On Wednesday April 23, 2014, the Students’ Union (SU) honoured faculty members and instructors for their commitment to student success at its 30th annual Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony. The awards recognize teachers and teaching assistants who make significant contributions in assisting students in reaching their highest potential. The Teaching Excellence Awards is a campus-wide recognition program for instructors who make a long-lasting impact on students – and most importantly, it is the students that determine the nominees and winners.

Teaching Assistants Winners – 2014

Keith D’Arcy

Amanda Deacon

Erick Elgin

Dawson Fogen

Abhirup Goswami

Brandon Koger

Anton Mosunov

Jodi Nettleton

Brianna Marlise Rizzuti

Randall W. Squires

Teaching Excellence Award winners - 2014


David L. Bershad

Susanne Meredith Cote

David G. Dick

Joshua D. Goldstein

Haskayne School of Business

Robert Isaac

Brent Snider


Brad Kilb


Evaristus Oshionebo


Guido van Marle

Werklund School of Education

Liana Appelt


Marlies R. Murdoch

Schulich School of Engineering

Mark Petovello

Leszek Sudak


Heather Addy

Robert Barclay

Rachid Ouyed

Social Work

Carla Hamarsnes

Veterinary Medicine

Cameron Knight

Teaching Excellence Awards: Honourable Mention - 2014


Susan Bennett

Dawn Bryan

Christopher G. Framarin

Haskayne School of Business

Peter Bowal


Brandon Hisey


Heather Jamniczky


Annette Lane


Wendy Benoit

Veterinary Medicine

Michel Levy

Werklund School of Education

J. Kent Donlevy

Teaching Excellence Awards winner Gallery – 2014