The Students’ Union wishes to congratulate all Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) winners for the 2014 – 2015 year. We also wish to thank every student who nominated a professor and submitted their stories about how these amazing instructors made education more interesting, fun, and memorable.

Winners in Teaching Excellence


David Dick – Winner
Raymond Gunter – Winner
Brian Kooyman – Winner
Annette Tezli – Winner

Mark Baron – Hon. Mention
Dean Curren – Hon. Mention

Jessica Nicol – TA

Haskayne School of Business

Dr. Robert Isaac – Hall of Fame

Rob Malach – Winner
Justin Weinhardt – Winner

Brent Snider – Hon. Mention

Jeremy Wook – TA


Cari Din – Winner

Carol Gibbons Kroeker – Hon. Mention
Christine Waters-Banker – Hon. Mention


Maureen Duffy – Winner

Jennifer Koshan – Hon. Mention

Cummings School of Medicine

Amy Bromley – Winner

Kelly Burak – Hon. Mention


Zenaida Roxas – Winner

Schulich School of Engineering

Norm Bartley – Hall of Fame

Michael Collins – Winner
Markus Dann – Winner

Milana Trifkovic – Hon. Mention


Wendy Benoit – Winner
Thi Dinh – Winner
Ryan Trelford – Winner

Peter Hoyer – Hon. Mention
Philip Langill – Hon. Mention

Fathia Messaoudi – TA
Joel Viccars – TA

Social Work

Alan McLuckie – Winner

Veterinary Medicine

Chantal McMillan – Winner

Werklund School of Education

Katherine Mueller