The Board of Governors has delegated to the University Appeals Tribunal the authority and responsibilities regarding:

  1. Academic Assessments
  2. Academic Progression Matters
  3. Student Non-Academic Misconduct, and
  4. Student Academic Misconduct

as contemplated in the Student Misconduct and Academic Appeals Policy.

The University Appeals Tribunal has the authority to:

  1. confirm a decision being appealed;
  2. reverse a decision, or part of a decision being appealed;
  3. void the decision being appealed and substitute its own decision; and
  4. assess a different sanction or outcome, including a more onerous sanction, in accordance with the University’s, faculty’s, or University unit’s policies, procedures, regulations or standards.


Five (5) full time undergraduate students in good academic standing will be appointed by the Students’ Union to serve as University Appeals Tribunal members. To the extent possible, the Students will represent different disciplines at the University.

No prior experience is required, as the University offers formal orientation and training for students appointed to these bodies.


  • Members are required to objectively hear submissions from both parties to an appeal, analyze and weigh evidence, and come to a reasonable decision based on this evidence.
  • As a Tribunal, the UAT has the authority to overturn decisions reached by the University Appeals Committee.
  • Meetings of the appeal bodies are typically infrequent but may run for multiple hours per session. Students may be asked to miss alternate obligations (such as a course that falls on the day of a hearing) in order to attend obligations for these appeal bodies.


Except where a member has a change in status, student members will serve in their role for terms of one (1) year. Terms are renewable.

How to Apply

Submit the following information via email to Colson Buchanan (colson.buchanan@ucalgary.ca) prior to the deadline of 4:00 PM on Friday, June 3rd:

  • The completed application form.
  • A Proof of Enrolment letter (available from your Student Centre).
  • If available, a copy of your Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 course schedule.