Make the most of your winter semester

March 2, 2015  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

There’s still so much awesomeness left in the semester!

Hey U of C! Have you noticed there’s just something about second semester that seems like it will never end, but it also goes by too fast in all the wrong ways? Don’t worry, we have too. The deadlines on coursework come so fast and yet summer is so far away. How are you supposed to make the most of your time left in the semester? What are you supposed to do now that Frostbite and Sex Week are over? Here are a few suggestions for you, whether you’re graduating or completing your first year, so that you can finish the semester off with some fun!

Vote in the SU Elections!
This one only lasts a minute but it has a whole year’s worth of impact! On March 3-5 you can vote in your Student Centre for who you would like to represent you in your student government. Never voted? Now is the time to start! Elected officials do all sorts of important thing for students like advocating on local, provincial, and federal levels of government to creating the puppy rooms that you know and love. Read the platforms and vote for YOUR next voices on campus and beyond!

Hunger Week
March 9-13 is Hunger Week! How do you feed your mind, body, and soul? Learn about issues that are affected by hunger by checking out some of the activities going on this week like the Hamper Project panel which will feature three students talking about their experience spending a week on a donated hamper very different from their usual diets like lactose-free or halal foods. There will be snack packs, nutrition information, and lots more to engage with this week so make sure to check out our website for dates and details! Check out our full list of Hunger Week events on the Hunger Week page.

We give free yoga classes every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 12 p.m. in That Empty Space! Keep your body up to the challenge of finishing this semester off strong with a good workout! Nothing beats a midday body break that keeps you focused and healthy! We’ve got yoga mats and blocks for students to use on a first come first serve basis so you’d better claim your spot early!

Didn’t get to see a movie you heard great things about while it’s in theatres? Good, because we show newly released movies for FREE to U of C students before they come out on DVD! Every Monday night at 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. in That Empty Space, you can end your mundane Monday with a great new flick that just came out- check out our schedule at

Dino Games
There are still some epic Dinos’ games that you should be checking out before the year is over! Our teams are wicked awesome to watch and we still have volleyball, hockey, basketball, and wrestling going on. So come out to cheer for the Dinos and your favorite sport! Schedules are on the SU website as well as the university website. LET’S GO DINOS!

If you check out these awesome things around campus you’re sure to have a great wrap-up to your year. You’ve got to study hard for those papers, finals, labs, and everything else you need for your degree but that’s no reason that campus shouldn’t still be the best part of your life! Take a study break and see what can make your semester that much better.


Andrea is a fourth year English and Urban Studies combined major, and currently works as an Events Coordinator for the Students’ Union.  She is President of Amnesty International, President of the Scribe and Muse English Club, the English Representative of the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association, and VP Promotions for Queers on Campus. Andrea loves Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and architecture. Check her out on Twitter and Instagram @aoakunsheyld