Exams are here!

December 8, 2014  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

Exams suck. That’s nothing new. We’re all at the point in the semester when people are walking around like zombies, living off of coffee and pulling all-nighters. Every conversation you seem to have is about who has more exams and whose are more difficult. We all know what exams are, how they make us feel, and how much we dislike them. But what about the things that exams are not?

Exams are not that moment after an incredibly long day when you finally go to bed, your head hits the pillow and you stretch and it feels so damn good that you forget everything for a moment. They’re not that feeling of relief when you hand in that big paper or get the presentation out of the way. Even if exams are still at the top of your mind, enjoy those moments of relief. You’re almost done. 

Exams aren’t the time you’re going to spend with your family this holiday, all the amazing food and traditions, the loved ones you’ve been missing while you study abroad. Exams aren’t the Christmas and New Year’s parties that you’ve been invited to. They’re not the ugly sweaters, the egg nog or the candy canes. Sure some these things are yet to come, but enjoy the fact that they are on the way. You’re almost there.

Finally, exams are not those hugs from friends going through the same struggles as you that help you get through the day. They are not the stranger who holds open a door for you while you’re rushing to class or to catch the bus. And they are not the friendly smiles from your favourite food vendors or your favourite professor who is rooting for you all.

Even though exams may seem like the biggest thing in your life right now, they are temporary. The things that exams are not are the things that will get you through to the end of the semester, so while you’re stressing out about your next exam, take a moment to enjoy these things when they come your way, and remember what’s waiting for you when you’re done. So stay strong, study hard, remember we’re all in this together and enjoy your holidays when it’s all done.

Dylan is a 3rd year Drama major and an event coordinator at the SU. You can see him in upcoming the upcoming SCPA performances of “Man Equals Man” and in the Taking Flight Festival. Get in touch with him on Instagram @dillsauce7 or on Twitter @Dill_sauce.