The General Faculties Council has delegated to the University Appeals Committee the authority and responsibilities regarding:

  1. Academic Assessments
  2. Academic Progression Matters
  3. Student Non-Academic Misconduct, and
  4. Student Academic Misconduct,

… as contemplated in the Student Misconduct and Academic Appeals Policy.

The University Appeals Committee has the authority to:

  1. confirm a decision being appealed
  2. reverse a decision, or part of a decision being appealed
  3. void the decision being appealed and substitute its own decision,

… except that decisions being appealed regarding Academic Assessments must instead be returned to the Faculty Appeals Committee or University unit for reconsideration; and assess a different sanction or outcome, including a more onerous sanction, in accordance with the University’s, faculty’s, or University unit’s policies, procedures, regulations or standards.


At this time, the Students’ Union is looking to appoint three (3) full-time undergraduate students who are in good academic standing to serve as University Appeals Committee members. To the extent possible, these Students-at-Large will represent different disciplines at the University. Please note that at this time, the UAC is specifically seeking student members who are enrolled in any Faculty other than the Faculty of Law.


Except where a member has a change in status, student members will serve in their role for a commitment of one year. Terms are renewable for additional years.

Completed applications, or questions regarding this opportunity, can be submitted to the SU Policy Analyst at meritt.kularatne@ucalgary.ca. The deadline to submit applications is 4:30 PM MST on Monday, September 20, 2021.

Download the application here: