How to get the most out of your TA-student experience

February 14, 2017  |   Found in Editorial

TA’s are Teaching Assistants who happen to also be graduate students at the university. Sometimes even undergraduate students can become TA’s if they excelled in that specific class!


  • To get the most out of your TA-student experience, or to enhance your overall university experience, you can:
  • Know your TA’s office hours and their communication preferences (email, phone, etc.)
  • Attend as many labs or tutorials as you can to take advantage of the resources offered to you as a student!
  • Prepare thoughtful questions to get thoughtful and thorough answers.
  • Ask your TA to share some study tips and tricks that they might do to help them succeed.
  • The TA is an additional person who understands the material, you could use that to get a different perspective on the topic!
  • If you are struggling on a specific topic, ask your TA to find you external resources that might help.

These tips are a few pointers to break the ice. Don’t be intimidated to just talk to your TA, they try to be as approachable as they can! Sometimes they are easier to approach than some professors!

Now that you know how TA’s can be extremely helpful, you can use them to achieve your goals of excelling as a university student!

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