Love Your Prof?

February 6, 2015  |   Found in Advocacy // News

Some of you may remember one particular teacher who helped to spark your interest in the area that you’re now majoring in. Others may recall a passionate instructor who made even the driest topic riveting. Luckily, excellent teachers are by no means limited to pre-university studies, and in recognition of this, the SU Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) were created as a way to honour exceptional teachers at the university level.

Excellent teachers have an ability to effectively communicate subject matter in a number of ways, show enthusiasm for the topic at hand, cultivate thought and initiate discussion. They provide inspiration, evaluate work fairly and consistently, connect you to a wide array of resources that will accentuate your learning and also create a safe and welcoming environment for the diverse undergraduate population that exists here at U of C.

If you feel like your professor or TA is the one that deserves an A+, you have the chance to publicly thank them for their dedication and work. Nominations for fall semester professors and TAs are now open, and those in the top third percent of nominations will receive a classroom visit in which students are asked to provide more detailed feedback. At the end of winter semester the SU TEA committee will review all nomination packages before selecting the winners.

The nomination deadline for the Winter 2015 semester is February 26, 2015 at 4:30 pm. Nomination forms are available electronically on the SU website.

Students aren’t the only ones who look for motivation to exceed expectations. By nominating the professors, instructors, and TAs who make your educational career at the U of C a great one, you encourage excellence and high quality of teaching. Our educators continue to set their sights higher and the SU is proud to be able to showcase their dedication at our annual awards ceremony in April 2015.

Nominations are now closed.