Did you do your readings?

December 5, 2018  |   Found in Feature // News

Don’t answer that – it’s always a trick question but let’s talk about textbooks for a minute.

Do you remember buying those two textbooks for that optional class that you had every intention to read but just never got around to it? It’s okay, I’ve been there too. In my first year of university, I bought all my required textbooks for each of my classes, and while I was not on top of all my readings, I made sure to cramp all that could from all 6 chapters the night before. At this point in my university career, I’ve learnt a trick or two to help you save you some money without sacrificing your success.


Here are a few tips and tricks that I use whenever the beginning of the semester rolls around:

  1. Rent your textbooks –Renting textbooks are much cheaper than buying new or even used textbooks! When you’re finished the class at the end of the semester, you can return it to the bookstore, and don’t have to worry about lugging around a plastic container full of textbooks when you move. If you decide after the first week that the author(s) of the textbook is a legend, you can go back to the bookstore and purchase it outright. But very unlikely.
  2. Optional class? Check the library! – Most professors tend to request for the required textbooks to be put on hourly reserve at the library. This saves you some money, and forces you to be accountable and do your readings early in case other people has same idea to stay in the library all day before the midterm to do the readings.
  3. The first two options failed? I’d suggest that you should get the textbook. Just remember, even if you get it at the bookstore on the first day of classes, that isn’t final. Check Amazon, Bound and Copied, and Textbook Buyback Pages for cheaper or used options.

It’s now the end of the semester. What should I do with all 7 books?

You know that little voice in your head that saying, “Don’t sell your textbooks, you’ll end up needing them for higher level courses, and you’ll look so much smarter for having them.” Resist the voice in your head. I listened to that voice, and it was wrong. If you do end up needing information from that textbook, you’ll forget that you have it and resort to googling the question! Take it from me, I now have a bookshelf full of textbooks that I can’t sell because they are about two versions older, which also means the information I wanted to hold on to is most likely outdated. So, after two years of that non-sense, I decided to change my ways.

It’s now the end of the semester. What should I do?

Sell your textbooks – don’t wait! The longer you wait, the harder it is to sell because of newer editions or different professors teaching the class or the class is no longer being taught at all. You can consign it through Bound and Copied, the Bookstore’s Textbook Buyback program or try your luck and sell it directly to students. I’ve done so I can assure you it’s safe.

You’ve tried all these tips and still no luck? I’d say it’s okay to just wing it at this point but you didn’t hear it from me!

Veniecia is a third year Political Science student who spends way too much time laughing at memes, and funny videos on Instagram. She is a Program and Event Assistant at the Students’ Union.