Clubs Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

September 24, 2015  |   Found in Clubs // Editorial

It’s our favourite time of year again! And I don’t mean back to class time…even though I know you all love that time too. That’s right folks, last week the SU held Clubs Week in the North and South Courtyards and we had over 200 clubs participate! It was a great way for first year students, and upper years that were unfamiliar with clubs, to meet people and learn about fun ways in which they can get involved. When asked about why they came to Clubs Week, here’s what some of your fellow students had to say…

“Because I’m already part of a club, I want to recruit new students to the Schulich AeroDesign Club. We compete in aerodesign competitions every year down in the states.”
– Xiong, 3rd year mechanical engineering student

“To meet clubs and find something to do besides studying. I’ve signed up for the ski club and the racquet club so far!”
– Pierre, 3rd year electrical engineering student

“I decided to join a club because it was a great way to make friends and do something besides go to class at the university. Clubs and being able to do different things actually motivate me to get up and go to class. I enjoy club events…and all the free food. Clubs are easily going to be the best part of your university experience!”
– Pavit, 5th year international relations & development studies

“It’s a great way to try new things, hobbies and activities. You can also figure out what you like the most. It’s a great way to meet new people from different faculties and diversify your social circle.”
–Meladshah, 3rd year Bcomm student

Your VP Student Life Kirsty McGowan loves all things clubs, and has brewed up some great ideas over the summer to come to life this year. One example is the Junior Executive Program (JEP). So far, over 95 clubs are a part of it with many more looking to follow suit. Through the JEP, club executives have a platform through which to mentor and prepare Jr. Executives to become the club head executives once the original execs graduate. This will give first year students the opportunity to become heavily involved in the clubs that they will one day lead, keeping the traditions and culture of the club alive! To find out more about the JEP, go to

During Clubs Week, we also had an Open Clubhouse. Here, students had a chance to chat all about clubs with VPSL Kirsty, dance to some wicked tunes, and get some free popcorn and swag while they were at it.

Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people, get to work on something you love and make friends fo’ life! When asked about any one university regret, 3rd year business student Justin Biocos said “My only regret is not having joined a club sooner.” Those, ladies and gentlemen, are powerful words. Don’t let that be a regret of yours in university!

The atmosphere felt during clubs week was like none other, and seeing students come together to share their passions and get others involved is truly the best! If you didn’t get to make it out to Clubs Week, there will also be a Clubs Showcase at the beginning of the winter semester. For now, you can check out any and all SU clubs, club info and upcoming events on ClubHub at, and be sure to check clubs out on Twitter (@suuofcclubs) for updates and all you’ve ever wanted to know about clubs!

- Daniela

Daniela Galindo is a 3rd year business and international relations student. She is a Program and Events Assistant with the SU. In her free time she likes eating cold pizza and going on long walks with her dog. You can check her out on Instagram @danielagalindo15