The Students’ Union Review Board and Tribunal are recruiting for student members! The Review Board is recruiting five undergraduate students, and the Tribunal is recruiting two undergraduate students to serve for a two-year volunteer-based term, with minimal time commitments.

The Review Board and Tribunal are independent bodies from the Students’ Union, responsible for the judicial functions within the SU. Students can appeal to the Review Board SU decisions that they feel were unfair or in violation of the SU’s policies or procedures, and the Review Board members meet to hear the appeal, review evidence and applicable policies and can uphold, reverse, or vary the original SU decision. If someone is dissatisfied with the Review Board’s decision, it may be subsequently appealed to the Tribunal in some cases.

Becoming a member of the Review Board or Tribunal is an opportunity to learn about administrative tribunals, organizational governance, policy interpretation, procedural fairness, and more!

The Review Board is also recruiting for a new Chair, from one of the five appointed student members. The Chair receives additional training and orientation and is responsible for coordinating the other members of the Review Board, amongst other administrative responsibilities.

Prior experience is not required, and members will be provided with an orientation session. The Review Board and Tribunal only meet when the Chair of the respective body receives an appeal.

For more information about the Review Board and Tribunal opportunities including eligibility and specific responsibilities for student members, please read the full position description.

To apply, please complete the application form and submit it alongside a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter via email to SU Policy Analyst Colson Buchanan ( by 4:00 PM, September 8th, 2022.