HungerWeek2015: Operation Read the Labels Day 4 & 5

March 13, 2015  |   Found in Blog // hamperproject2015

The day has come! The final day of this year’s Hamper Project, and my journey of eating gluten and lactose free.

Yesterday was a pretty standard day, because I’ve gotten the hang of what on campus I can and cannot have. Fuel for Gold salads, Jugo Juice smoothies, and not much else. As evenings rolled around and I was eating at home, I had to get creative. I settled on an omelette with spinach and chicken (no cheese…womp womp). But that was pretty much the only thing I had at my house that I was able to eat.

When I look back at everything I ate this week, some of it was pretty healthy (salads, smoothies, a couple of my home cooked dinners). But, I found myself snacking to replace meals sometimes. These snacks definitely weren’t the healthiest (super salty Ruffles chips…kettle corn…no good). I think that, since I had more limited options for hearty, full meals, I settled for these quick snacks and hoped they would fill me up. In the end, I know it wasn’t the healthiest option. I think I need to re-evaluate my snacking habits all together…

The whole theme of this week is how food can help feed your mind, body and soul. I have a couple of thoughts about how this experience has impacted me in these three areas:

Mind: It wasn’t until yesterday (day 4) that I realized that I pretty much had a constant headache and lack of focus through the days. I would start thinking about foods that I couldn’t eat (literally Homer Simpson daydreaming about donuts) and lose track of what I was doing. My head would start pounding at the slightest increase in sound. By the end of a day, all I wanted to do was hide away in my room in the dark. Being limited in what I was eating really impacted the way I went about my day with those I interact with and what I did. Consider this blog post an open apology to anyone who I was rude to out of hangry-ness. I promise it’s not you, it’s the lack of gluten and lactose…

Body: Tuesday evening, I had to curl (yes, the sport of curling…with the brooms…) in a playoff game for the league I am in here in the city. Normally, I can curl a game and have decent energy afterwards to continue my day. But, after a day of not eating what I normally do, I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep pretty much as soon as I got off the ice. This trend continued all week. During the day I would nod off, crave a couch to nap on, and even stumble when I was standing. The lack of food I was eating made me feel so tired, and I couldn’t do the things I normally would do. Even now, I really just want to eat my way to a normal energy level. I never thought that it wasn’t necessarily coffee that made me so energetic.

Soul: I love my friends…but this week was a challenge with some of them. Well, they’re still great, but whenever they walked past me with something I couldn’t eat, or offered me a bite, I felt really disheartened. I avoided certain events and people because I knew it would make me feel the same way. It seems silly now, but I just didn’t want to put myself through that time after time, because it threw off the rest of my life.

If you wanna hear more about this experience and those of Cecilia and Dan, come to the panel today at 12-1 in Hamlet! I wanted to send a shout out to all the organizers of this year’s Hunger Week, as well as to those people who helped me out along this journey (you know who you are). I hope you enjoyed staying up to date with me and the rest of the panelists. See you on the flip side!