Study spaces, academic and wellness resources

Hi there,

As fellow students, we understand how stressful exam period can be and we just wanted to give you a small reminder that someone cares, as well as pass on a few treats and resources to hopefully make things a little easier.

Not only does the Students’ Union offer services to help you out, but there are several other supports both on and off campus which can provide assistance. Inside this package you’ll find a listing of resources and study spaces, as well as stress-relieving items, some snacks, and even a hug (the chocolate version, because we couldn’t figure out how to package a real one).

We always love to hear from you and we’d appreciate your thoughts on the De-Stress Packs, other ways we could support you during exam time, and anything else that’s on your mind, so if you have a moment to spare between study sessions, drop us a line via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, carrier pigeon or talk to us in person!  Your feedback and suggestions matter to us, and we really do want to know what works best for you.

Sending our best wishes for good grades, good health, and a relaxing break.

Study Spaces

TFDL – 1900 seats
EEEL – 326 seats
MacKimmie Basement – 300 seats
Health Sciences Library – 252 seats
Law Library – 265 seats
Doucette Library – 175 seats
Gallagher Library – 125 seats

For more study space options on campus, check out the UCalgary page here:

UC Study Space

The Students’ Union has produced a map of study spaces on campus with details on seating, lighting, noise, etc. Check it out here:

Study Space Map


(All services listed are free of charge)


In one call, 211 connects you to a full range of community, health, government and social services in Alberta.

U of C Campus Security

24 hour, 365 days/ year

Distress Centre

Distress means something different to everyone. We’re not here to tell you what it means for you. We’re here to listen. 24 hours a day—free of charge—our confidential crisis lines will connect you with a helping hand and a caring ear. We’ll work to help you find stability and access the resources you need to maintain it.
403-266-HELP (4357)

SU Wellness Centre

Physicians, councillors, faith and spiritual guidance, nutrition, chiropractic and massage.

U of C Faith and Spirituality Centre

The Faith & Spirituality Centre consists of several Chaplains from various faith/religious traditions. We offer spiritual and faith based programs, events and support to students, staff and faculty on campus. The Centre operates under four guiding principles: connecting, learning, serving, and practicing.

U of C Native Centre

Resources and support for first nations students.

SU Q Centre

A safe space for the LGBTQ community and their allies. Also offers resources and volunteer opportunities.

U of C Student Accessibility Services

Assistance for students with all types of disabilities.

U of C Student Ombudsperson

Safe environment for undergraduate and graduate students to discuss student related issues, interpersonal conflict, academic and non-academic concerns, and many other problems.

U of C Student Success Centre

Arts and sciences advising, writing support, academic and career advising and support, various academic and leadership workshops.

U of C Women’s Resource Centre

We offer many opportunities. The WRC is an exciting place to take part in free training, programs, workshops, events, peer support and educational opportunities in three core areas: Wellness, Leadership, and Diversity.

Campus Mental Health Strategy

Learn more about UCalgary’s commitment to mental health and well-being on campus at