’re feeling adventurous and want to spice up your daily hydration intake. They also take meal plan money from Unicards!

Nicolle Tokarek is a fourth year Law and Society and Sociology minor student. Holistic, embarrassingly indecisive and always on the go. A bit of a dreamer and always down for a burrito.