Get your voting pants on

January 26, 2015  |   Found in Editorial // Elections

Brace yourselves, elections are coming your way! Actually don’t brace yourselves, engage yourselves. Seriously, the people elected to represent you and the SU are the ones who make changes on campus that make your experience better. Many of us have had and heard those conversations like “who is the genius who started puppy rooms?” or “is anything being done about market modifiers?” The elected officials are the people doing these things for you. That’s why instead of ignoring posters and pamphlets offered to you in the hallways at the end of February, it’s crucial to pay attention and make informed decisions about who gets your vote. Remember, it’s not only the VPs who make decisions but the Faculty Reps play an important role in representing you on behalf of whichever faculty you belong in. For needs and concerns specific to your studies, faculty reps are an excellent resource so check out their campaigns as well!

If you are thinking of running we have just the thing for you! Starting today we have sessions all week about everything you might want to know in order to be the best possible candidate! Check out Run with Us Tips and Tricks for advice from people who have been there on topics like how to write a great platform and what life as an SU Executive is really like!

Are you one of the people who think that we should have an owl mail delivery system like Harry Potter? Or should we have heated sidewalks so that the inside route doesn’t get so crowded during the winters? Obviously these ideas probably wouldn’t fly, that’s why I don’t run for any positions. But if you’ve got more realistic and useful ideas, then running in the SU General Election is a great chance for you to make positive changes on campus. Once again, even if you don’t want to run you can make the changes you think are important by informing yourself, and voting for the appropriate candidates. Over the next few weeks make sure to read up on possible candidates so you can make an informed decision.


Dylan is a 3rd year Drama major and an event coordinator at the SU. You can see him in upcoming the upcoming SCPA performances of “Man Equals Man” and in the Taking Flight Festival. Get in touch with him on Instagram @dillsauce7 or on Twitter @Dill_sauce