Nobody Puts Voting in the Corner

October 8, 2015  |   Found in Advocacy // Editorial

Why should I vote? Why should I vote when my voice doesn’t really matter? Why should I waste my time with such a flawed political process, when I know at the end of the day that these politicians will never deliver on their promises?

I don’t need to vote because it’s not my problem. I don’t want to vote because in the grander scheme of things, my one tiny vote won’t count for anything. I won’t vote because I’m still too young to make a difference.

Are you considerably ticked off right now?

If so, then I’m glad you’re still reading because I’m here to tell you that all these things are simply FALSE. Voting is one of the most fundamental elements of democracy. By choosing not to participate in this right, you’re basically excluding yourself from the decision-making process of the Canadian government. Sorry to burst your bubble, but voting does matter and it definitely is important. Take the past spring as an example. A 44-year old Conservative dynasty was demolished and an NDP government with a convincing majority was elected. The NDP victory can be linked to a lot of different factors but the bottom-line of it is this: it was the people who decided what would happen – especially young people. They exercised one of their most basic rights. The people voted.

In just a couple of weeks, another one of these momentous events can happen. For the first time in a long time there is a three-way deadlock for the Federal Election between the Conservatives, the Liberals, and the NDP. Recent polls have shown the three major parties separated by less than 1 percent. The phrase, “every vote counts,” has never been more relevant. This is a movie in the making. Will the old leader be re-elected and maintain the status quo? Will the people be swayed by the charm of the youthful contender? Or will the NDP topple another government after nearly ten years in power? This is your chance to actually make a difference and affect the outcomes for the future. I have heard repeatedly that young people nowadays don’t vote.


I have heard that youth are so self-involved that there has been a growing disconnect between them and the community. This is simply not true. University students especially are very engaged with their community. This is our chance to show the world that we do care, and that we won’t just stand by the side lines for long.

Remember to vote on Oct.19. To find out more about your riding, the candidates and where to place your ballot, check out: or the SU’s own Get Out the Vote campaign at

Justin Biocos is a 3rd year business student. He occasionally finds himself terribly lost on campus only to meet a strange old wizard who leads him back to the right path to kill the dragon. He is an expert in eating, sleeping, and lying down. If you’re looking for him, he is occasionally spotted at the TFDL Quad singing Let It Go to the squirrels who stole his lunch.