Five ways to be a successful and long lasting club on campus

October 12, 2016  |   Found in Editorial

This article will reveal the keys of success. Trust me.



Have clear goals and objectives. Provide students with a service or meet a need that students have on campus. In order to be a part of a successful club you must know what the students are interested in and work to cater to those interests. Providing students with a way to get involved while doing things they enjoy is an important part of any club.


Have meetings and have them often. The more often you see one another face to face to discuss things the easier it becomes to plan the logistics for events and work around schedules (especially if you are working with a big group). I recommend having meetings in TFDL because you are close to the Mac and Cheese (with hot sauce) and the coffee.


Read the Group Chat! As annoying as it can be to have 100 messages because of a club event it is worse to not know what is happening during an event especially if there are important people present. There are other people counting on you to get things done, be responsible and follow through with your obligations. In order for the club to be successful everyone needs to contribute equally and work together.


Promote yourself and your club! Post about your executives, post about events, and respond to any messages that you get on your social media. Making your presence known is essential to being successful as a club. Attend Clubs Week and promote who you are and what you do! For example, taking professional headshots and group photos for your website and/or Facebook page attracts more of an audience because students know who you are.


Hold events for your members! Students join clubs to get involved and feel a sense of belonging on campus. Your club contributes to creating a community and allowing students to feel engaged on campus. Plan events for your members and encourage them to attend. Be as inclusive and welcoming as possible. Providing snacks and pizza to your members is also an incentive to get them to come out to events. Take advantage of these tips to make your club successful!

Sharleen Nijjar. Pre-Law Society Co-President. 4th year Sociology major, Health and Society minor. 21. Virgo. Loves waffles and ice-cream.