Five SU Survey Results that Impacted the SU

January 12, 2017  |   Found in Editorial // SU Survey

Want the Students’ Union to hear YOUR voice? Each year the SU administers a survey to the University of Calgary student population to gather feedback. The SU values what you have to say! These results often inform improvements to areas such as SU clubs, services, advocacy and businesses.

Want proof? Here are just some of the things the SU Survey results have impacted:

The SU Campus Foodbank

In 2006, although 91.5% of survey respondents who had used the SU Campus Food Bank were satisfied with the service, 30.8% of respondents were unaware of the food bank at all. Consequently, the SU created a campaign to increase awareness about the food bank. The main focus of the campaign is to spread awareness about the need for monetary donations. Food prices have risen over the past few years but the amount of donations have not met this increase. Keep on the lookout for the new food bank campaign. For more information on how to donate visit the SU Campus Food Bank.

Study Space

When asked what projects the SU should focus on, 64.5% of respondents indicated focusing on improving and expanding study spaces. This led us to create a guide to educate students about the best and worst places to study on campus. For those students interested in these different study spaces the SU provides a Study Space guide.

The Den and Black Lounge

According to the survey results, the Den and Black Lounge only had 25.6% of respondents that liked their Facebook page and 18.0% that followed the Den and Black Lounge on Twitter. In order to increase their engagement, the Den and Black Lounge has increased social media presence to inform students that the Den is more than just the Thursden bar. They offer daily specials and programming throughout the week as well.

For more Den and Black Lounge events check out their website.

Debit and Credit in the The Stör

In response to previous survey results, the Stör implemented debit and credit payments options in summer 2015. Yet, 7.3% of 2016 survey respondents still suggested the Stör accept debit and credit payments. How can this be explained? It may be because 37.8% of respondents know about the Stör only through word-of-mouth. It appears that knowledge of the addition of the debit/credit option has not reached everyone yet.

The SU Survey!

Don’t forget to take the SU Annual Survey! You will receive an e-mail from the SU President reminding you, and links on SU social media accounts and the SU website will also be available. Have your voice heard for a chance to change the SU for the better!


Barbara Baker is a third-year English major; she can confirm that all it involves is answering increasingly difficult questions about Harry Potter. You can tell she is an English major because she used a semicolon. Was it unnecessary? Absolutely! A breakfast enthusiast and pasta connoisseur, her sole arm workout is holding up books while reading in bed.