MacHall talks break down-the battle resumes

April 15, 2016  |   Found in Media Releases // MyMacHall Dispute // News

After three months of mediation, negotiations over the ownership and management of MacHall broke down today (April 15, 2016). The parties were unable to resolve fundamental differences on ownership that would have put an end to this dispute over MacHall.

“We hoped to be able to announce that we’ve come to an agreement with the University of Calgary over the issue of ownership of MacHall. However, that’s not the case” said Levi Nilson, Students’ Union (SU) President.

Nilson said “the facts of this situation are clear and I’m very frustrated that we weren’t able to make progress during mediation. It has become extremely evident that reaching a mutually agreeable solution with the University of Calgary Board of Governors may not be possible with the university’s current administration, so we are prepared to proceed with litigation.”

It is the SU’s position that neither current students nor alumni are being given the appropriate recognition for their financial and operational contributions over the past 60 years to the student centre. The SU entered mediation to discuss the ownership and management of MacHall and were willing to work on an agreement that would be fair and equitable and recognizes the investment of both parties.

The SU is prepared to resume negotiations with respect to the building once students’ ownership stake has been properly recognized. This is an open offer to the university’s administration and to the university’s Board of Governors should either group of decision makers choose to accept it.

The SU will continue to fight for students’ ownership rights in MacHall. The next step is for the SU to seek an injunction to prevent the university from terminating the current agreement and assuming the management, operations, and revenues from MacHall.

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