HungerWeek2015: Operation Read the Labels Day 3

March 12, 2015  |   Found in Blog // hamperproject2015

So, I’m halfway through the week and honestly…I am doing alright. On Monday I was convinced I would be hangry and annoyed by now. However, I have found a few things that can get me by that fit my gluten and lactose free diet.

Breakfast has proved to be the most difficult meal for me, because I usually eat a hefty breakfast (often carb heavy), and lighten up my lunch. But, most of the breakfast food I have is not acceptable under my current diet. I settled for a big glass of juice and a hefty spoonful of peanut butter (yum!)

Lunch was once again a smoothie from Jugo Juice and a salad from Fuel for Gold. I can’t complain, I quite like them both actually. I felt slightly hungry, but I could get used to a meal like this at lunch. For dinner, I took advantage of a Den/Black Lounge gift card I had to order some take out. After scouring the menu and looking for something that looked both tasty and had options for gluten/lactose free, I settled on a cajun chicken club with avocado and bacon (no cheese) and made sure to order the gluten-free bun for the extra $2. As I was on the phone placing my order, I had to ask if the fries were gluten free (FYI: they’re not), and went with a side salad with no dressing. Overall, it was tasty. I had never had a gluten free bun before and I couldn’t truly tell the difference.

Today, I thought a lot about how uncomfortable this experience has been for me. Not just having to eat things I don’t normally eat, or avoid my staples. But I have felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed when I have to read the labels or ask if something is gluten/lactose free. In line at different vendors, having to take extra time and holding up the line made me feel awkward. I specifically took an extra walk around the food court until the line was shorter/non-existent to order something yesterday. When I was on the phone and asking the Black Lounge if their fries were gluten free, I felt ashamed. I know it’s silly, but I think it’s because I have always taken that convenience for granted.

I can’t imagine what someone with these restrictions faces on a daily basis. I have already noticed it impacting my stress levels, and it’s only day 3. Here’s hoping I can overcome that anxiety by the end of the week.

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