RUN With US Workshops: Tips For Campaigning.

January 27, 2015  |   Found in Elections

Check out the fifth and final Run With US: Tips and Tricks Workshops series posts by current Faculty of Science Representative, Taylor Woo.

Are you interested in becoming a Students’ Union Elected Official? Do you have questions about campaigning?

The SU will be hosting a series of workshops that answers these questions for anyone interested in running in the 2015 General Election. All sessions will be held in That Empty Space on the lower level of MacEwan Student Centre (next to Subway.)

Run with US Workshops

Session Title
Date / Time
Writing A Great PlatformMonday, Jan. 26, 12PM-1PM
A Day In The Life of an SU Executive.Tuesday, Jan. 27, 10AM-11AM
What Is SLC?Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2PM-3PM
Tips For Campaigning.Thursday, Jan. 29, 11AM-12PM
Top 5 Things To Avoid When Running.Friday, Jan. 30, 3PM-4PM


Have you ever wanted to serve and represent undergraduate students on the U of C campus? Influence policy? Make connections? Gain professional experience? If you are a “YES” to any or all of those questions then make your mark and Run with US!

Updates and information will be available on the SU General Election 2015 page. Check back soon.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ on running in the SU election.


Voting for the SU General Election takes place online and at voting stations at the main campus over a period of three days in early March. Any active member (U of C Undergraduate Student) in good standing with the Students’ Union can run in the Election.

Near the end of January a “Notice of Nomination” signed by the CRO goes up online and at the SU office to announce the available positions. A full list of SU Elected Official positions is located here:

Once the Notice is up, that means that Nomination packages become available. These packages have all the information and forms you need as a candidate. They can be downloaded from the SU website or picked up from the SU office (MSC Rm 251) during the Nomination Period.

The best way to learn more about a position is to talk to someone currently in the role. You may want to set up a meeting or ask if you can “job shadow” for a few hours. You can contact any of our Elected Officials by email:

You can also attend SLC any Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. to see how the council works as a team to make decisions.

The time from when the Notice of Nomination is put up to the last Nomination Day is known as the Nomination Period. This is the time potential candidates use to learn about available positions, fill out the Nomination packages, establish their platform and ask for student support.

Nomination Days refers to the last three days of the Nomination Period, usually in early February. The exact days and times will be posted on the Notice of Nomination. To register as a candidate you must meet the CRO in person on one of the three days to deliver your Nomination Package. Pay close attention to all the requirements – the CRO will only register you if all of the forms are filled out correctly and you have brought all your supporting materials.

These three days are a busy time and there is often a line. Make sure you come early and set aside enough time! The CRO will go through all of your forms with you and may have questions. Anyone who has not submitted their package by the deadline on the last day is not considered an official candidate and is not permitted to campaign.

You must complete the forms in the Nomination Package and fulfill other requirements, such as submission of a photo, collecting a certain number of student signatures and writing a brief description of your platform. Requirements can slightly vary from year to year, so be sure to read the Nomination Package carefully.

After the final Nomination Day you will receive an email confirming that you are officially a candidate for the SU Election. The CRO will give you information on next steps such as attending the All Candidates Meeting.

You can verbally tell other students you have the intent to run as early as you wish. However, students are not permitted to campaign until the Campaign Period officially begins (after the last All Candidates Meeting). Pre-campaigning is against Election Rules and includes posting of materials, asking for votes or sharing information about your campaign platform.

To keep elections fair and ensure all candidates are on a level playing field, there are limits on how much you can spend. These limits are outlined in the Nomination Package and depend on what position you are running for. Candidates who exceed the maximum amount for the position they are running for are automatically disqualified.

The SU pays for all candidate expenses. Candidates are expected to either apply for an Election Grant to receive the funds ahead of the Campaign Period, or are reimbursed once the Election is over. All expenses must be receipted.

Yes! Many students ask friends to support them by “volunteering” on their campaign. These volunteers can help you put up posters and hand out materials during the Campaign Period. You may also which to have a Campaign Manager to represent you.

The unofficial results of the SU General Election are announced around 5:30 p.m. on the last day of voting, generally a Thursday. The announcement is normally made by the CRO in the Den. If you win the position you campaigned for, the SU will contact you once the official results are posted (normally 2 weeks later) to tell you next steps. This includes an invitation to Colour Night where the new Elected Officials take their oath and all the information you require to transition with your predecessor.