Midterm Season

March 6, 2015  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

Midterms are not fun!

Soooo it’s midterm season. You know the drill: student zombies invade campus, all nighters in the TFDL happen bi-weekly, lots of caffeine is consumed and little sleep is had.

Fear not, little zombie student! Here are four things to remember during midterm season:

1) One test does not define who you are
You are more than your GPA. Yes, I said it! Your GPA is a number, and you are a human being! You have opposable thumbs and a higher conscious and the ability to laugh. Your GPA is just a sad little number wishing it were able to do all of the above. So don’t let that sad little number define who you are.

2) Staying healthy is important
I hate to belabor this point but it’s incredibly important and often overlooked. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and staying hydrated are invaluable things to remember during midterm season. Pulling an all nighter in the library is tempting, but that only increases the chance of sleeping through your midterm! So avoid that at all costs by going to sleep when your body tells you to.

3) Use your support systems! You are not alone in your stress
Mental health has become somewhat of a buzzword over the past couple years, but it’s not a joke. Midterms are stressful; there is no way around it. But there are actions you can take to cope with your stress. Remember that your friends are in it with you. If anyone understands your stress, it is your peers. And if you don’t feel comfortable talking to people in your life about your stress, there are always other options. The SU Wellness Centre on campus is a great resource to reach out to when you’re struggling with stress. Alternatively, the Calgary Distress Centre has a 24/7-phoneline that you can call if you’d like to talk anonymously. They can be reached at 403.266.HELP(4357).

4) When in doubt, Netflix is always there for you
What better way to forget about midterms than curling up with a nice cup of tea in front of Netflix and shutting your brain off for a couple episodes of Friends? Or an entire season… No one is judging you.

I believe in you, student zombies! You can get through midterms! There is light at the end of the tunnel! And if none of these above points speak to you, remember, there are only seven weeks until BSD.


Cecilia Langill is a third year Communication Studies student. She is the VP Communications for the Distress Centre on Campus club and the Communications Department Representative for the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association. In her free time Cecilia enjoys knitting and photography. You can check her out on Twitter @OfficialLangill and on Instagram @omgitscee