What to expect during Frostbite 2015

January 19, 2015  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

You may have been hearing the term “Frostbite” thrown around lately, and no we aren’t talking about your toes being exposed to frigid temperatures. Frostbite is what we like to call the University of Calgary’s Official Winter games!

Teams of ten face one another in a series of challenges both on and off campus to win the grand prize of an all expenses paid ski trip to Banff for their team! This event is a week-long jam packed with various activities and surprises that will be sure to put a smile on participants’ faces.

This year we have put a focus on sportsmanship! This week is supposed to allow you to bond with your team mates as well get to know the other teams. We focus on the fun aspect rather than the “competitive side”. Your knowledge will be tested during our trivia event, and creativity and speed will be a great aspect to have for the rest of the week! Teams will be running around campus with flags searching for tokens (heads up teams!) and battling one another in an intense game of bubble soccer. Basically, think of all the incredibly fun things you can do on campus, multiply that by 500 and you have the week of Frostbite.

The reason I love Frostbite is because everyone still has a vacation hangover from the holidays and in dire need of another. The second week of classes are obviously important, but there’s still some leniency with dropping/swapping classes, not everyone is on their A game during the first two weeks. This is a great way of starting the year off right by making new friends, having tons of fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime (you may even do your cheer at a reunion in 20 years…who knows!)

School spirit shines ever so brightly during this week and it is super refreshing to see. Be sure to get a picture with the Yeti if you see him running around campus!

If you see the excitement surrounding Frostbite and want to join the fun, fortunately this is an annual event held by the Students Union and the Leadership and Student Engagement office! The deadline for signing up is usually around December, so grab 9 other friends and be sure to get those creative juices flowing!

Follow us on twitter @SUUofC to see the challenges and craziness that are to unfold next week!

Zainab is a fifth year International Relations student at the University of Calgary. Follow her at @realslimzainny on Twitter or zainnyy_ on Instagram.