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  • Ways to de-stress on campus University can be stressful. Thankfully, there are lots of programs and activities on campus to help you de-stress. Below are my top 5 suggestions to de-stress on campus: 1. Exercise Physical activity can be a great way to unwind and blow off steam. Exercise can improve your mental and physical […]

    March 14, 2019  |   Found in Feature // News
  • Practicing zero waste is a great way to help the planet. Although it may sound intimidating, there are many practical everyday additions anyone can make to protect the environment. Zero waste is a philosophy that aims to produce… no waste. People who are follow the zero-waste movement are conscious about all of the products and […]

    March 14, 2019  |   Found in Editorial // Feature
  • Fridays are arguably the best weekday, but there’s about one Friday every month that’s a little bit friendlier and little bit furrier than the rest. I think you know what I’m talking about. Once a month our fluffy friends from PALS parade into That Empty Space for an afternoon of pets, pats, smiles, and laughs! […]

    January 21, 2019  |   Found in Editorial // Feature
  • Have you ever wondered how certain issues end up on the Students’ Union (SU) agenda? The SU has almost 50 documents on its policies page, detailing its beliefs, direction, interests, procedures, and guidelines on student issues. On the surface, this might seem like a classic example of the infiltrating evils of bureaucracy. Maybe the conspiracist […]

    March 28, 2018  |   Found in Blog // Feature
  • Food insecurity on university campuses is a growing concern in Canada. A recent study conducted by Meal Exchange Canada, “Hungry for Knowledge,” found that at more troubled campuses, up to 46% of undergraduate students have experienced some degree of food insecurity. Their access to food is either unavailable, inaccessible, inadequate, or unacceptable for their cultural […]

    April 5, 2017  |   Found in Editorial // Feature // SU Campus Food Bank
  • An English Major’s Unconventional Writing Tips No undergrad is more familiar with the struggles of writing an essay than an English major. For someone to inflict this degree upon themselves you would think they came out of the womb reciting Shakespeare or correcting other children’s grammar at recess. While this might be true for some […]

    November 21, 2017  |   Found in Editorial // Feature
  • When you think of the SU, one of three things probably comes to mind: BSD, Thursden, or the first time you saw those blue sunglasses at O-Week. As cool as those things are, there’s actually a lot more to the SU! Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about your Students’ Union. The SU […]

    March 2, 2017  |   Found in Editorial // Feature
  • An English Major’s Unconventional Writing Tips For those people who are not literarily inclined, writing essays can be an overwhelming experience. Maybe you’re like my brother who has only ever “read” the Michael Phelps biography audiobook. (I’m sure it’s a great choice.) Maybe the only thing you’ve “written” is a U of C confession about […]

    February 23, 2018  |   Found in Editorial // Feature
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