Find Your Superhero Sidekicks

February 8, 2019  |   Found in Editorial

I’m sure at one point in all our lives, we wanted to be a superhero. As a superhero, life is about living for a greater purpose. This involves helping others and pushing through the challenges and responsibilities that life throws at us. Like in the movies and comics, superheroes often have a sidekick or someone around them that helps them achieve success. Sidekicks are superheroes’ support system and the people that keep them grounded in the real world. This is a lot like our real everyday lives. Behind us there is someone or multiple people that help us to become better people and encourage us to achieve our full potential. We too are someone else’s superhero sidekick and should make sure we are supportive and push our friends and partners to achieve greatness.

Sidekicks are superheroes’ support system and the people that keep them grounded in the real world. 

Relationships have a large impact on our lives and can affect our ability to exercise our talents. For the superhero in all of us, there are important qualities that we should look for in our sidekicks and everyday relationships. Much like cleaning out a closet, we must look at our lives and decide if the people we choose to keep close bring us true happiness. And just like clothes, relationships are not a one-size fits all. We all look for and need different things from our relationships. Healthy relationships are not always easy and can even cause us stress. But the stress that we experience should not out-weigh the happiness that the relationship brings us. It’s important to be familiar with the signs of unhealthy relationships so that we can look at the relationships we have and decide if they are healthy for us. This is where the SU comes in handy. On Tuesday February 12th from 2:00 – 3:15 p.m., there will be a session where you can come learn about different types of relationships and how to have a healthy relationship.

Going back to superheroes…Batman and Robin. Robin always has Batman’s back no matter what the situation is. He keeps Batman grounded when he runs the risk of going a little bit too far into the darkness. Just like Robin, our friends and partners should always support and be there for us when we are falling into some darkness or danger. Earlier stories of Batman were incredibly dark and Batman himself was more violent, but with the entrance of Robin the lighter side to Batman was able to come out. When someone brings out the best parts of ourselves and makes us better people, that is the sign of a strong and healthy relationship. Batman helps Robin by mentoring and empowering him to think highly of himself and believe he can do anything. Healthy relationships are a two-way street and we too must bring out the best in others. A healthy relationship can only form between two people who genuinely care about and wish the best for each other.

On the other hand, there can be relationships like Harley Quinn and the Joker. Their relationship is based off manipulation and control. Harley Quinn is always looking to impress the Joker and never really receiving any affection or acknowledgment back. Together they put themselves in dangerous situations and experience more downs than ups. This relationship is an example of a toxic relationship. We should never strive to always impress another, whether its in a romantic or friendly relationship. In a healthy relationship we should never attempt to put the ones we love in harmful or dangerous situations. Relationships are about an equal give and take. Controlling each other should never be a goal of a relationship. Individuals involved in the relationship should feel free to express their opinions or thoughts without feeling judged or ignored.

The truth is we are all going to experience an unhealthy relationship at one point in our lives. But it is important to recognize the situation we are in and either fix it or decide to move on. Stay away from the Jokers of the world and find your Robin, and be superheroes together. Hope to see you all in Clubs Workroom 7 on February 12th to make some Valentine’s Day cards that you can maybe give to your Robin or Robins!

Chyna is in her fourth year of Political Science and Business, and a Research Assistant at the Student’s Union. Her favorite MacHall snack is the curry chicken from Kobe Beef. She enjoys running around the Oval with the track and field team, while reminiscing on the days when she used to have free time before uni.